Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Lord Selim goes to a friend’s house


After taking a week off from school, I headed for the Satie Earldom with Pamela.

Accompanying me are the Hero Leo, my escort Katia, and Valéry.


When I said that I would go to an Earldom to exterminate monsters while hiding my identity, Valéry strongly opposed it.

However, when I asked my father who happened to be in the Royal Capital, he immediately accepted it.


“A monster that the Louviers woman couldn’t beat? Isn’t that interesting?”


My warmonger father looked envious as he wanted to go subjugate it himself.


The Satie Earldom is located in the east of the Louviers Marquisdom, just north of the Royal Capital. After two full days of swaying in the carriage, we arrived.


“Pamela, are you back?”

“Elder brother…”


Pamela’s brother greeted her at the entrance of the lord’s mansion.

However, the elder brother looks at his younger sister with cold eyes. The siblings don’t seem to get along very well.


Pamela and her brother named Frederik are said to have different mothers.

The current Earl Satie was just barely capable of succeeding the Earl Household. He took the position because there were no other candidates.

He received his first wife from an earl of the same rank. And with the support of his wife and family, including his retired parents, he managed to maintain their fief.

However, a monster outbreak occurred, and the Earl lost his wife and parents.

The Earl did not have the ability to maintain the territory by himself.

Therefore, House Louviers, who adjoined the territory, sent out an offer to help.

Nadia’s grandfather, the Marquis Louviers of that time, gave his daughter, who had lost her fiancé and stayed at home, to the Earl as a second wife.

The fact that the Marquis Household sends out a daughter to become a later wife of an Earl is exceptional. It is clear that the Marquis Louviers had ambitions to exert influence over his neighboring territory.

After that, Nadia’s mother inherited the title of Marquis Louviers, and their ambition for House Satie faded. However, there is no doubt that Pamela is the successor to House Satie. It may be inevitable that the relationship between Frederik, the son of the previous Countess, and Pamela would be delicate.


“By the way, Pamela, who’s behind you?”


Frederik said as he pointed at us suspiciously.


“They’re school friends. They’re commoners of the Royal Capital, they have excellent mana, and they’re students who were enrolled especially. Since they don’t have an official affiliation yet, I decided to ask for their help.”


I’m glad the school has uniforms. For the time being, if you wear a uniform, it will be difficult to recognize your identity. My bodyguard Katia is not a student, but she looks young with her elf blood, so I let her wear a uniform as well.


“You are quite a go-getter, aren’t you? Making an entourage in the academy just based on the merits of how their faces look, what the hell are you doing in the Royal Capital?”


Valéry almost snapped when Frederik said that to ridicule us, so I pinched the hem of his uniform from behind and held him down.

Katia is beautiful and Leo is also rather handsome after all.


“How dare he describe our Lord Selim as a person someone whose merits is only his looks!? Because Selim-sama looks very good on the outside, other people underestimate his ability, but he is an amazing…”


Valéry whispers something to himself.

Well, sometimes there are people who would only admit that the talent of a beautiful-looking person is their beauty.


As soon as we arrived at the mansion, we met Earl Satie.

I heard that the Earl was around 50 years old, but he looked older than that. His gloomy demeanor, he thought, was not due to his wife’s collapse, but rather to a long history of frustration.


“Pamela, welcome back.”

“Father, how is Mother…?”

“In her bedroom. Go see her later. However, I’ll have you go on a subjugation expedition tomorrow.”

“I understand. I can’t afford to harm the people.”


We’ve just traveled from the Royal Capital, but tomorrow will be another expedition. It’s busy, but there’s no other way. Because monsters won’t wait for us.


After finishing the conversation and leaving the Earl’s office, Pamela hurried to her mother’s bedroom.


The Countess was sleeping peacefully on her bed.


“She does not seem to have surface wounds.”


The woman had no visible wounds and seems to have just fallen asleep.


“She hid her head. My Lady has high mana volume, so the visible wounds have already healed. However, she would not wake up.” 


The countess’s lady-in-waiting explained.

A head injury, huh. It’s a state that occasionally happens to those with high mana volume. Some people have a large amount of mana, but although they can sustain their life, they cannot heal brain damage.

I approached the lady and tried to see if I could use <Skill>.


《You have insufficient MP     It is recommended to use the skill after recovering MP》


On the way here, I was using <Physical Support> on those who were tired from traveling to earn experience points. However, I shouldn’t have used too much mana. I still have more than 80% of my MP remaining. It seems that it requires an amount close to my full mana volume.

How troubling. We are going for a monster extermination tomorrow.

Treatment will be delayed, but the lady has high mana volume, so she won’t die in a few days. I used <Physical Support> on her.







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