Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Lord Selim narrows down his goals


In the afternoon, Nadia contacted me to visit me. As soon as I accepted, she immediately came to the Duke’s residence.


I led Nadia to the drawing room.

Besides her, Leo and Gilbert also came to the room. Katia and Valéry are also there. It seems that everyone wanted to talk about last night.


“Well then, let’s summarize the information on yesterday’s malefactor.”


Nadia started speaking first.


“The people who caught Selim last night, except for Marc, were from the church.”

“Is that so.”


It seemed that their goal was my healing ability after all.


“After Lord Selim rested, I answered in Lord Selim’s place when asked by the knights of the kingdom. I have told them that when we spoke with Sir Marc yesterday, they told us that they would bring Lord Selim to the Holy Kingdom. The kingdom seems to think that the church went out of control in an attempt to secure an excellent Healer.”


Valéry continued to explain.


“There were demons, so they might have been able to use the excuse that they were controlled by the devil, but since they’re people related to the church…”


It would be disgraceful if it spreads that people from the church lost to the devil’s temptation.


“The kingdom will create an investigative team and thoroughly investigate the church in the royal capital. They will do it with the momentum to destroy the church. For the kingship, a church that has its headquarters in a foreign country is originally a hindrance. They plan to separate our church from the Holy Kingdom.”


Just as Nadia said, the ambitious king seems to be aiming to rebuild the church so that the royal family can manage it using this opportunity.


“…as a person concerned, I want to take a look at the internal affairs of the church.”


I should inspect the church using <Divine Vision>. My new quest after I reached level 70,


《Find the source of darkness     Difficulty ★★★★☆ 》

《Corruption that gives power to the devil exists somewhere. Let’s find it and purify it》


I have a feeling that there is something called the <Source of Darkness> inside the church.

Six demons were involved in yesterday’s incident. There must have been a base that supplied energy to the demons. I should search for it.


“That’s right. But I don’t think the royal family will be pleased with the intervention of other nobles.”

“Yes, you’re right.”


As Nadia pointed out, the royal family would probably want to block the church and investigate at their own convenience.


“As a plan, I think it would be good to ask the princess for help. With the talks about Selim’s engagement with the princess, they should not be able to refuse.”


Certainly, if I ask the princess, while our engagement is being negotiated, it might go well.

But I didn’t expect I would hear the words ask the princess for help from Nadia. Negotiations for engagement, I also have such thing with Nadia…

Curious, I turned my gaze to her, and she stared back at me.


“This is a critical moment, no matter how you look at it. We have no choice. Let’s focus on solving the church’s problems.”


I nodded at Nadia’s words.

There have been too many things since yesterday, so I’m confused, but I should deal with them calmly one by one.

This may be the critical moment to prevent the future fall of the royal capital caused by the devil.


“Thank you. I will do that.”






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