Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 66

Chapter 66 – Lord Selim and the Princess have tea


When I requested a meeting with Crown Princess Rafaela, I was told to come to the royal palace the next afternoon.

When I got there, a small tea party was being prepared in the palace garden, and the king appeared with the princess.

I hurriedly bowed and,


“Don’t mind us, relax.”


I was casually offered to take a seat.

When I took a seat, cakes and baked goods that looked like jewelry were laid out on the table. A maid brings tea in a transparent teapot with bright flowers floating in it.


“When Rafaela heard Lord Selim would come, she especially chose good tea.”


Is this what the princess likes? The decorations, the baked goods, and the tea were unexpectedly cute for her.

Seeing me put my mouth on the teacup to have a taste, the princess nodded.


“As expected, Lord looks good even with this kind of design.”


Oh, the cups and the tablecloth have pink flower patterns, so if my father participated in such a tea party, it would be a big accident.


“However, I heard that you have held back my daughter and continuously took first place in the competition.”


Just as I was wondering if the following things would be peaceful, the king released a blow from the side.


“That was, I just happened to be blessed with companions.”

“Hmph. Whatever. So, what did you come for to meet my daughter today?”


I didn’t visit to exchange words with the king, but to ask the princess something, but. I guess I could only say it now.


“I heard that the church is being investigated extensively. I have some clues, so I wish to have the opportunity to see the interiors of the Royal Capital Church.” 

“Hou. Lord Selim, I recall that you were the direct victim of this incident. However, the problem of the church is very serious. I want to suppress the leak of information until we decided how to deal with it.”


As expected, the king didn’t want outside nobles to get involved with the church.


“I plead for an exception. Can you please let me see what is inside the church, with me alone?”

“Let me see… I recall that Lord is a healer. You must be interested in the healing magic that the church kept secret.”

“There is that as well.”

“It is said that Lord Selim’s healing ability is on par with only one in the Holy Kingdom, who can cure all kinds of injuries and illnesses. I would like to see that power with my own eyes.”


When the king said that, one of the servants reacted and brought a man who was carrying a staff. How well prepared. He must have planned to test me from the beginning.


“This man’s left leg was eaten by a monster. However, he is still active as the company commander in the order of knights. If he regains his foot, he would be able to use more power for our kingdom.”

“Let us heal it.”


When I stood up, the king also stood up to take a closer look.


《You used Regenerative Healing on a serious injury    Your experience points increased     +1000 experience points》

《Current level: 70    Current experience points: 3550/7100》


“Unbelievable. It regenerated in a blink of an eye. It’s a miracle.”


Behind the admiring king, those around him were also murmuring. It can’t be helped since there were very few who had seen me heal.


“Thank you very much.”

“I will allow you to investigate the church. However, Lord Selim must come by himself. The royal family will provide you guide and guards. Rafaela, you should also follow him.”



I received permission to enter the church. With this, I can investigate what’s inside.







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