Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Lord Selim levels up


Two months have passed.


Amanda was a useful woman.

As an old man living alone, she seems powerless. But she had a wide network of relationships in the area.

By solving the troubles of her acquaintances, I leveled up smoothly.


《You cleaned Amanda’s house    Your experience points increased     +10 experience points》

《Current level: -1    Current experience points: 890/1000》


Fufu. I’m used to cleaning. I can repair and clean magic devices, roofs, and anything; I’m a splendid town handyman!!


《You completed the daily quest <One good deed a day>》

《You completed <Praying> and <One good deed a day>     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《You levelled up》

《You levelled up》

《You received a new message》

《You acquired a new skill》

《You levelled up》

《Current level: 2    Current experience points: 90/300》


“Yeah, I’ve finally escaped negative!!!”


I forgot that Amanda was there and danced loudly.


“Noisy! Be quiet.”


Amanda yelled at me.


Fufu. Today is a very nice day. I feel like I’m in heaven.”

“Oh, I see. From the day I met you, you’ve always been a person with a flower garden in your head.”


Despite saying hateful words, Amanda peeled me an apple she had bought earlier while saying, “since something good happened to you, I’ll congratulate you.”


While crunching on the apple, I looked at the <System> screen. There were more logs than usual, so I will check them.


My level turned to 2. What does this mean?


《Current level: 2    Current experience points: 90/300》


Did the rules for the required experience change when the level became positive?

When my level was negative 1, my level increased to 2 after 500 gaining 500 experience points.

Assuming Level -1 (1390/1000) → Level 0 (390/100) → Level 1 (290/200) → Level 2 (90/300), it makes sense.


Does the level with a positive number require an experience value of <next level x 100>? It seems that it’s easy at the beginning but gets harder and harder later on.


《You received a new message》


“A message? It’s been since I saw it on the first day.”



《▽ Status – New!》

《▽Skill – New!》


《▽Message Box – New!》


There are 3 <New!> marks. Let’s take a look.


《Message: 1 unread items》

《You acquired Healing skill – New!》


“<Healing Skill>?”


I know healing magic, but is <Skill> different?


《You acquired Healing skill》

《Healing skill is an ability given to you by the System. Please use it from the skill screen》


“<Skill> screen, the one that was blank before?”




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》


“Basic Healing? Can only cure small wounds? Quite underwhelming.”


Cuts will disappear in an instant if you use Body Strengthening spell. Even if you don’t use magic, as long as you have enough mana, you will naturally increase your self-healing power. Minor injuries heal quickly. I can’t test it unless I find someone who leaves a minor injury on themselves.


“Amanda, do you know someone who left a small cut on them?”

“After muttering strange things to yourself, what are you suddenly saying?”

“It seems I am able to heal now. I want to try.”

“Haah?” Healing magic, people who can use it is rare. But well… I guess if it’s you, it’s probably nothing to fuss about.”


After saying that, Amanda cut her finger with a paring knife on the table.


“Here, it’s a small wound. Is this okay?”

“No, I didn’t mean you should hurt yourself…”

“Enough talking. Heal me quickly! It will be troublesome if blood flows out.”


Confused, I looked at Amanda’s wound.

According to <System>, it seems that it can be treated, but I’m not confident. Normally, you can intuitively tell how to command mana in the magic system you use. However, I didn’t feel like I could use healing magic at all.

When I was feeling uneasy, the <System> screen appeared.


《There are wounds that can be treated by healing     Would you like to use heal?     Yes/No》


Can I use it by selecting from the <System>? I clicked <Yes>.


Soon after, the wound closed from the instant, just like when using Body Strengthening spell.


“It seems to be healed.”


When Amanda wiped the blood off with a cloth, the wound on her finger had disappeared.

Apparently, it wasn’t that I learned magic, but that <System>’s functions expanded, and there were more things I could do.

Since Amanda’s finger treatment was for healing the wounds she made for me, there was no increase or decrease in experience points. I’d like to know how many experience points a treatment would give as a good deed.


“Amanda, next time, I want to heal the wounds that are naturally formed instead of self-harm. Do you have any clue?”

“That’s right. If it’s a child playing around in a vacant lot, they must have wounds all over their body.”


Children, huh. Certainly, if it’s a young child with low mana and poor control, it’s likely to leave their injury alone.







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