Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Lord Selim plays with the children


I head to the vacant lot with Amanda.

While walking, I opened the <Status> <New!> mark that I hadn’t checked.


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 2     EXP to next level: 90/300》

《MP: 5498/7691     Healing skill proficiency: 13》


One line was added in the status called <MP>. In addition to that, the <Healing skill proficiency> was also digitized. I don’t know what it means or what the numbers represent. I’ll investigate it later.


When we arrived at the vacant lot, I saw a number of children screaming and playing. When Amanda and I approached, one of the boys called out.


“Amanda-baasan, why did you bring a good-looking guy with you? Are you raising him?”


Amanda hit the boy’s head.


“Don’t be silly, damn brat!”

“Ow! That hurts…”


The boy who glared at Amanda had scratches on his kneecaps from a fall.


《There are wounds that can be treated by healing     Would you like to use heal?     Yes/No》


It seems that it can be treated, so I chose <Yes>.


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: 2    Current experience points: 190/300》


“What? My wounds suddenly…!?”


A boy who has recovered from his injuries was surprised.


“This brother healed it. There must be others injured. Let him heal all of you.”

“Is that so? Amazing, Big Brother. What’s your name?”


Name? Speaking of which, it’s the first time I was asked.


“Why, how could Amanda not ask my name for two months?”

“Isn’t it because you won’t say it? What are you saying with that ‘having special circumstances’ look.” 


Was Amanda being considerate of me? However, it’s inconvenient not to have a name. I should come up with a pseudonym. Nameless…




“…if you are fine with that, whatever. See ya then, Gonbey. I’m going home. Go play with the kids or something.”


After saying that, Amanda left.

The children didn’t seem to be shy, and they came to surround me despite meeting me for the first time.


“The ones injured, let me see your wound.”

“Un. Here, it was scratched by a nail.”


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》


“Me too…”


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》



《Current level: 4    Current experience points: 390/500》


I treated about 10 children and became level 4.

And when I noticed, the surroundings were full of girls. The boys… were being chased away by the girls!


“Gonbey-san, let’s play.”

“Let’s play together!”


For a while after that, I was made to play with children.


I returned to the castle and checked my <Status>.


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 4     EXP to next level: 390/500》

《MP: 920/7691     Healing skill proficiency: 97》


The number of <MP> has decreased, and the number of <Healing skill proficiency> has increased. From its name <Healing skill proficiency>, it has the word proficiency in it, so it would probably increase as the skill is used. Since there is no upper limit, it would probably grow without limit.


“<MP> is probably…”


I tried using the barrier spell on the spot and looked at the status display once again.


《MP: 820/7691     Healing skill proficiency: 97》


<MP> decreased. Is <MP> the mana used when casting spells? Is 7691 my total mana volume?

It seems that healing skills also use mana. However, I used 4500 to heal simple wounds of ten people, more than half of my mana volume. The cost-performance is too bad compared to healing using Body Strengthening, 


“Maybe when the <Healing skill proficiency> is low, it uses more mana.”


I should understand after raising my proficiency.







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