Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – Lord Selim lets the hero learn the holy attribute


After that, I looked around at the faces of everyone in the room.

Nadia, Leo, Gilberto, Valéry and Katia.

Once again, I apologized properly.


“For this incident, I made everyone worried. Because I had a mistake in my initial response, the matter became dangerous. I’m very sorry for that.”


When I apologized, unexpectedly, Leo was the first who replied.


“I also have the fault for why we couldn’t protect Selim. I was present to help Selim as his combat power, but I had a hard time defeating the demon that Selim easily incapacitated. To be honest, I feel very pathetic.”


It was the first time I saw Leo deeply frustrated, both in this life and in my previous life.

During the summer vacation, he became stronger by hunting monsters in the frontier with Father, but he has yet to reach the strength when he annihilated me in my previous life.”


“Selim, can you let me see the spell you used to bind the demons yesterday once again?”


Does he mean <Holy Chain Barrier>?

…oh, right!

Just before my death in my previous life, Leo’s sword emitted an unpleasant light to me as a demon. At that time, Leo must have been able to use the holy attribute.

Leo was able to copy my compound spell just by looking before. Could it be that he could also learn the holy attribute by copying?

However, <Holy Chain Barrier> is a skill. I myself have no idea how mana is converted into holy attribute. What would happen if someone like me taught him?


“What is needed to resist the demons is attribute mana called holy attribute. I can’t explain it in words, so I’ll use the barrier I used yesterday on you. It’s harmless against ordinary people. However, it’s difficult to sense.”


I used <Holy Chain Barrier> on Leo. I can’t give him advice, so he could only learn it by sensing it himself.


“…I see, Can you continue using it on me for a while?”



After I maintained the barrier for a while, mana that seems to be of holy attribute gathered at the tip of the finger of Leo’s right hand.

When I checked with <Divine Vision>, a small light gathered on Leo’s finger.


“It seems that you can use the holy attribute itself.”

“Yeah. But, the problem is that I’m not good at barrier magic.”


Speaking of which, that’s true. Unlike me, Leo is the type that has a high attack power, but is not good at defense. 


“In Leo’s case, it might be easier to use it by enchanting the attribute to a sword.”


Nadia handed the crystal sword that she received from Leviathan to Leo.


“This is very important to me, so I’m just lending it to you!”


After Leo received it, he started to pour mana into the sword.

The crystal sword shines with rainbow colors. It seems that adding the holy attribute to the four major attributes would create a rainbow color.




There was as much as light when Leviathan was assisting. Is this the power of the Hero!?


“Thank you. I understand a lot by that now.”


Leo returned the sword to Nadia.

It seems that Leo also needs a sword suitable to release attributes. Should I go to Levian Island to get one? No, that sea dragon might not like it because Leo’s a man.


As I was thinking of that, the door of the guest room opened and a big beat entered.


“You’re doing something interesting.”


It’s Father.


“When I heard that my two sons fought a battle that left them regrets, I thought I should come and personally train you, but. To think that you will find a solution yourself, you’ve grown a lot.”


Father sensed the mana of Leo’s attribute sword and was in a good mood.


“For you.”


He handed the sword he was carrying to Leo.

Leo received it and poured mana into it. Although it was not as strong as the crystal sword, its blade was enveloped with rainbow-colored mana.

Father often used his sword while enchanting it with fire attribute, so he has a sword that is well suited for attribute enchantment.

For the time being, it should be enough with this. Although I would want to create a sword specially made for Leo sometime in the future.


“Lord Selim, could you please use that holy attribute barrier on me as well?”


Since Nadia was in front of Father, the Duke, Nadia spoke using polite words.


“That being the case, I ask you to use it on me as well. I have never used that thing called holy attribute, so I’m interested. 


Father also asked me to use the barrier on him.


“In that case, I’ll use it on everyone present.”


<Holy Chain Barrier> consumes little MP, so I decided to use it a lot.


I used the barrier on everyone, but holy attribute is invisible and difficult to perceive. Most of them just tilted their heads.


“Are you using it right now?”



It seems that those who could sense holy attribute would somehow see it sparkling, or that their hearts become calmer when they are nearby. In my case, I can’t see it if I don’t use <Divine Vision>.


“I can’t sense it at all. It seems I don’t have the aptitude.”


Saying that, Father simply gave up.

It is rare to have the aptitude for the holy attribute. It is not wrong to simply give up.


“…it seems impossible for me too.”

“Forgive me, I am the same…”


Gilbert and Valéry also gave up.

Nadia and Katia were desperately trying to grasp something.


Nadia was told by Leviathan that she could release the holy attribute if she trained before.

Katia is great at Detection Spell.

The two of them might have the possibility of learning it.


“Selim, from now on, every time we see each other, can you use your holy attribute spell on me?”


“Please do that to me as well. I have already made the mistake of being unable to notice the existence of demons twice. Next time, I’ll definitely let us take the first move.”

“Very well.”


I accompanied the two’s training for a while.







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