Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Lord Selim searches for a pharmacist


A few days later, the church refused to send a teacher, saying things like, “healing magic is a secret that cannot be leaked, so unless you become a member of the church, we will not teach you.”

As for the pharmacist, the ones I found either completely looked like a mad scientist or somewhat crazy, or a spy of the church whose purpose was to brainwash me into the church, so I refused to let them be my tutor. Finding a good teacher is a hard task.


“Maybe I should ask around the city.”


Commoners are more susceptible to illness than nobles, so commoners may know better pharmacists. Johann, who struggled with Gerlerna’s disease and even held meetings, seems to be familiar with such things.

With that in mind, I went to Johann’s coffee shop.


“Pharmacist? In that case, isn’t there someone near you? It’s Grandma Amanda. She’s already retired though.”

“What did you say!?”

“Didn’t you know? Amanda-san, for an old woman living alone, lived in a pretty good house, didn’t she? She used to be a great pharmacist.”


It seems that it’s dark under the lighthouse, as they say.


“Amanda, teach me medicine!!!”


I immediately went to Amanda’s house.


“What’s this, all of a sudden? I’m already retired from being a pharmacist. Besides, you were able to cure Zofi’s Gelerna disease, which I couldn’t cure.”

“It’s dangerous to use my <Healing Skill> ignorantly!”

“… Oh, I’ll admit that. But pharmacy isn’t something you can learn in a short amount of time. You’ll have to keep studying for years, even decades.”

“I can do that. However, I need to go to the academy in the Royal Capital, so I would need Amanda to accompany me to the Royal Capital.”

“Don’t try to pull the old people out of the city they’re used to!”



Indeed, it would be cruel to pull the old Amanda away from the city where she used to live in.


“Huh. I don’t want to be troublesome, but hey. It’s bad for the world to let you go unchecked, even though I know about you. Fine. I’ll teach you only while you’re in this city.”



There are two months left until I go to the Royal Capital, but I’ll learn as much as possible during that time.


* * *     


In order to study pharmacy with Amanda, I cleared all my schedule from the afternoon. Luckily, I’m good at memorizing, so I was quick to memorize the cases and knowledge of medicine I was taught.


“I guess it would be better to start to teach you useful things to use the thing you call skill.”

“Healing diseases huh.”


Healing wounds seems to be the same with Body Strengthening, so I don’t have any problems for now.


“When teaching medical cases, it would be better to see many patients, but it’s been a long time since I retired from being a pharmacist, so I don’t know many patients.”


The other day, I had finished the treatment of the patients with Gerlerna’s disease after being introduced to Johann.


“But if you search the entire territory capital, you should be able to find a lot of patients.”

“Okay. I’ll look for them through my side.”


Since I am the son of the lord of the territory, it is possible to find them. But I need people who can help. It’s about time, let’s have my close aide candidate do their job.


In the castle hall, I was surrounded by promising people of my generation.


“These are the 15 who passed the entrance exam for the Royal Capital First Magic Academy that was held the other day.”


There were 15 successful applicants who entered the academy in the Royal Capital with me. I’m relieved that Gilbert and Valéry, who will be my closest aides, have passed.


“About 50 people took the exam, but more than half of them failed, which was a disappointing result. There are 7 people who have already enrolled in the academy in a higher grade, so a total of 22 people are ready to take care of Lord Selim.”

“By the way, as for the other nobles, there are 16 for the faction of the Sarmiento Marquis Household and 24 for the faction of the Louviers Marquis Household already within the school.”

“What a humiliation to lose to the Louviers Marquis Household in numbers…!”


Everyone who gathered speaks of the result of the entrance examination in the Royal Capital.

The Louviers Marquis Household owns a territory in the northwestern mountainous area. It’s a harsh land, but rare monsters can be hunted, so they earn income by selling the raw materials they gain as spoils. 


It’s completely opposite to our place where even if you kill monsters, you won’t earn any money. The Louviers Marquis Household had many strong knights because they rely on hunting for their income.


“The House Louviers is a house that is passionate about hunting due to their territory. It makes sense that there are many who passed the exams of the academy, with their emphasis on combat. Don’t worry about it. You did your best to pass the exam. I eagerly anticipate your insights and help.”


Everyone seemed satisfied when I praised them.

If they hadn’t gone to the Royal Capital, they would have been able to live a leisurely student life at an academy in the territory. I should appreciate them. 


Come to think of it, in my first life, I was upset that the size of the Duke Household’s faction was not much different from that of the Marquis, so I vented towards my close aides. I feel that it was those kinds of things that made my human relations deteriorate and become even more stressed. I need to be careful of that.


“With that said, I have something I need you to do for me.”


I turned to Valéry. He’s a talented person who, despite being more suitable for being a civil servant, worked hard to be of aid and passed the entrance exam in the Royal Capital.


“You know I can use Healing magic.”


“Right now, I am prioritizing training my healing ability. So I need someone to test it on. Go and gather information about patients within the territory capital.”



Valéry is from House Mölders, which has produced many excellent civil servants. It should be fine leaving it to him.







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