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Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up

One winter day, Selim succumbed to the Devil’s Temptation and turned went to a Demonic Transformation.
Before being killed by the Hero, he slaughtered the people of the Royal Capital and the nobles, and pulled the trigger for the devils to invade the Kingdom.
After Selim’s death, the devils overthrew the Royal Capital and destroyed the Kingdom.
Selim, who was trapped by the devil and watched the Kingdom fall, somehow found himself returning to his 14-year-old self.
A message written on a transparent panel floats in front of him.
《You have become a seeker. By doing the right things and accumulating virtues, your level will increase》
He had strength and power. But that wasn’t enough. By leveling up, he decided to change the fall waiting for him in the future.

Chapter 01 – Prologue
Chapter 02 – Lord Selim begins his second life
Chapter 03 – Lord Selim was refused to donate to the church
Chapter 04 – Lord Selim thinks of tricks
Chapter 05 – Lord Selim turns on the heater for the maid
Chapter 06 – Lord Selim makes the maid cry
Chapter 07 – Lord Selim develops a magic device
Chapter 08 – Lord Selim prepares for an excursion
Chapter 09 – Lord Selim meets close aide candidates
Chapter 10 – Lord Selim arrives at the village
Chapter 11 – Lord Selim exterminates monsters
Chapter 12 – Lord Selim convinces his father
Chapter 13 – Lord Selim meets an old woman
Chapter 14 – Lord Selim cleans the drain
Chapter 15 – Lord Selim levels up
Chapter 16 – Lord Selim plays with the children
Chapter 17 – Lord Selem is targeted by the church
Chapter 18 – Lord Selim does not like the way the coffee was made
Chapter 19 – Lord Selim acquires a new skill
Chapter 20 – Lord Selim realizes the horror of automatic skills
Chapter 21 – Lord Selim stays out without permission
Chapter 22 – Lord Selim freezes the bear dad
Chapter 23 – Lord Selim searches for a pharmacist
Chapter 24 – Lord Selim departs
Chapter 25 – Lord Selim goes to a welcoming party (1)
Chapter 26 – Lord Selim goes to a welcoming party (2)
Chapter 27 – Lord Selim examines a gluttonous patient
Chapter 28 – Lord Selim trips
Chapter 29 – Lord Selim finds the Hero
Chapter 30 – Lord Selim explains the complexity of nobles
Chapter 31 – Lord Selim helps a beautiful girl
Chapter 32 – Lord Selim is treated as a template character
Chapter 33 – Lord Selim becomes friends with a lady
Chapter 34 – Lord Selim wins against annoying guys
Chapter 35 – Lord Selim acquires an amazing skill
Chapter 36 – Lord Selim listens to his friend’s story
Chapter 37 – Lord Selim goes to a friend’s house
Chapter 38 – Lord Selim searches for the monster
Chapter 39 – Lord Selim fights against a demon
Chapter 40 – Lord Selim shares his secret

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