Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Lord Selim sees the difference in individuals through their reactions


I put on my coat and sat down next to the bedside table.

The maid leaves coffee and snacks there.

Valéry would not sit in the same seat. In that respect, he is always thorough.

Katia has been clinging to the wall all this time. The redness in her face seems to have subsided.


“What happened to the village after we were attacked by demons?”


While they were ill due to food poisoning, they were attacked by demons. I’m worried about the villagers.


“Leo and Gilbert defeated the three demons who appeared in the village. It seems that they fought well while protecting the villagers. No one died in the battle. However…”


That food poisoning originally has a high fatality rate. The result was I could not take care of the patients, so…


“Most of them were saved because Lord Selim gave them medicine and helped them to recover their physical strength. However, three who were seriously ill died.”

“…I see. I want to go see the village once.”

“You can’t!!”


Katia raised her voice and cut into the conversation from behind.

Valéry glanced at her as if to reproach her for her impoliteness, but it seems that his opinion is the same as Katia’s.


“I implore Lord Selim not to go personally. The knights of the kingdom have headed to the village for investigation. They would not be treated badly.”

“…that’s true. I understand.”


What happened yesterday was partly because of me that villagers were involved. I shouldn’t go out until the problem is resolved.


“I will also send people from the Duke Household to the village. I will ask the teacher who teaches Lord Selim medicine in the royal capital to take a look at the village.”

“Yes. I’ll leave it to you.”


Valéry, who calmly deals with the situation instead of me, is reassuring.


“For a while, I will let the number of patients Lord Selim usually heals in the royal capital be brought to the mansion to be treated.”



I can’t let the weak citizen get involved anymore problems because of me.


“Valéry, thank you. I troubled you a lot yesterday.”


When I thanked him, he smiled.


“My life was saved by Lord Selim. I will do what I can to support you.”


Un. I can count on you, really.







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