Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Idle Talk 2

Idle Talk 2 – The Disappointing Goddess

(TL: 駄女神 damegami – ie. Aqua from KonoSuba)



This is the God’s Realm.

The world where gods live.

Wind Goddess Ninril, this goddess that has a long silvery white hair and a pair of clear blue eyes has a godly beauty suitable for the gods.

Ninril is in her palace, in front of a reflecting water surface that can see different worlds or lower realms when divine powers are infused in it.


「Nuoo〜! I-Isn’t that the Bean Jam Bun that I even saw in my dreams?!」

When I used my divine powers and took a peek at the world called Earth for the first time, that thing was being eaten deliciously.

The impression of the appearance of the human I saw eating it while saying「delicious, delicious」remained clearly, and I have wondered what taste it would have.

Bean Jam Bun……all I could find out was it was sweet.

Because I rarely intake sweets, it made me more interested.

However, even if I am able to look at different worlds using my divine powers, I am unable to gain objects.

It is not of my world after all.

Gods have rules for gods as well.

Although it is allowed to look at other worlds, we must not intervene.

That is why, although I wanted to obtain that Bean Jam Bun that much……

When I coincidentally peeked at the Fenrir that I bestowed my blessings upon and made my kin, he had suddenly made a familiar’s contract with a human.

When I thought of why did he make a familiar’s contract with just a human, I found out that the person that Fenrir contracted with was a person from a different world.

On top of that, he is a human from Earth.

He is a skill user of that very strange and peculiar『Net Super』.

I understood that it was a skill that can summon the different world Earth’s food ingredients and other things.

Ever since I understood that, I became curious about that person from a different world and the Fenrir’s party, so I would peek on them from time to time, but……

「Oh my, to think that he can summon a Bean Jam Bun. That many as well……I want to eat too」

However, even if it is my world, it cannot be forgiven to intervene so casually.

It would not set a good example for other gods.

However, Bean Jam Bun…………

Gununu, I must endure.

But, Bean Jam Bun…………


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


When I was peeking at the lower realms, as usual, the Fenrir, my kin that I bestowed my blessings upon, was eating sweets deliciously.

「W-What is that, w-what in the world is with that Dorayaki! That’s unfair, you ate that many Bean Jam Bun just a while ago. I want to eat too, I want to eat too, I want to eat too〜!」

I love sweets.

But, in this world of mine, the things called sweets are limited.

After all, when one would say sweets, there would only be dried fruits or honey.

But those guys…………that’s unfair, that’s unfair, that’s unfair〜!

I want to eat sweets too.

Ah, that Fenrir is my kin that I bestowed my blessings upon.

If it is that Fenrir’s Master, it should not be that strange to give me prayers and offerings right?

Un, un, that’s right.

That person from a different world was saying something about wanting a god’s blessing too, so he shouldn’t be cheap if I bestow him my Blessings (small).

I immediately gave oracle to that Fenrir, and told him to tell that person from a different world to give me prayers and offerings.

Offerings should be once a week.

There is a chance that other gods would find out if there were too much.

It will be troublesome if they find out.

My goddess friends, the Goddess of Fire, Goddess of Water, and Goddess of Earth would ask me to give them sweets, and the God of War and the God of Blacksmith would tell me to give them alcohol.

It seems like that different world’s alcohol can also be be bought with that『Net Super』after all.

If they found out, there is no doubt that they would gather.

It is either that, or try to gain sweets and alcohol themselves by bestowing blessings to that person from a different world.

If that happens, my share will decrease, right?

Bururu……I should be careful not to let them know.

Oh, it looks like that Fenrir told that person from a different world about my oracle.

Fumu, fumu, it looks like my Blessings (small) did its job.

Bean Jam Bun should be the first offerings.

And I also said to offer that Jam Bun and Cream-filled Bun that they ate together with the Bean Jam Bun.

Ohh, he started to pray and offer.

Well then……

I teleported the offerings which were the Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun and also that Coffee Milk that the person from a different world added using my divine powers.

「Ohh! T-This is the Bean Jam Bun that I saw even in my dreams. And there’s Jam Bun and Cream-filled Bun too」

Let me see, I quickly took a bite on the Bean Jam Bread.

Muhaa〜, it’s delicious, it’s delicious, it’s delicious〜!

Is this black thing sweet boiled beans?

It has a subtle sweetness that is hard to describe.

To envelope this sweet beans with buns……the person who made this Bean Jam Bread is a genius.

Un, un.

Mu, I should drink the Coffee Milk that the person from a different world offered on the side.

Let me see, put this in here huh.


Mumu, this is, this soft bitter sweet drink fits good with the Bean Jam Bun.

Person from a different world, good job.

I shall praise you.

Next is Jam Bun.

Muho〜, this Strawberry Jam Bun is delicious too〜!

The boiled red fruit tastes good being bittersweet.

And to envelope that with buns, the person who made this Jam Bun is a genius.



It’s delicious〜, it’s delicious〜.

Ha! There’s nothing left.

I still want to eat, so next is the Cream-filled Bun.

Muhho〜, this Cream-filled Bun is delicious too〜!!

This milk that was sweetened and boiled has a thick, good taste.

To envelope this with buns, the person who made this Cream-filled Bun is a genius.

It’s delicious, it’s delicious〜, all of them are delicious〜.

The combination of these Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, Cream-filled Bun, and Coffee Milk is the best.

Howa! T-This is bad.

I-I ate all of it.

I thought of leaving one aside and enjoy eating it too〜!

It’s all because all of them looked delicious.

In fact, all of them are delicious……

With this, I don’t have anything to look forward to.

To think I would need to wait for the next offering, what a pity.

This is all the fault of that different world Earth’s sweets being so delicious〜〜〜〜〜!




Chapter 33Isekai Hourou MeshiChapter 34

Ninril-sama calls herself 妾(warawa) and ends her sentences with なのじゃ(nanojya).


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