Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – Lord Selim is targeted by the church


“You guys, are there any of you injured?”


I came to see the children in the vacant lot yesterday once again.


“No one is injured. Gonbey-san just healed us yesterday. It’s not like we’re stupid to get injured everyday.”


The boy who spoke to me first yesterday answered.


“Do you want to practice healing? Gonbey-san.”

“That’s about it.”


The more I use healing skills, the more proficient I become. I want to raise not only my level but also my proficiency.


“Then, why don’t you go around the city and look for other children’s hangouts? Each block is like a territory, and I can’t enter another territory. If it’s Gonbey-san, it doesn’t matter.”

“Is that so? I’ll try doing so.”


Strolling around the city, I did spot several groups of children playing. It seems that commoner children like to crowd with each other. It makes them easy to find.


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》




After healing about 10 people, I confirmed my <Status>.


《Selim Bergmann     Male     15 years old》

《Seeker Lv: 7     EXP to next level: 90/700》

《MP: 3220/7691     Healing skill proficiency: 137》


“The MP used is fewer compared to yesterday. It seems that it’s correct to assume that the mana spent using spells is decreased when proficiency increases.


The <Healing Skill> should eventually become something that is useful. I should do my best to raise my level and proficiency.


Three days later,


《You healed a child’s injury     Your experience points increased     +100 experience points》

《Current level: 9    Current experience points: 610/1000》


I’m almost level 10.


When I went to see the children a few days after all their injuries had healed, I found that one or two had new injuries. I remembered where some groups of children were and treated them.


“Is it you who has been doing play healing around here lately?”


When I was surrounded by children and talking, I was stopped by an overbearing voice.

When I turned around, there were several middle-aged women in monastic clothes standing there.


“Healing magic is a sacred thing handled by the church. But you don’t belong to the church.”


A woman speaks with an arrogant attitude. The children around me looked at her with her disgusted eyes.


“Even if a church can use healing magic, it only treats rich people…”


It seems that the notoriety of the church was amazing. Even children hate them. They used to come to the castle and ask for donations for charity to treat the poor. What happened to that?


“Follow us. We shall give you baptism especially. Since you are a healer, you can also get status from the church.”


She said as if it was a matter of course to obey her. However,


“I refuse!”


How dare you order me. Who do you think I am? I am the eldest son of the duke. However, I can’t reveal my identity since I’m incognito.


“How rude. What do you think of the authority of the church!”

“You are the rude one. Go away!”


I used ice magic and wind magic to surround the women with cold air.

It should give them chills. I’m afraid of how the <System> will react when I use violence against a human opponent. I should intimidate them into leaving.


“…this is, this person is a strong wizard. It is not a good idea to fight here…”


When another woman behind her made that suggestion, the arrogant women clicked their tongues and left.


I used magic. Did I frighten the children around me?


“Big Brother’s so cool~! So refreshing~.”


The children were having a blast.







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