Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Lord Selim realizes the horror of automatic skills


The last patient was a young woman. We were taken to their home by her husband.

At first, all the members of the gathering left the coffee shop together, but we disbanded in the order of the houses we visited, so it was only me, Amanda, and Johann who made it this far.


First, I gave the patient <Physical Support> just like the others.


《You supported a patient’s physical strength     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: 20    Current experience points: 300/2100》


“…I feel unbelievably good. Thank you very much. Dear, it’s impolite not to serve the guests anything. I feel that I can move, so maybe I should make tea for them?


The sick woman got out of bed and tried to get up. But,


“*Cough*, *Cough*…”

“Don’t push yourself. Your physical strength returned, but you have not recovered.”


Her husband pushed the patient back onto the bed.


I checked my <Status>


《MP: 5103/7887     Healing skill proficiency: 854》


I still have plenty of mana. With this, it should be fine to try the new <Skill>.


“I have a suggestion. There is a way to cure the disease at once. However, it seems that <the target’s physical condition changes rapidly and consume physical strength>, so it might feel pain during the treatment.”


When I said that, the couple looked at me with surprised faces.


“Can you do something like that? You didn’t say that with Zofi’s case…”


Johann asks confusedly.


“I used a lot of <Skill>, so I learned it. I haven’t tested it on anyone, so I need to experiment.”


The couple looked at each other.

It’s only natural to be taken aback if someone you don’t know suddenly asks you to try a treatment that might be painful. It seems that I was too impulsive. I should have built a little more trust before making the offer.


“I was rude. That was very abrupt. I’ll come tomorrow to give you <Physical Support>. If you are interested, tell me anytime.”


When I withdrew and tried to leave the house, I was stopped.


“If I can be cured, I want to get better quickly. I don’t want to continue causing trouble for my husband.”

“Laura, don’t mind me! You only need to heal slowly.”

“No, it’s alright. Having a disease is something that is painful in the first place. Even if it gets even more painful, it’s okay.”


The patient stubbornly insisted, so her husband also gave up.


“In that case, I’m starting.”


《There is a disease that can be cured     Would you like to use Immunity Manipulation?     Yes/No》


I chose <Yes>.

After a while, the patient’s breathing became heavy, and her face turned red.


《Physical strength is exhausted due to an immune response, and a part of the body is damaged. Physical Support and Basic Healing are used together. Please do not move more than 10 meters from the patient》


Amanda put her hand on the patient’s forehead.


“It’s so hot. Let’s cool it down.”


I touched it too. It’s so hot that it’s not a human’s body temperature.

Amanda found towels and water pillows in other people’s homes without permission and prepared them for the patient.

I used ice magic to further cool the wet towel and water pillow that Amanda handed over to me, and applied it to the patient.


“Oi, is she alright?”


The patient’s husband approached me.


“…the treatment is progressing.”


The man sharply glared at me.

The woman sleeping on the bed looks very painful.




Even now, my MP is steadily decreasing. <Healing Skill> is completely left to <System>, and even though my magic power is being consumed, I have no idea what I’m doing. I tried such a nonsensical thing on a patient. Of course, I’m to blame.

I had no choice but to stay by the patient’s side as if praying.


It was night. The people in the castle must have found out that I was sneaking out of the castle. However, for treatment, I cannot leave the patient’s side.

Amanda and Johann also stayed with us. Everyone remains silent. The patient’s husband never moved his glare away from me.

My MP was continuously decreasing. The patient was still in pain, and I frequently cooled her water pillow. I’m starting to worry if my mana will last until she’s healed. I haven’t felt this painful since I was captured by the devil.







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