Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Idle Talk 3

Idle Talk 3 – Dear Goddess is a Captive of the Otherworld’s Sweets




I could only sigh.

This is all because there is still time before that man from the different world would offer the next batch.

And during that time, the sweets would be on hold.

Those Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, Cream-filled Bun was delicious.

Those sweets from the other world “Earth” were unimaginably delicious even for me..

They were so delicious that I could not help but eat all of them in the first day.

I should have asked to make a little more offerings.

Haa, only if the time of the next offerings would come soon.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


While waiting for the next offerings, I am peeking at the world below with the mirror just as usual.

「Mu! W-What’s that?」

What in the world is that brown plank that the man from the different world summoned using『Net Super』?

He claimed that it is sweets.

Is that really sweets?

It does not look like it at all……

What, hmm, that sweets is called “chocolate”?

His slime familiar is begging for more.

Those creatures normally ate anything, but it is rare for them to want something that they would plead for it.

Is it considerably delicious?

Gununu, I want to eat some toooo.

It is from that world that made Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam, and Cream-filled Bun. There is no way that it tastes bad.

My instinct says so.

However, it is not yet the time for the next offering.

However, I want to eat that “chocolate”………….

Eiii〜, I am a Goddess, such a minor thing must be forgiven.

In short, I only need to be careful so that no one finds out.

That’s right, that’s exactly right.

I immediately sent an oracle to that man from a different world.

「Humble one, I am the Wind Goddess Ninril. Pray and offer that thing called “chocolate” right away. Ah, do not forget to offer dorayakis together with them」

Since I am at it, I also asked for the other treats that they deliciously ate along with the “chocolate”.

That man from a different world got surprised by my oracle.

He is doubtful if such thing is an oracle.

「That is right. It is an oracle. Hurry up」

“Sending an oracle to ask for treats? Are you even a real god?” you ask?

Of course I am.

Sweets are the best.

“There’s dignity or anything at all” you say?

You man from a different world, how dare you speak such rubbish.

「Shut up! Even gods have things they enjoy」

Stop complaining and hurry up and offer the “chocolate” and dorayaki.

That man from a different world summoned “chocolate” and dorayaki using『Net Super』.

He started praying with the “chocolate” and dorayaki on the shrine.

Yosh, yosh, well then, I shall transport that “chocolate” and dorayaki to the god’s realm.

Man from a different world, good job.

「Good Job」

I know that such thing must be said after someone has done something good from peeking into Earth with the mirror.

「Ohhh, this is “chocolate” and dorayaki!」

Let me see, well then, let us start with the “chocolate”.

That man from a different world took off the wrapping before eating it.

So just like that man from a different world, I took off its wrapping.

What came out from inside the wrapping is a brown plank.

Umu, they ate this.

「Even so, this “chocolate” smells good. It smells with a sweet fragrance that one would wish to smell it as long as possible」

Well then, let us take a bite.


The brown plank snapped along with a crisp sound.

Fuoooo! I-It melted inside my mouth!

This is sweet, and it has a slightly bitter, but unique taste.

This is delicious, this is too delicious!

Such thing, it does not exist in my world.

The human who invented this “chocolate” is a genius.

It is too delicious just like the Bean Jam Bun, Strawberry Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun.

Each of those treats tastes otherworldly delicious.

There must be swarms of sweets geniuses that other world “Earth”.

How enviable.

If only such a genius was born in my world, the sweets here would have been a little more developed.

After all, it is still in the range of dried fruits and honey pickled……

It’s a little sad.

Haa〜, “chocolate”, how delicious.

Next is dorayaki.

Ha! No, no, no, no, I must stop!

If this continues, it would be the same with last time!

I should keep dorayaki for tomorrow.


D-Dorayaki, it looks delicious.

Ha! I forgot to tell that man from a different world to give more offerings.

I must tell him to offer more in the next oracle.

By doing that, there should be no problem if I eat this dorayaki right now.

Un, that’s right.

He will be offering lots more next time.

Yosh, it’s dorayaki time.


Umumumumu, delicious!!

This must be the same beans with that Bean Jam Bun.

That, with sweet bread that really taste well along with it.

Both of them are sweet, but this sweetness is not heavy, but exists in an exquisite balance.

The human who invented this dorayaki must be a genius.

After eating the sweets from that other world “Earth”, I cannot eat other sweets.

I am a captive of the sweets from that other world “Earth”.

Haa〜, I wonder what sweets would I will be able to eat next time, I am really looking forward to it.






Chapter 40Isekai Hourou MeshiChapter 41

The Wind Goddess Ninril speaks with “warawa” as her pronoun(I) and ends her sentences with “no jya”.

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