Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 07

Chapter 07 Lord Selim develops a magic device


Well then, today is the day I will learn about enchantment magic once a month.

Enchantment magic is magic that creates magic devices by writing special magic runes.

I’m learning it once a month, but I am also told that I can simply learn it as a hobby.

That is because enchantment magic only requires small amount of mana, so it’s inefficient to let nobles with high amounts of mana do it.

Instead, it requires wisdom, so not everyone can use it. Enchanting magicians are suitable for people who have small mana volumes but are good at mathematics.


I decided to ask this teacher in enchantment magic if he could come up with something for <One good deed a day>.


“One good deed a day? Hmm, I see. As something fitting Young Master’s status, monster extermination, donating…”

“Other than that.”

“Considering that the people who use enchantment magic as business prefer to create useful devices for nobles and aristocrats for better income, how about making magic devices for the poor? “

“Develop something that are useful tool for the weak?”

“Yes. Designing tools from another person’s point of view is a very good learning experience. Today, let’s try making what Young Master thinks useful for the poor.”



An invention that is easy to use for people without money, huh? Something that is not developed because it cannot be used in business but is convenient to have.

It’s a difficult theme, so it’s impossible to invent something every day for <One good deed a day>. But it doesn’t matter, after all, I can think of it during the lesson.


What should I make…? The servants in the castle are only hired if they meet the criteria in mana. As the eldest son of the Duke, only excellent people can stand beside me. So even if I want to look at a weak person’s point of view, I am not even aware of what kind of thing a weak person is…


『The heating used in the servants’ living quarters is a fireplace that uses firewood.』


I suddenly recalled what Mari had said.


“I came up with something I want to make. Tell me about the heating magic devices.”


I wrote down the magic runes on paper while consulting the teacher.


“A magic circle that improves the consumption of firewood. By placing it under the fireplace, the flame will start to burn while absorbing the surrounding mana. As such, the firewood would last 1.2 to 2 times longer than usual. Then, by making it automatically activate by burning, there would be no mana consumption.”


The teacher was stunned, petrified as he looked at the blueprint I handed over.


“This… it seems that some of the heating magic device’s runes are used. It’s a very efficient rune formula. It is outstanding to come up with such a great thing with a short amount of study. Young Master is very talented. How many people’s lives would improve if you became a specialist in enchantment magic…”


The teacher started to speak excitedly but looked a little disappointed at the end.

Enchantment magic is fun, but it’s impossible for me to become an expert in magic device development.


“Enchantment magic is just a hobby for me. As a noble, combat is my priority.


My worth as a son of a duke is determined by my fighting ability.

In this world, the land is secured for people by eliminating monsters that invade human living areas and opening up monster territories.

A strong man who can defeat monsters becomes a noble. Nobles must be strong.

It troubles me a lot because of its incompatibility with the <Seeker> system.


“Well, either way, I’ve come up with a blueprint that seems to be usable. I’ll order a craftsman to make it with non-combustible material. As for the production cost, I’ll take out 50 gold coins from my allowance for starters.


《You developed a magic device that improves the livelihood of your people     Your experience points increased     +1000 experience points》

《Current level: -49    Current experience points: 410/1000》


《You completed the daily quest <One good deed a day>》

《You completed <Praying> and <One good deed a day>     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -49    Current experience points: 910/1000》


It went up all at once!!!!


But I just happened to come up with a good idea, so I could create it. At this rate, it’s impossible to invent something every day.

I gained experience points after I finished writing the blueprints, so I decided to accumulate ideas and complete them on days I find it hard to complete the <One good deed a day> quest.


On a side note, the magic device I created on this day was more widely used than I had expected, wiping out my bad reputation.

Because it was so highly evaluated, I was also criticized, saying that it was just a tool to gather fame and that it’s something anyone can think of.


I also created several other magic devices, but this first magic device that I made became the most popular.







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