Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Prologue


One winter day.

The duke’s mansion in the Royal Capital has fallen silent in the darkness of the night.

In a dimly lit room, the only thing you could count on was starlight. However, for some reason, I could clearly see the black mass of darkness attribute in front of me.


By taking hold of it, I will become an enemy of mankind.

The power of darkness is the power of the devil. If I use it, I will become a devil’s companion, a Majin.


――however, it will make me stronger.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the Hero that made me embarrassed in the academy, even the proud princess, the arrogant daughter of a marquis… I won’t lose to anyone.

My father, who called me incompetent, and my aides, who were secretly dissatisfied with me, everyone…


――it’s too late for you to regret it.


I reached out to the mass of darkness.

Energy rushes into my heart.

The body is filled with mana.

In an instant, I became dozens of times stronger than before.




I can’t stop laughing. That’s it. I’ll show everyone my power.


“Everything shall stop, Freeze!


A massive amount of mana was released from my body. However, the power of darkness quickly made up for it.

The Duke’s residence was covered with ice. All the people inside were frozen in an instant, and their lives were taken away. My aides shall no longer look at me with dissatisfied eyes.


I left the mansion and started walking slowly.

I used my mana to make it snow in the dry sky of the Royal Capital.

Heavy blizzard.

The poor people in the Royal Capital will probably die from this alone.


The strength of the mana possessed by a person depends on their lineage.

In the noble district of the Royal Capital, there are many noble mages who are proud of their strength.

I killed them one by one.

I walked towards the royal castle while dyeing the fallen fresh snow red. By doing so, the people I want to kill will appear by themselves.


A small figure jumped towards me.

Enemies appear as expected.

A proud princess.

A princess with excellent fighting ability and is particularly outstanding even in the history of the royal family.  Some even say that she might be on par with the first king.

The quick stab of her rapier attacked me not by a point but at a wide area, but even such amazing skill is meaningless now.


Ice Bullet.”


The princess collapsed after being pierced by countless ice bullets that I shot from all directions.

The snow is dyed with blood once again.


“With the strong regenerative ability of the princess, you won’t die at this level huh.”


I should chop her head off.

Thinking so, I stepped towards the princess lying on the ground, but I was suddenly forced back by someone.


“…have you come? Commoner Hero.”


A Hero who grew up in an orphanage in the Royal Capital, located in an especially poor district.

An ignorant man with no manners.

However, when I saw the light from the sword in his hand, I unconsciously retreated.


“I hate that light!”


I instinctively used all my mana to attack the Hero.

The mana of darkness swirls, destroying the surrounding buildings.

However, the Hero advanced towards me within it.

The Hero’s sword pierced through the layers of barriers I created and pierced my heart.


“Gu…! Uu…”


The color of my blood that fell into the snow was black.

My body that was pierced through the heart started to turn into a black mist from the wounds and started to disappear.

The body captured by the devil disappears without leaving a corpse.


――well, whatever. I killed a lot in exchange for my single life.


By the time I reached out to the devil’s power, I had treated my life very lightly.

If you can go on a rampage just by dying once, isn’t it cheap?


I would soon find out just how naive that thought was.


The price for my stupidity wasn’t just death.

My body, which had become a devil, was cut to death by the Hero and disappeared after becoming a black mist. However, my soul, trapped in darkness, was stolen by the devil.

My soul was fed to the devil until it wore out and disappeared.

My soul was very strong, as expected of a high-ranking noble. After my death, the Kingdom was destroyed by the devil for a dozen or so years, while I watched the people fall into despair as I was being squeezed for energy.

What I felt when I only had a piece of my soul and was about to disappear was only relief, grateful that I would finally be released from my suffering.


* * *     


《Conditions met》

《Starting program installation》

《Installation completed》


《Congratulations, you have become a <Seeker>》

《Do you want to display the menu? Yes/No》







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