Yarinaoshi Kizoku no Seinjinka Level Up – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Lord Selim exterminates monsters


Early in the morning, after spending the night in the village, I prayed toward the morning sun.


《You have completed the daily quest <Praying>》


After that, while everyone was preparing for the goblin subjugation, I repaired the magic device for farming that the village chief spoke of yesterday.


《You repaired a villager’s magic device     Your experience points increased    +100 experience points》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 210/1000》


《You completed the daily quest <One good deed a day>》

《You completed <Praying> and <One good deed a day>     Your experience points increased as a quest reward》

《Your experience points increased by 500》

《Current level: -46    Current experience points: 710/1000》


“Hmm. <Daily Quest> is easier to complete than when I’m in the castle.”


All that’s left now is to get rid of the goblins and go home.

Guided by the villagers, we headed for the goblin settlement in the west.


We were guided to a rocky place in the forest. The trees began to become sparse, blocked by the large stones.

Among them, a hobgoblin was sitting on a particularly large rock like a throne. That must be the boss of the horde.

Several goblins around the boss have decent weapons. Among them, the two with wands must be goblin mages that can use magic.

The horde is about 30 in total. We should be able to defeat them, and there is no risk of injury when dealing with the weak goblins in the corner of their settlement, but it would be troublesome if they ran away.


“Enclose them quietly. I’ll deal with the hobgoblin in the center. You guys fight carefully so that they won’t escape. Gilbert can roam freely, it’s better if you go where there are more enemies.”


Seeing that everyone was in position, I first rushed into the horde to catch their attention.

I increase my speed by using body strengthening and auxiliary magic, closing in to the hobgoblin in the center instantly. The enemy quickly readied their weapons and responded to the sudden attack.




I froze the entire body of a goblin that was aiming its bow from a distance using an ice spell.


《You killed a monster during combat     Your experience points decreased    -100 experience points》


Ice Bullet.”


I cast ice bullets to shoot through the shoulders and wrists of the Hobgoblin that raises its heavy sword to attack me.

I stabbed and cut the hobgoblin in a pounce while it lost its balance.


《You killed a monster during combat     Your experience points decreased    -100 experience points》


The moment I kicked the hobgoblin’s body, fireballs came flying from the sides.


“A goblin mage, huh…”


The enemy’s magic disappeared when it got close to me.

The goblin had a quizzical look on its face.


“It’s a barrier spell. Here, in return. Ice Bullet!


I killed the two goblin mages.


《You killed a monster during combat     Your experience points decreased    -100 experience points》

《You killed a monster during combat     Your experience points decreased    -100 experience points》


The goblin holding a dagger tried to run away after seeing its companions killed.

Its back is full of flaws.


Ice Bullet.”


《You killed a monster     Your experience points decreased     -1000 experience points》


“Huh? Ehh!?”


The experience points deducted were ten times.

Even though it only decreased by 100 each until just now.


“Is it because I attacked when it was running away? The log changed from <a monster during combat> to <a monster>.”


While I was thinking, forgetting about the situation, a goblin holding a sword approached silently from behind.




《You killed a monster during combat     Your experience points decreased    -100 experience points》


After freezing the goblin behind me, the enemies near me disappeared.


Everyone else was fighting with goblins. However, there was a gorup of goblin that tried to escape by running in the same direction.




I made the goblins slide by making the ground muddy by using an earth spell.

A lot of goblins were caught in a panic.

Then Gilbert pounces toward them.


“As expected of the boss. You guys, Lord Selim left us some prey, go and kill some more!”


Gilbert said something good, so I simply acknowledged it. I stopped fighting and let them fight.


“With Lord Selim around, there is no need for me as a supervisor.”


Katia, our supervising teacher, stood beside me.


“However, I wish that you would use swordsmanship more often. Although it is amazing that the speed you cast spells is faster than your sword despite me teaching you.”


Normally, there is a casting time before the activation of magic. But I’m extremely extraordinary in that regard. In terms of spellcasting speed and the variety of spells, I think I can beat even the Hero.

While chatting with Katia, I also put up barriers in front of allies who were about to receive an attack in support.


《Current level: -47    Current experience points: 210/1000》


After a while, they were able to defeat all the goblins.


As a result, I found out that monster extermination would decrease my experience points.

Killing living things seems to go against the philosophy of the <Seeker>.

However, perhaps because it was a monster that attacked to harm humans, the decrease in experience points wasn’t that much.

As long as I continue to raise my level as a <Seeker>, I can no longer boast of my martial prowess. However, when necessary, fighting monsters is possible.


The trip ended safely, and we returned to the lord’s castle by night.


I’ll do my best to level up again starting tomorrow.







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