Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 47

Chapter 47 – Lord Selim meets the Sea Dragon


How far did we walk?

I felt the distortion of the space several times along the way, so I had no idea where we are now.


“We came all the way here believing in a mysterious voice, but if we get trapped, we’ll die.”


Nadia voiced her anxiety. But she doesn’t look like she’s cornered and looks very calm.

Even for me, I couldn’t believe that the person who had summoned us so far was simply aiming for our lives.


After that, after walking for a while, a door that seemed to be the exit finally appeared.


When going through that door, I saw a dragon right in front of us.

Is it the size of a horse-drawn carriage? If it’s Leviathan, it’s surprisingly small. It had a pure white body, and its scales and mane were shining in rainbow colors.




Nadia was fascinated with the dragon.

A dragon turns towards us.

Nadia stared at the dragon, and after a while, she looked at me as if she had realized something.


“Could it be, you can’t hear anything?”


“Could you please speak so that he can hear you? It’s bad manners to bring him here and leave him out!”


Nadia scolded the dragon.


“…what. That man is not interesting at all, so I don’t like him.”


Suddenly I heard an old person’s voice. Is this Leviathan’s voice? Although I was insulted from the start…


“But I can’t solve your problem. You need his help, don’t you?”

“That’s right, but… I don’t know which god it is, but if I were to make someone a collaborator, I should have chosen someone a little better.”


God? Collaborator?

It’s the first time I’ve heard of that.


“By any chance, do you know the secret of my <System>?”


The dragon looked at me with its dark, pitch-black eyes embedded in its body shining with holy attributes.


“How would I know the intention of a god I’ve never met? However, I can feel the existence of something that incorporates a power into you, someone who originally did not have a connection with the holy attribute. I need that power. Look around me with that <Eye> you are borrowing.”


I looked at Leviathan using <Divine Vision>.

Leviathan was a vortex of power. The holy attribute, the dark attribute, the four major attributes that humans can use, even the life energy that is not tied to any attribute, all the clumps of power were turned into a dragon.




I muttered unintentionally, but the dragon in front of me seemed to find it boring.


“This is no big deal. After all, I’m not a Leviathan in the strict sense”


“I am the corpse of Leviathan.”


“Human corpses can also grow hair and nails after a few days after dying, right? I am in the same state, slowly returning the energy to the sea. A living Leviathan is not a peaceful creature that would protect humans. However, since I am a corpse, I do not move a lot. When I was sleeping alone and bored, an expedition ship came to this island.”


According to Leviathan, he will continue to exist for hundreds of years even after he becomes a corpse. Meanwhile, when he had too much spare time, humans came. The humans were scholars, and he found it interesting to talk to them.


“I learned the entertainment called conversation.”


A talkative Leviathan corpse. It seems that he is that kind of existence.

The scholars who were favored by Leviathan created a city on this island. That was the beginning of the Academic City of Levian.






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