Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 72

Chapter 72 – Lord Selim discusses engagement (1)


I met with Nadia at the residence of the Louviers Marquis Household in the royal capital.

I let her leave the other people and talk with just the two of us.


“It’s amazing. You’re really sparkling.”

“Excuse me?”

“If this is the case, it is no surprise that people will continue to come to worship you in front of the church.”


Oh, there were those people.

It’s amazing that not only ordinary people but also nobles are requesting to see me, even now.


“It’s all because  I continued to convert all of my mana into holy attributes for three weeks. When I return to my usual lifestyle, I believe that it would return to normal.”

“Is that so? Your current influence is amazing. There are rumors that after the royal family dismantled the current church, a new Kingdom Church would be created and you will be set as the leader.”

“Excuse me!?”

“Of course, it’s by marrying you to the crown princess. It was forbidden for people related to the church to marry, but since a new church can be established, its rules can be changed as well.”


What the hell?


“But this is probably the last resort. To be honest, the royal family probably doesn’t want to leave the position of the top leader to a noble outsider when their goal in creating a new church is to make it easy to manage. So marriage with the crown princess is crucial. They probably wish to borrow your fame and deal with the rest on their own…. oh my, your face looks very unpleasant.”

“Of course. That sounds unpleasant after all.”


Simply put, it’s to cut me off from the Duke Household where I was born and raised, then make me a decoration of the Kingdom Church without any authority, right? That really doesn’t sound funny as a joke.


“You have two options. The first is to refuse to marry the crown princess, saying that people related to religion should not get married, while delaying the discussion about your joining the Kingdom Church. The other is to make a tantrum, declaring that you will absolutely marry me because you love me, and inherit the Duke Household.”

“Gofu, gofugo…”


Tea got stuck in my throat… what is she suddenly talking about!


“I don’t recommend not marrying the princess while pretending to enter the church. You could be assassinated. Your power is amazing, but that’s why your influence is too strong. You should hurry up and inherit the Duke Household and protect yourself using the power of the Duke Household.”


That may be true, but…


“I came here today because I wanted to talk about my engagement with Nadia. I am grateful that you could cooperate in order to resist the forceful request of the royal family. But I think that Nadia should inherit your Marquis Household. In order to fully demonstrate your talent, it is better for you to stay in the Marquis Household where you were born and raised.”


I know about Nadia’s great efforts in my previous life. I don’t want to take away the chance for her to demonstrate her ability.


“Oh my, even you are saying so? But I have already managed to persuade my clan.”




“I requested to marry you. It was fortunate that you have enough ability to allow me to persuade my family.”

“What are you thinking… the territory of House Louviers and ours are quite far apart. It’s like marrying into a foreign country. If you continue to stay in your house, you’re going to inherit the Marquis Household you know?”

“I believe my intuition very much. Besides, there aren’t many girls who would be unhappy marrying a handsome man like you.”

“You… don’t make decisions on your life by choosing a man based on his face…”


I suddenly felt weak. Oh, but I need to say this.


“About half of my appearance is a fake. Furthermore, my healing ability and holy attribute power are completely borrowed. Leviathan said it before on Levian Island, so I think you should be aware of that..”


The evaluation of my appearance is too different between my previous life and the current one. <System> must have applied some kind of correction. Besides, the sea dragon I met on that island clearly said that my powers are borrowed.


“There is a being who has lent you a special power. You have received a mission from that very existence because you are that special. I wish to help you with that.”


“Pamela’s House Satie is next to our territory. I know what happened to some extent. You have saved many people many times.”


Nadia, who was talking with a serious face, suddenly smiled.


“But you are too unsteady. Marc Sarmiento’s kidnapping is the best example, but there are also many other things. Even now, despite the royal family is about to swallow you whole, you still refuse my help. ”

“That’s because… Nadia’s life is on the balance, so…”

“You treat yourself too lightly for a legitimate child of a Duke Household. Why?”


The smiling Nadia looked so beautiful.

Not fake glitter like me.

I have to tell her the truth.






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