Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 9

Chapter 09 – Entry to the country, the Feenen Kingdom




We have come immediately close to the Feenen Kingdom.

The border fortress could be seen from here.

Although there were guards swarming out of the fortress.

Haa〜, it becomes like that after all huh.

I looked at Fer following casually following from behind and let out a sigh.

「It looks like there’s a lot of soldiers-san coming out……」

「Fer-sama is with us after all. I will go first to explain the situation」

Saying that, Welner-san ran towards the fortress.

Sorry for making inconveniences.


Welner-san and the guards had lined up cleanly in the fortress.

「I am called Edgar Vorgodo, Captain of the fourth order of knights of Feenen Kingdom. I have heard the situation from Welner-dono here. According to him, that Fenrir is bound by a familiar’s contract with you but, is it true?」

The captain-san that seems to have the highest rank within the guards (he has a surname so he might be a noble) asked that with an obvious nervous air around him.

This, it’s because Fer’s here right〜.

The respected guards also haven’t taken their hands off their weapons to be able to react anytime as well.

How can I say this, although he’s like that, he’s still a legendary monster huh.

「Yes, this Fenrir and I are bound by a familiar’s contract」

When I said that, voices like「Ohh!」were raised among the guards.

「I see. However, it is the legendary magic beast Fenrir that is said, had once destroyed a country. Do you really not have the will to harm this country or its citizen?」

As a person who’s in charge of guarding the border, it is a very natural worry.

「Oi, Fer. These people here are anxious about the very strong Fer who is called a legendary magic beast. I’ll be troubled if you go rampant inside the country after all. Fer wouldn’t do something like that right?」

『Nu, do not treat me the same with those stupid monsters. As long as there would be no harm against you, my master, I shall never act from my side』

「Heard him? Captain-sama」

Looking at my conversation with Fer, the captain was dumbfounded.

「You really made a familiar out of a legendary beast huh……I cannot believe it even seeing it with my eyes…………」

That’s exactly right you know, Captain-san.

Before knowing anything, I was bound by a familiar’s contract you know.

「Seeing your interaction right now, it would seem that it is true that you are bound by the familiar’s contract. If so, I shall allow you to enter the country. However, I ask of you to please take the reins of your familiar, Fenrir properly」

「Yes, I understood. Oi, Fer, please behave okay」

『I understand. Just like I have said before, as long as they do not put harm against us, I shall not act from my side』

「I really, really, really beg of you, okay. It will be my fault if anything happens after all」

『You are too insistent』

「No, I really need to make sure. Ah, it’s possible that in the case where you make troubles for everyone, I’ll make you skip your meals」


Since we’re somehow allowed to enter the country, I need to make sure that he doesn’t do something weird.

It will be my crime if anything happens after all.

「I see. To think that you can tame that Fenrir to this extent, it would seem that the situation that I am worried about would not happen」

Captain-san said seemingly a little relieved.

「Captain-san, I believe that something like that won’t happen. We were around when Mukouda-san made a familiar’s contract with Fer-sama, and coming up to this place, Fer-sama does not go on a rampage without reason」

「It’s exactly as Leader says. After all, Mukouda-san is able to command Fer-sama to go and get some prey. I was very surprised by that」

Rita, I was also surprised you know.

My intention when I said to him to get his own prey was to make him earn his own share of food.

It’s not like I asked him to get it for me, so please do not make a mistake on that.

「Hou, it means that he controls it very well」

Hey wait, Captain-san, what’s that「Hou」you’re saying?

Placing a hand on your chin, you look like you’re planning something strange though?

Please stop it, I don’t want troubles.

And with this and that, we got the permission to enter the country somehow and entered the Feenen Kingdom.

By the way, because of not having a guild card, I was asked to pay 5 silver coins for entry tax.

Also, it seems like entry tax is also asked for familiars so I paid 2 silver coins for Fer’s part.

To think that I also need to pay for Fer, that unexpectedly affects my wallet.

I should hurry up and join the merchant’s guild.


Entering the Feenen Kingdom we are walking towards our destination, the border town of Fariel.

「Thank goodness we were able to enter the country without problems. This is all thanks to everyone」

In the first place, it’s impossible to go on a journey alone in this world where monsters appear so I’m very thankful to the everyone in the Iron Will.

On top of that, about Fer, it is all thanks to everyone’s support that we were somehow able to enter the country.

「No, no, you also let us experience great things as well. We were able to see the real legendary magic beast Fenrir, and we were able to talk to him as well」

「It’s exactly as Leader says. I’m going to brag this to everyone.」

「I’m going to brag about this just like Vincent〜. Saying something like, “I met with the Fenrir in the fairytales you know”」

「Fufufu, Rita is such a kid after all. But, it’s true that this is something to brag about」

「Seeing a Fenrir while I’m still alive……this is what’s great about being an adventurer」

Fer’s existence was shocking to everyone after all huh〜.

「However, Mukouda-san might become busy from now on」

Welner-san, what do you mean by going to get busy?

「Having a Fenrir and its owner enter this country means that a message would be sent to the Margrave Rindel that governs the land around here, and also to the king」

Ge! It would be like that after all.

「On top of that, that captain, seen Mukouda-san and Fer-sama’s relationship, he seemed as if he was thinking of how to make you tied to this country」

Captainー!! You really weren’t thinking of anything good.

「Even if you tell me that, I do not have plans on staying in this country, so at that time, my only choice is to discuss it with Fer」

「Hahaha, that’s true. You will not be treated roughly if Fer-sama’s around after all」

It’s all relying on Fer, but I cannot do anything about that.

Ever since coming to this different world, even I would want to see many things around the world.

Through the journey this time, I started to think that because I have the Net Super, traveling around this world while earning a profit might be also good.

Traveling in a fantasy world, it is what a man’s dream is.

「Since you’re saying that you do not have plans to stay in this country, are you going to go on a journey or something?」

I nodded to Welner-san’s question.

「I thought that I want to look around in this world」

「I see. If so, it should be better if Mukouda-san registers in the adventurer’s guild」

Eh, adventurer’s guild? I don’t have plans on becoming an adventurer though.

「The adventurer’s guild? I am planning to register on the merchant’s guild though. I can also cook so I am thinking of earning money in stalls arriving at towns while traveling, and since I have some special contact, I am planning to use those as merchandise」

「I see, but〜……」

Welner-san made a face deep in thought while looking at Fer.

「Mukouda-san is planning on letting Fer-sama go and get his own food from now on right?」

I nodded naturally.

「If so, what are you going to do about dismantling the monsters that Fer-sama caught?」

Ah, there’s that.

「And also, thinking about the Rock Bird, the monsters that Fer-sama is going to hunt are all high ranked monsters. If so, the adventurer’s guild is perfect for selling the monster’s materials」

That is true.

If it can be sold, it would be better to sell it to use it for livelihood expenses.

But, an adventurer huh, u〜n.

「Mukouda-san, you seem to be worried about something but, shouldn’t you just register on both?」

Vincent who was listening to my conversation with Welner-san said.

「That is, also true. But, is that okay?」

「Well, there’s not a lot of them, but there are guys who registered both in the adventurer’s guild and the merchant’s guild」

「He〜, is that so. Then, I will register on both」

I decided to register in both the adventurer’s guild and the merchant’s guild.











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