Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 46

Chapter 46 – Lord Selim meets a lady at the library


We will stay on the island for one week.

First, the academy’s usual competition will be held, and it will be a free tour after that.

Students take this opportunity to listen to public lectures held in Levian, which is also an academic city, and meet famous scholars with letters of introduction. But perhaps the most affordable and popular is going to Levian’s Library.

Levian has valuable history books and grimoires that cannot be found anywhere else, with the summary of information obtained from the sea dragon. There are many who do not leave the library during their stay on the island to learn special spells.


I was on the second floor underground of the huge library in the center of the island, picking up a history book about the island.

Most of the students were looking for the grimoire found on the upper floors, so there were no acquaintances from the academy on this floor.


According to my memory from my previous life, half a year after this training trip, Levian Island will sink into the sea. Due to the rampage of Leviathan’s power, which is supposed to protect the island.

For the Kingdom, it is the destruction of a small neighboring country. But it had an all-encompassing impact. As a result of its destruction, it became impossible for trade to continue between the Kingdom and the Malka Empire. 


Many of the Kingdom’s citizens, who had earned their income from trade, lost their jobs, and even one of the Royal Capital’s large merchant company collapsed. As a result, many unfortunate people became breeding grounds for devils in the Kingdom.


“We came to the island at just the right time. I would like to avoid the destruction of Levian. However…”


It was a difficult issue for me to intervene.


To begin with, Levian itself is an independent city-state, a foreign country to me. And what caused Levian to perish was the Malka Empire in the south, a country that had little exchange with the Kingdom other than trade through the island.

The Malka Empire was after the large profits Levian earns through transit trade. They tried to put the Levian Island under their direct control.

The Malka Empire is a large country. However, Levian has Leviathan’s protection. The Levian attempted to use Leviathan’s powers against Imperial warships. That triggered everything. Levian Island collapsed, and the surrounding area became a dark sea where Leviathan’s mana rages.


“I looked at the history books and political books regarding Levian Island to see if there’s anything I can do, but…”


I guess there’s nothing a fifteen-year-old boy can do in a conflict between countries.


“What are you mumbling to yourself? Be quiet in the library.”


While I was thinking, I was suddenly tapped on the back from behind.

When I turned around, Nadia was standing there.


“There aren’t any books around here that might be useful for us you know? The grimoires are found upstairs.”

Ara, while saying that, you were reading a book on this floor all day today, weren’t you?


Nadia looks into my face. I saw myself reflected in those bright green eyes.

Nadia, the daughter of the Marquis Louviers, was an excellent woman who fought against demons until the very end in my previous life.

If it’s Nadia who experienced a time loop, I wonder if she could have come up with some kind of solution to the problem on Levian Island.

Should I consult her?

But how do I explain it?




When I was thinking about such things, Nadia suddenly raised a small voice.”


“What’s the matter?”


I asked, but she did not answer. She stares into the air silently, while occasionally nodding.

What happened to her? It’s creepy.


While I was confused, I watched Nadia for a while, and her eyes became focused on me again.


“I’m sorry for being like that so suddenly. Just now, a person? Someone talked to me, asking me to come. I was told you must know how to get there.”



What is she saying all of a sudden? Someone talked to her? I didn’t hear anything despite being next to her.


“I was told that you must have that kind of ability.”


Ability? Is she talking about <Skill>?

<Divine Vision Skill> that I acquired at level 50. Certainly, it’s an ability that allows me to see something. But when I used it before, there was no change at all. However…


《Divine Vision – provides vision towards Holy and Darkness attribute》


I activated my <Divine Vision>.

My vision didn’t change… except for one place.

On the wall of the room, I saw something like a door that had never existed before.


“This is…”


A door made of magic. Among them, the mana of holy attribute and darkness attribute that should cancel each other were mixed together.

I didn’t expect that the first holy attribute mana I would feel would be a special one, mixed with darkness.

A door made with the power of two rare attributes, and a wide space leading to the back. It was clearly not man-made.

I can only think of one figure on this island who can create such a device.

Sea Dragon Leviathan.

According to ancient lore, it is an evil monster that attacks people and sinks ships. However, it is an important guardian deity of Levian Island. And soon, will destroy the island.


I have no idea what kind of creature it is, unless I meet it.

It’s probably behind this door.


I took Nadia with me and went through the magic door.

Inside, there was a path made of holy attribute light.


“It’s pitch dark in here.”


Nadia doesn’t seem to see anything. I held her arm and walked slowly to keep her from falling.






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