Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Lord Selim trips 


The first semester has begun.


Today is swordsmanship class.

We are competing with only sword skills, without using Body Strengthening magic. The students are wearing special protective equipment and will use swords with blunt edges, so no one will get injured after all that.

The class starts with a match between two students while others are watching. The instructor will give advice while watching and teach techniques and tactics through demonstration. 


“Is there anyone who wants to play the first match in today’s class?”

“Then, I would like to have a match with Lord Bergmann.”


The one who immediately responded to the instructor’s question and stepped forward was Marc of the Sarmiento Marquis Household.


“I accept your challenge.”


I took a step forward as well. I want to practice swordsmanship more because I was told that I relied too much on magic. If it’s against Marc, who was hostile towards me, it might turn out to be a good practice lesson.


“Let’s begin!”


I faced Marc and struck him with the practice sword. Being matched with Marc, I found out that there was almost no skill difference between him and me. 

That would put me at a disadvantage because the weight difference between us is more than 10 kg. 

Marc is shaped like a beer barrel. When Body Strengthening magic is not used, I can feel the weight of Marc’s blow.


We exchanged swords for a while, but, I lost my balance after receiving Marc’s blow that was enhanced by his weight.


“Match over.”


Marc won.


“Oh, I won against the respected Duke’s eldest son.”


When Marc deliberately made a fool of me, I heard giggles and laughter from his entourage.

“What are you talking about winning in a match without using magic? “I thought, but my feelings seemed to be off. The faces of my close aides’ faces were distorted with frustration.


After class, I held a review meeting with my entourage.

On the top floor of the school’s special building, there is a luxurious room called the Salon. A room dedicated to House Bergmann was also prepared there.

Everyone gathered there and faced each other with difficult faces.


“Lord Selim, the next time you are challenged, please use me as a substitute!”


Gilbert, who is confident in his swordsmanship, told me in a begging tone.

Winning or losing is related to the honor of the nobility. However, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. For the field they were not good at, nobles were allowed to send subordinates who were good at it instead.


“Yes. Let’s do that next time.”


I don’t mind losing since it would be a good experience, and it would be better to practice against with those who are better than yourself, but it seems that wasn’t allowed.

Well, that being the case, I’ll compromise on this subject. They are desperately carrying a palanquin called me, so as someone who is being carried, I must act accordingly.

I understand that, but I feel like this kind of expectation from them turns into pressure, and it was what made me crazy in my previous life. 


When I lost to the Hero for the first time in a match, I felt like I was going insane.


Huh? By the way, I haven’t seen the Hero at all in my school life this time. The Hero who had such a sense of existence, he does not stand out at all this time around.


No, it’s the nobles who have a lot of say in the academy. It’s natural for nobles to not take notice of a commoner like the Hero.

Why did the Hero start to get attention again?

…it’s me. Because the Hero won against me, he started to become conspicuous because he won against me.

That means, although I feel bad for my entourage, maybe I need to lose humiliatingly for once again.


Three days later, the same swordsmanship class.

Just like last time, the instructor recruited those who would step forward and fight.


“It would be unfortunate if I ran away with my victory. How is it? Would Lord Selim like to have a revenge match?”


Marc asked me for another match sarcastically. Gilbert, who was beside me, had a face saying, “pick me, pick me”.

However, sorry. I will lose again today!


“I refuse. Fighting against the same person twice in a row is boring as a lesson.”


First, I declined Marc’s offer. Now, let’s go on and challenge the Hero to battle.

If I lose twice in a row, my close aides will be sad.

But I can’t help it. I have to get the Hero to stand out and gain strength as soon as possible. When the devil attacks, it will be a problem if the Hero is inexperienced.


“In that case, would Lord Bergmann like to have a match with me?”


But when I was thinking, “come on, Hero, challenge me anytime”, someone got ahead of the cue.


“Princess Rafaela…”


How unfortunate. I cannot refuse an invitation from the princess. In this case, it’s not a good idea to leave it to Gilbert, so I can only face her.

However, the princess has a reputation for being exceptionally strong. Even if I lost, there would not be a commotion just like when I lost against Marc.

I gave up and faced the princess.


The princess is a delicate girl with twin tails. Her appearance does not strong.

However, as soon as I fought against her, I realized I was no match against her. Despite using the same sword, it felt as if several swords were attacking me at the same time.


“I give up.”


The match was quickly decided with my defeat. With a princess as my opponent, I can’t use the weight difference as an excuse. 

It’s purely a difference in skills. 

The princess, who had a reputation for being strong, was completely different.







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