Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Lord Selim meets an old woman


I walked around the city alone.

It feels refreshing without having any attendants.

I can hear cheerful voices soliciting customers. The city was bustling.


After passing through the market, I came to the commoner’s residential area. There I saw an old woman trying to draw water from the well.


“I’ll help you.”


I put my hand on the old woman’s water bucket.


“What is it, boy? Are you idle?”

“Yeah, I don’t have anything to do right now.”


I followed the old woman to her house and poured the water into the kitchen jar.


《You helped an old woman     Your experience points increased     +10 experience points》

《Current level: -47    Current experience points: 220/1000》


《You completed the daily quest <One good deed a day>》

《You completed <Praying> and <One good deed a day>     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -47    Current experience points: 720/1000》


I was able to complete the <Daily Quest> easily.

I noticed it when I went to the village on the expedition. By interacting directly with the commoners, it’s easier to complete <One good deed a day>.”


“You boy, if you are idle, can you help me clean up as well?”


The old woman I helped carry water was looking up at me with blank eyes.

If I’m not mistaken, Mari said what she wants to do with <One good deed a day>, it’s cleaning. It seems that I can finally clean up.


“Very well.”


Seeing me agree, the old woman gave me a stick with a cloth tied up to it.


“What is this?”


What can you do with a stick like this? I have never seen a maid in the castle use something like this.


“You boy, you don’t even know about dusters? What kind of life have you… no, I can roughly tell.”


The old woman looks at me suspiciously. My current outfit is a simple shirt and unadorned trousers, so I don’t think my origins will be revealed, but…


“Well, whatever. You use that to sweep the dust off this shelf.”




“What, why are you hitting the shelf with the duster! Gently wipe it with the cloth part…”


Hmm. I figured it out. Is the white stuff on the top of the shelf called dust? I swept it to the ground.


“By the way, old dame.”

“What is it?”

“If it’s dust, there’s a lot of it up there.”


The old woman is short, so she may not be able to see it. A lot of dust has accumulated on the top of the cupboard over there compared to the display cabinet I’m cleaning right now.

I swept the top of the cupboard with a duster.


*Cough*, *Cough*… what are you doing!”


The old woman who inhaled the dust yelled at me. I see. It seems that it’s uncomfortable to be in a dusty room. It seems that it’s better to clean it up.

I put the duster on the table in front of me and started writing the magic rune on the axis of the duster using the enchantment ink I had brought with me.


“You boy, what are you doing?”


The old woman looked at the duster in my hand, frowned, sat down on a chair without saying a word, and started drinking water.

I finished writing the magic runes on the duster.


“Old dame, do you have any cups that are no longer used?”

“I am not an old dame, my name is Amanda.”

“Is that so? I see. Amanda. Give me a cylindrical container.”

“…I didn’t expect my name to be called so impolitely at this age.”


Surprised, Amanda handed me a cracked pottery container.

I also wrote magic runes on the surface of the container.




I filled the duster and container with mana.

Soon after, the duster flew away on its own, sweeping the dust off the cupboard.

A lot of dust flew up compared to before, but it entered the container I made as though it was being sucked in.


“Are you a magic device craftsman?”

“No, I’m just doing it as a hobby.”


The old woman suddenly grabbed my arm tightly.


“Whatever. It seems I caught just the right guy. Follow me.”


After pulling me out of the house, Amanda walked slowly into a small coffee shop.


“Hey, Grandma Amanda, welcome. You have quite a handsome guy there with you.”


The owner greets Amanda, who has barely entered the store. However, she ignored him and brought me to a large box in the back.


“Please fix this.”


Amanda pointed to the box and said.

When I opened it, I found that the inner surface of the box was filled with magic runes, and there were many strings for musical instruments stretched inside.


“Hmm. It seems that the magic runes are a little faded. I can fix it.”


I dismantled the box into several boards, traced and added the runes written on each of them from the top, and finally completed the magic runes.

I assembled the box back to its original shape.


“It’s fixed.”


After I said that, Amanda jumped closer to the box and turned the dial on its top.




Music started playing from the box.


“Oh? You really fixed it?”


A surprised shopkeeper came to talk to me.


“Thank you. I brought it for repairs, but I was told that it’s an old type, so they can’t fix it. I was really troubled by this. Although I was told I could change it to a newer one, my shop is only frequented by old men and women, so I can’t make up my mind to invest more.” 


《You repaired a magic device    Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: -47    Current experience points: 820/1000》


“Enough talking. I’ll go invite those guys in the neighborhood. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a karaoke party.”


A few minutes after Amanda went out, old people entered the store one after another.


“Come on, let’s sing. *Boee~, BoBoeee~*…


Suddenly, Amanda yelled in a chicken-strangled, death-crying voice.

The old people around me are applauding enthusiastically.


《You restored the entertainment of the old people in the city    Your experience points increased     +500 experience points》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 320/1000》


Apparently, the old people in the city are looking forward to holding gatherings where they make strange noises.







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