Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Lord Selim is treated as a template character


When I returned to the Duke’s mansion, I gathered my aides for a meeting.


“Anyway, that Laura Ponetti looks pitiful, so we should help her no matter what! As nobles, we can’t leave such a girl alone!!”


Gilbert speaks passionately to everyone. I hate to say this while he’s burning with passion, but he will probably be useless with this problem. Or I should rather say, it’s difficult for a man to solve it alone. Cooperation with a woman is required.


“Liselotte, what do you think?”


I asked Lady Liselotte, daughter of a Viscount, for her opinion.


“If I was the same freshman as everyone, I could have done something about it. However, unfortunately, I am a third-year student. I do not have many opportunities to interact with her.”


It hurts that Liselotte was a senior. My faction has more males, and the only women who came were daughters from families without noble titles. It’s weak to use them as Laura’s bulwark.


“Hmm. If Lord Selim says, “this is my woman, don’t touch her,” then wouldn’t everything be resolved?”


Hearing Liselotte’s remarks, Gilbert’s eyes turned white.


“I have no intention of doing that. If I say that without having any intention of doing so, it will make Laura’s life go crazy.”


After all, I’m a saint candidate bound by the <Seeker> system. It’s impossible for me to have a mistress.


“Oh, how unfortunate. A story about a handsome prince who saves a beautiful girl in trouble from different social statuses would have been wonderful.”


Liselotte said her fantasies with twinkling eyes.


“Oh, I heard that that kind of novel is popular, and I look very similar to some characters. If that happens in reality, it would only end up with a grotesque-like relationship.”

“I didn’t want to hear the words “grotesque” from Lord Selim’s mouth~!”


This woman… why are my close aides full of weirdos? Aside from me, in descending order of rank within the faction was the muscle-headed Gilbert, the eccentric Liselotte. Does using them to their fullest show my ability as a noble?


“But seriously, I have a solution.”


“Isn’t there a female boss very suitable in Lord Selim’s school year~?”

“Female boss…? You mean, Lady Louviers?”


Nadia Louviers, daughter of Marquis Louviers. She is a strong woman who fought against the devil until the end of my previous life, a feat that helped save many people. It certainly seems that she would cooperate if she heard about Laura’s circumstances.


“If Lord Selim personally asks Lady Louviers, she will not refuse.”

“I see. Valéry, go send a message to Lady Louviers. Tell her that I have something to tell her tomorrow after school.



Lady Louviers. I was not good at dealing with her in my previous life. Well, it’s not like I’m doing something wrong, so I should just ask her honestly.







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