Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Idle Talk 1

Idle Talk 1 – A certain adventurer’s recollection




「Letting out a sigh, what happened to you? Vincent」

「No, it’s just, I just thought of eating a delicious meal」

「Un, un. I also think so. I want to eat Mukouda-san’s meal again」

「Lita also thinks so, right? As I’ve thought, those meals were delicious」

The other members nodded to Vincent who said that with emotion.

And even I think so as well.

I remembered the escort quest that we had accepted just a while ago.

That was a mission that we, the『Iron Will』, would have troubles in forgetting for many reasons.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


That man who was introduced by the adventurer’s guild was a man with a flat face that is uncommon around this region.

It was convincing that that man would request for an escort in his journey, with his stature seemingly completely unrelated to strength.

That man named himself Mukouda.

Mukouda said that he wishes to go to the neighboring country, and our party has felt that there is a lot of things going on around this country and decided to leave soon, so we decided to take the quest for 8 gold coins although it was a bit cheap.

It is also because the road to the neighboring country is safe, but it is also because the quest says that the client would be serving food.

Unexpectedly, meals cannot be made fun of.

It will still cost a lot of money for a party of five.

The main food along the way is dried mean and hard bread, and although they are not delicious, adventurers cannot show their strength if they do not eat.

We completely thought that what Mukouda-san prepared were dried meat and hard bread, but they were food in a different level of taste compared to that.

The meals that Mukouda-san prepared could be compared to the food served at famous restaurants in large towns.

That bread that was made in Mukouda-san’s hometown, that sausage full of ham and meat juices that had just the right amount of salt, those soups that were warm and have lots of ingredients……they were lavish and delicious that one wouldn’t believe it’s food made on the road.

We got happy, thinking we made the right choice accepting this quest.

Of course.

We can eat meals more delicious than what would be served in towns after all.

Even though monsters appear, they were just small fries like Goblins and Grey Wolves, and although a Red Boar appeared, it was not a difficult opponent for our party.

Normally, in the case where monsters are hunted along the road, highly priced parts like the leather skin and fangs would be brought back, and the meat would be rotting as well, so some would be taken back and the others would be thrown away.

However, Mukouda-san was a possessor of an Item Box, so we are able to bring the meat back.

And that dish made by Mukouda-san’s hometown seasoning using the Red Boar’s meat, it was unbelievably delicious as well.

It is not exaggerating that it is the most delicious food that I have ever eaten.

And, I also did not think that ‘that’ would happen because of that dish.

Lured by the delicious smell of Mukouda-san’s dish, the legendary magical beast, Fenrir, showed its appearance.

Being a legendary beast, not many have seen its appearance, but we knew instantly that it was a Fenrir with just a single glance.

We all thought that we must not go against this absolutely strong existence.

At that time, I was really flustered.

I did not feel like I’m alive.

That was the first time that I was pushed back that much ever since I started to become an adventurer.

After all, the opponent is a legendary magical beast.

What in front of us was a monster that is said to destroy a single country on its own.

However, the Fenrir did not attack us at all.

It looked at the food Mukouda-san made, and said 『let me eat that as well』.

There was no way that we would be an opponent of a Fenrir, so we told Mukouda-san to do what it says.

And, after eating the food Mukouda-san made, the Fenrir declared an impossible thing.

『I allow you to make a contract with me』, it said.

At first, I thought that my ears heard wrongly.

I had never heard that a human would make a familiar out of a legendary beast before.

And before that, the last time a Fenrir was seen should be around 300 years ago.

Other than the long-lived elves, we should be the first humans alive who have seen a Fenrir.

Mukouda-san would be exchanging a familiar’s contract with that Fenrir that cannot even be found if you look for it.

On top of that, it was the Fenrir’s side how asked for it.

And it was impossible to reply negatively to that Fenrir, so Mukouda-san made a familiar’s contract with the legendary beast.

And Mukouda-san named that Fenrir, 「Fer」.

Unbelievably, we were able to witness such historical event.

However, that, the reason the familiar contract was made……

「「「「「To think that a legendary magical beast would make a familiar’s contract after being lured by food……」」」」」

The five of us had the same thoughts.

Mukouda-san got relieved and got somewhat amazed about that, so he treated Fer-sama normally, but we were unable to be as optimistic as he is.

Mukouda-san did not know about it very much, but since he had made a familiar out of such a strong being like a Fenrir, not to mention the nobles, even countries won’t leave him alone.

There was no doubt that there would start acting so that they would have a strong subordinate under them.

But Fer-sama’s answer to that worry was 『If they challenge me, they should just be destroyed』.

I felt cold sweat dripping down my back.

Fer-sama should be able to do just what he had mentioned.

Hearing that, I prayed that the nobles and the country do not do stupid things.

Mukouda-san seemed not to mind that, and told Fer-sama who eat a lot, 「go get(hunt) your meat if you want some」.

Hearing that, we got stunned that our jaws almost dropped to the ground.

We got amazed and awed by Mukouda-san who told a legendary magical beast, a Fenrir, to go and catch its own prey.

Though unbelievable, Fer-sama might not have only been lured by food, but also knew about that part of Mukouda-san that he bound himself with a familiar’s contract with him.

I really don’t think that Fer-sama would make a familiar’s contract with nobles and countries, fellows that would only take advantage of his power.

And Mukouda-san did not look like he’s going to take advantage of Fer-sama at all.

Or rather, he probably did not have that choice at all.

For Mukouda-san, the problem at hand should be the amount of food that Fer-sama eats. Hahaha.

And what Fer-sama caught when Mukouda-san told him to「go get(hunt) your meat if you want some」was a Rock Bird.

Well, of course we were surprised.

If you mention Rock Bird, anyone would think of the B-Rank monster.

It’s a monster that we, the『Iron Will』, would only have a 50-50 chance of winning against with.

The last time we hunted a Rock Bird, everyone had wounds all over our body, and Vincent even had his right foot broken.

Such a huge game, Mukouda-san gave its materials to us other than the meat just for dismantling it.

He said that it’s payment for dismantling it and the Red Boar’s meat, but we were receiving too much.

But, Mukouda-san wouldn’t listen at all and would only continue to tell us to take it, so we gratefully accepted although it is really too much.

And to think that a Rock Bird would be hunted in such a short time, it was really displayed how the numerous legends of the Fenrir were the truth.

Come to think of it, that grilled Rock Bird tasted delicious.

That sweet and sour sauce was excellent.

Oh no, my drool won’t stop coming out just remembering the food Mukouda-san made.

It was also very troublesome entering the Feenen Kingdom.  

It looked like in the fortress there also knew very well that Fer-sama is a legendary beast, the Fenrir, and were waiting with the guards armed.

Though we were able to enter the country without problems, since it was proved that Mukouda-san has a familiar’s contract with Fer-sama.

Well, either way, the fortress guards wouldn’t be in one piece if Fer-sama showed his real strength, and the country itself would be in danger.

They understood too that he listens Mukouda-san, who is the contractor, very well, and engaging battle there would only summon unwanted trouble, so we were able to safely enter the country.

A noble’s messenger was immediately sent to us as soon as we entered the town of Fariel, but he got scolded away by Fer-sama.

Although I believe that such things would continue to happen to Mukouda-san, all of it should be repelled by Fer-sama.

Thinking of that, those two, they might be a good combination.


「Ah〜, won’t Mukouda-san make a restaurant somewhere〜」

And when I was reminiscing about the encounter with those two, Vincent said something like that.

「Ah〜, I also thought of that. If he does, we would immediately go and eat there」

Rita who is full of appetite immediately agreed.

「Even I who isn’t obsessed that much with food thinks so」

Even Franca said something like that.

「That’s true」

Even the silent Ramon.

And even I, thinks so as well.

However, more than that…………

「I hope we meet those two again」

All of the members nodded to my words.

That flat-faced man that doesn’t look strong at all but good at cooking, and Fer-sama, the legendary magical beast that made a familiar’s contract being lured by food.

I only prayed that we would meet those two once again.




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