Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 45

Chapter 45 – Lord Selim goes to an island (2)


When I entered the venue, Marc, who had come earlier, approached me.

Marc Sarmiento, son of Marquis Sarmiento. We were good friends in my first life, but in this life, we became hostile because I became a Healer unaffiliated with the church.


“Oh, isn’t it Lord Selim? How was your hunt in the sea?”


He seems to have something he wants to say, even to the point of chatting with me, a person he hates, with a grin.


“I did what I could. How was it for Lord Marc?”

Fufu. We were very successful as well. Considering the fact that our House Sarmiento has participated in the competition this time with the princess.”


Did the Sarmiento Marquis Household faction and princess’ faction form a joint team?

In the first semester, my Bergmann Duke Household faction and Nadia’s Louviers Marquis Household faction formed a joint team and defeated the princess, so the royal family also teamed up with powerful nobles to create a strong team.


“As expected of the princess. This time, I saw her up close with the same team, and she was hunting monsters with overwhelming power.”


Marc is in a good mood.

I know because I was close to him in my previous life. Marc was the third son of Marquis Sarmiento, and had enrolled in the academy in the Royal Capital with the goal of becoming Princess Rafaela’s fiancé. That’s why he must be quite happy to be on the same team as the princess.


“That’s great. I’m rooting for Lord Marc’s team to do well.”


When I replied with a smile, maybe it was taken as a touch of sarcasm, Marc left disappointed


After a while, when the students gathered at the venue, the results of the competition were announced.

The result of the princess team is announced.

Marc seems to have done great as well. While most of the students subjugated less than 50, Marc’s subjugation number exceeded 300.

And the princess was even more amazing.

The venue became noisy.

The princess subjugated more than 600 animals.

Up to this point, the princess team has won.


Continuing on, the results of the joint team of me and Nadia were announced.


“Lord Selim Bergmann, the number of subjugations is 0.”


The venue became noisy in the opposite sense from the time of the princess.


“Zero? Why? Did the measuring magic device break?”

“Knowing that you couldn’t win against us, Lord Selim must have kept his means.”


In the distance, Marc was sarcastically laughing.


Of course, I didn’t subjugate on purpose.

Under the rules of the <Seeker> system, which dislikes killing living creatures, even killing a monster would lower my level.

If I kill more than 500 monsters, all the leveling I did during the summer vacation will go to waste. Even though I’ve raised it to level 60.

At first, I wasn’t going to enter this competition. However, Nadia asked me to help her by specializing in maneuvering and defending the ship, so I agreed.


“Lady Nadia Louviers, number of subjugations, 521. Lady Pamela Satie, number of subjugations, 462…”


As the number of subjugation of our team members was announced, Marc’s complexion became worse.

In total, our team wins.

Because I remodeled the ship with enchantment magic and kept crashing it into a swarm of monsters while moving at high speed, we were able to earn more and more subjugations just by releasing big spells.


“Sir Leo Bergmann, number of subjugations, 1198.”


The biggest commotion of the day happened at the venue. It’s almost double the score of the princess who was the top individual until now.


“Leo Bergmann? Bergmann!? Who is he!??”

“Is he Lord Selim’s relative? Was there such a person…”


The nobles at the venue were confused.

During the summer vacation, Leo went on an expedition to exterminate monsters with my father, Duke Bergmann, and Father really liked him. 


The Duke immediately completed the procedures to adopt Leo, who was an orphan from the Royal Capital. At the very least, due to our vassals who were wary of family turmoil, Leo’s position was accepted with the condition of being adopted without the right to inherit the Duke Household. 


However, Leo became the highest noble and will be treated as the son of a duke in the noble society in the future.


With Leo Bergmann’s appearance, the nobles especially around the princess were panicking.

No one in the royal family paid any attention to the formalities of adopting Leo into the Duke Household. Thanks to that, It was possible to complete it smoothly. 


It must be a big blunder for the royal family. In the future, as Leo’s ability becomes clear, some people may be held responsible.


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 60     EXP to next level: 4220/6100》

《MP: 5901/8391     Healing skill proficiency: 5216     Holy attribute skill proficiency: 0》




《Basic Healing – cures minor cuts and scratches》

《Physical Support – provides physical support to the target who is fighting illness》

《Immunity Manipulation – cures diseases that can be resisted by immunity》

《Simultaneous Manipulation- allows usage of Immunity Manipulation up to 7 people》

《Regenerative Healing skill – heals any physical damage on a person’s body》

《Holy attribute》

《Divine Vision – provides vision towards Holy and Darkness attribute》

《Holy Chain Barrier – captures enemies close to darkness and inflicts continuous damage》

《Forest Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from plants》

《Sea Bathing – satiates hunger by receiving surplus life energy from the sea》






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