Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 39

Chapter 39 – Lord Selim fights against a demon


We started to prepare to return to the city.

The bundles of ropes used to restrain the people from the Earl Household were easily found in the village storeroom.

Holding ropes, everyone gathered in front of my barrier again. At that time, the inside of the barrier was suddenly stained with darkness.




I released the barrier in surprise.

A lot of blood flowed on the ground.

In an instant, Frederik and the 20 knights were dead.

Standing in the pool of blood was the Earl alone.


The surrounding area suddenly becomes dark.

Darkness… unusual strength.

I’ve been through it myself, so I knew right away what had happened.


“Demonic Transformation? He fell into darkness.”


From around the time that he attacked the Countess, the Earl must have succumbed to the devil’s temptation. Did he kill the villagers because of the devil’s murderous impulses as well?


“The more I use power, the deeper the darkness. I thought I’d hide among the humans a little longer, but there’s no other way. To start with, I’ll kill you all. Then, using my status as an Earl, I’ll kill as much as I can.”


The Earl seems to be enjoying himself after being bathed in blood. It’s the same state I was in when I went on a rampage in the Royal Capital in my previous life. He’s drunk with blood.

It’s not as good as my Demonic Transformation, but it’s an Earl-class demon. If he goes on a rampage, at least the Earldom will be wiped away.


“Don’t let him use big moves from a long distance! Fight him in close quarters, and do as much damage to his body as possible!!”


I know this from experience. A demon connected with dark mana never runs out of mana. However, his body is human and can be damaged like a human.

Leo and Katia cut from both sides of the Earl in a pincher attack.

The Earl blocked Leo’s sword with a two-handed sword and blocked Katia’s attack with a barrier spell.


“Ice Bullet.”

“Fire Ball.”


Taking that chance, Pamela and I released our spells.


“How cumbersome…”


The Earl used a huge amount of mana to create a thick barrier to shut himself in his shell.


“Don’t think you can beat me in terms of barriers!”


I touched the Earl’s barrier with my hand and used obstruction magic to disturb the spell.


“All-out attack.”


The remaining three use their full strength to cast the spells they were good at.

Black blood splashes from the demon.




When the Earl yelled, black blood swirled around and protected him.




Kicked away by the Earl, I was sent flying.




With that momentum, he repelled Katia’s sword and blocked Leo’s movement with dark attribute blood fog.




The Earl’s sword pierced through Pamela’s abdomen, while her allies were gone. He then proceeds to throw away her body.





I rushed over to Pamela who had fallen.

Leo and Katia, who escaped from the fog of darkness, launched a melee attack on the Earl.


I looked down at Pamela who had been stabbed in the abdomen. Pamela, whose internal organs were pierced, would die if left alone.




Quietly, the <Healing Skill> was activated.

The Earl was fighting with us behind him


“Do your best…”


The Earl’s swordsmanship was inferior to both Leo and Katia. However, a dark-attribute barrier prevented the two from attacking.


Ice Bullet.”


I also cast an ice spell, but I can’t break the Earl’s defense.

The battle came to a stalemate.

Pamela had disappeared from the Earl’s consciousness.

She was quietly approaching the Earl from behind.

After meeting Pamela’s eyes, I quickly approached the Earl and disturbed his barrier with obstructive magic.




The Earl’s sword slams into my body that carelessly approached him. However, by that time, Pamela’s sword had pierced the Earl from behind.


“Well done.”


The Earl stiffened for an instant and Leo cut off his head.

The Earl’s body turned into a black mist and disappeared without leaving a corpse.







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