Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Lord Selim searches for the monster


A forest north of the Earldom.

I am heading to subjugate monsters with Pamela. Earl Satie, Frederik, and 20 knights of House Satie are also with us.

We stayed one night in a city in the north, and the next day we went further north to look for monsters.

It seems that the monster in question has left the frontier, destroyed the northern fort, and destroyed the small villages nearby.

It must be defeated before it reaches a populated city.


We advanced through the forest. Along the way, we saw villages destroyed by the monster. Burnt down by fire, the village did not retain its original form.


Katia secretly whispered into my ear.


“It’s very strange. They say that there are vicious monsters, but something that looks like it doesn’t get caught by Detection Spell.”


Detection Spell is an application of Body Strengthening that strengthens the senses. Katia is good at this spell and can explore more than double of what I can.


We went further and found another village. Here, the building was safe and sound, but the inhabitants were annihilated and devoured by beasts.

Pamela trembled when she saw the damage in the village. I passed her by and examined the village.

On the wall of the house, I found a wound that looked like it had been cut with a sword.

As for the damage, rather than a large monster going on a rampage, it seemed more fitting that a human-sized thing massacred the villagers.


“It looks like we’ve been involved in an internal conflict within House Satie.”


Katia, who had traveled around the world as a swordsman for a long time, seemed to be certain.


“This is not monster damage.”


The circumstances of the Satie and Louviers families, and the feud between Pamela and Frederik. Looking at Earl Sati’s gloomy atmosphere, it wouldn’t be strange if there were internal troubles.

However, the reason I didn’t doubt it was because if he killed the Countess and Pamela, his territory wouldn’t survive. The current Earl is weak, and Frederik is unpromising.

However, if the Earl was desperate…

Without thinking about the consequences, he attacked the two.

Earl Satie, who lost Pamela in my previous life, crushed his territory with tyranny. He imposed heavy taxes on his people and neglected the extermination of monsters. 


The royal family was about to dispatch another noble to replace him, but due to the appearance of the devil, House Satie was destroyed along with the Kingdom without the replacement being implemented in the end.

The northwestern part of the Kingdom was able to withstand the devils because House Louviers was functioning properly. 


However, the neighboring Satie Earldom became a breeding ground of devils, leading to the struggle of House Louviers. In order to oppose the devil, the Satie Earldom needs to be stabilized.


“What does this mean!? The wounds on the villagers cannot be inflicted by monsters!”


I heard Pamela shouting.

It seems that there was a corpse in the village building that had not been eaten by the beast. We have conclusive evidence that someone killed a villager.


“…it can’t be helped. I can’t let Louviers find out that we hurt the Marquis’ younger sister. So everyone who knows must keep their mouths shut forever.”


Frederik seems to become defiant, he didn’t care about telling Pamela. 

Twenty knights surrounded her.


“Elder brother… what do you mean by this?”

“For the sake of House Satie, I will eliminate Louviers’ interference. We took care of your mother, who was in the way, so that she would never wake up. It’s unfortunate that we cannot kill her because that would make us too hostile to Louviers. However, you are different, Pamela. You will die here!”


Shocked by her murderous half-brother, Pamela looks at her father walking up behind him.


“No, you too… Father?”


Earl Satie stood next to Frederik.


“My heir is Frederik. Frederik, kill Pamela to prove yourself.”


Frederik and the knights drew their swords toward Pamela.

Betrayed by her father and brother, Pamela trembled with shock and grief.

I cannot let them deal with her taking advantage of numbers.


“Pamela, decide on the successor with one on one with your brother! I’ll do something with the rest.”


I helped Pamela and cast a spell on the knights surrounding her.




“Damn, this wall…. I can’t break it!”


I lump the knights together with wind magic and confined them within a barrier.


“Leo, deal with the Earl. Katia go suppress the knight commander!”


I let Katia deal with the commander who looks the strongest among the knights present, and immobilized the rest using a barrier.

Whether or not to kill the members of House Satie is left to Pamela’s discretion. A knight with a lot of mana is a valuable asset of the territory. Since there was a difference in strength, we were able to easily neutralize everyone other than Frederik.

We suppressed the surroundings and waited for Pamela to win against Frederik.

Nobles whose job is subjugating monsters are hot-blooded. Successors are determined not by birth order, but by strength. If there is dissatisfaction, even killing each other will not be dissuaded. It is even said that deciding the heir in a one-on-one duel was the aesthetics of nobles.


The difference in strength between Pamela and Frederik is obvious.

It was settled quickly.


Pamela slashed his shoulder and Frederick collapsed. He’s fainted from bleeding, but he’s a noble in the end, he won’t die from that.


“That was easy. I caught the knights. What are you going to do with them?”

“I won’t kill them. Our house cannot afford to kill precious mana holders.”


In this world, the value of a man with a lot of mana is great. It can be used not only for combat, but also for powering various magic devices.

Pamela, who has to rebuild the Earl Household, chose to sell them and make a profit rather than shed blood.

Frederik, together with 20 knights, will be sold to some noble household. That will be the best way to end it.


“Restrain everyone and let’s return to the city later. Father, I will ask you to retire.”


Pamela sheathed her sword.

Those who were incapacitated were confined in my barrier for the time being.


“There should be a rope somewhere in the village. Go find it.”


We bound them with ropes infused with mana and moved them to the city.







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