Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 02

Chapter 02 – Lord Selim begins his second life 


《Conditions met》

《Starting program installation》

《Installation completed》


《Congratulations, you have become a <Seeker>》

《Do you want to display the menu? Yes/No》


Light. Soft morning light.

I can’t believe it would feel so wonderful.

I stepped out of my clean white sheets and headed towards the window.

Looking through the sunlight, my hands look very healthy and fresh.


“So, what is this?”


There was something like a transparent panel in front of me, and words were written on it.


《Congratulations, you have become a <Seeker>》

《Do you want to display the menu? Yes/No》


“What is this? And what is the situation? I was captured by the devil and should have disappeared…”


It is the annihilation of the soul. I thought I couldn’t even be reborn. Yet my memory persists.


《Do you want to display the menu? (Yes)/No》


I tried pressing the option “Yes” on the panel with my finger.

This is the only clue I have while I can’t grasp the situation at all.



《▽ Status – New!》


《▽Quest – New!》

《▽Message Box – New!》


“…so many unfamiliar words. Let’s start looking from the top. <Status>… there are only two lines huh.”


《Selim Bergmann     Male     14 years old》

《Seeker Lv: -51     EXP to next level: 310/1000》


<Seeker Lv>, I’ve never heard of such a thing. But what does level mean?


“For starters, my name is still the same.”


I looked around.

It’s a familiar room.

It’s my bedroom in the main castle of the Duke of Bergmann.


“What does this mean? Is my consciousness reproducing the past?”


What bothered me was 14 years old being displayed.

My body died when I was 17.


“Rewind time and start over? Is it that kind of dream?”


《Do you want to return to the menu? (Yes)/No》


I returned to the previous screen.



《▽ Status》


《▽Quest – New!》

《▽Message Box – New!》


“Next, <Skill>… it’s blank? Are you making fun of me!”


I’m not so incompetent to have no skills.

…no, let’s calm down. It must mean that there’s no necessary <Skill> for the <Seeker>.


“Which one should have more hints… what about the <Message Box>?”


《Message: 3 unread items》

《Daily quest has started – New!》

《Main quest has started – New!》

《Welcome – New!》


“Let’s read them in order.”



《You have become a seeker. By doing the good deeds and accumulating virtues, your level will increase. Avoid bad deeds and train your mind》


“…so abstract.”


Next, I checked the second <Message>.


《The main quest has started》

《Leveling: Beginner     Difficulty ★★☆☆☆ 》

《To overcome the devil’s temptation, Lv30 Seeker is required. Please level up 》


“Level 30? Isn’t 50 written on the <Status> earlier?”


《Selim Bergmann     Male     14 years old》

《Seeker Lv: -51     EXP to next level: 310/1000》


“Huh? <Lv: -51>? Negative? Is there even negative??”


In other words, do I need to level up 81 times to reach level 30? How long will that take?


“But, <Devil’s Temptation>… it’s written clearly.”


If this was the world in the past, I would be possessed by a devil when I reach 17 years old.


《To overcome the devil’s temptation, Lv30 Seeker is required. Please level up 》


If this is true, leveling up is essential.

Physical strength is meaningless against devils. By taking advantage of the weakness of my heart, it will take over my consciousness.


“How do I level up? From how it looks, it doesn’t seem that I can level up by studying or fighting.”


There is one <Message> left, so let’s take a look.


《The daily quest has started》

《By performing all of the actions below, you can earn experience points every day》

《Praying (incomplete)》

《One good deed a day (incomplete)》


“By completing the <Daily Quest>, you can gain experience points. And by collecting experience points, I can level up, huh.”


Do I only need to start <Praying> and <One good deed a day>?


“Praying…? Is it enough to put my hands together and meditate?”


I tried to put my hands together, facing the morning sun.

…nothing happens.

I kept it going for a while.


《You have completed the daily quest <Praying>》


After praying for about 10 minutes, a message appeared.


“I was able to complete <Praying> with that huh. I still haven’t gotten any experience points.


<One good deed a day>? It means to do a good deed, no matter what, right?

I should try going to the church.


I was still in my pajamas, so I reached into the closet to change, but at that moment, I heard a knock on the door.

When I gave permission to enter, the maid Mari came in.


“Good morning. I’ll help you change.”



Mari is a 16-year-old young maid. She’s been my caretaker for the past few years after my nanny died when I was young.

I thought she was much older than me, with a two-year age difference, but now that I look at her closely, she is unexpectedly young and cute.


“Today is the rest day of your tutor. Would you like to go out somewhere?”

“Let’s go to the church.”

“Understood. Please wear these.”


I changed into the clothes given to me by Mari and went outside.

I went to the town to find something I could do for <one good deed a day>.








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