Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 7

Chapter 07 – My ridiculous skill demonstrated ridiculous powers 2



The fifth day since we departed from the town of Keels.

「Let’s make our camp here for today」

The sun has started to set, and as usual, the preparation for camping started with Werner-san’s call.

「Well then, I will use the red boar’s meat without reserve okay」

「Ou, we’ll look forward to it」

Red Boar is the huge boar monster that has the traits of having a red hair that the members of Iron Will defeated today along the way.

Goblins and wolf monsters (they said it was called Grey Wolf) does not have parts that can be exchanged for money so they were left behind, but they said that the Red Boar’s meat, leather, and fangs could be sold at a good price.

As expected of adventurers, their dismantling was also amazing.

The problem was that such a huge game could not be carried, they said.

Hearing about the cheaper parts of meat getting thrown away from them, I volunteered to take it, telling them that my item box still has free space.

And because of that, they also let me use the meat for our meals.

At first, I thought of using it to make a steak, but I dismissed it because it would take time, so today’s menu is “that”.

It is ginger-fried pork that is also one of my favorites. (TL: Shoga-yaki 生姜焼き)

First, I marinate the thin sliced Red Boar meat on the ginger-fried pork sauce that I bought from Net Super.

And while the meat is being marinated, I shred the cabbage.

It is finished by frying the marinated meat.

I quickly made the soup using the usual instant consommé cubes.  

「Dinner is ready. I flavored the Red Boar meat with the taste in my hometown. It would be great if everyone likes it」

I distributed the Red Boar’s ginger-fried pork, a wooden dish with cabbages on it, and consommé soup.

「Ohh, what good appetizing smell」(Welner-san)

「What’s this, so delicious!!」(Vincent)

「So good! I’d never eaten such delicious food!」(Rita)

「I, I didn’t like Red Boar meat, but this, I can eat it deliciously」(Franca)

「It’s the first time that I ate cabbet uncooked, but it’s so delicious when eaten together with meat huh」(Ramon-san)

Ohh, it’s raining praises.

I just fried the ginger-fried pork with the sauce of a certain company though.

It’s all thanks to a certain company.

And also, cabbage is called cabbet in this world huh.

When I was eating while thinking myself that ginger-fried pork while taking everyone’s praises, a voice suddenly called out to me.

『Human, let me eat that as well』

The owner of the voice was a godly looking wolf with a miraculously beautiful fur that it was presumptuous to compare it to the wolf monsters that I have met until now.

The adventurers got petrified and wouldn’t move an inch.

『Oi, human, can you not hear me?』




I nervously reached out the wooden dish with my half-eaten ginger-fried pork.

And then, the wolf that was the size of a cow thrust its face to the wooden place and ate all of it with one bite.

『It’s tasty but not enough. Another』

「I-It’s a Fenrir……」

Welner-san muttered with cold sweat.

Is it a monster that even adventurers with enough experience like Iron Will would be immobilized?

W-What should I do? Feenen is just so near too.

「M-Mukouda-san, please do what it says」

Welner-san says that, but there’s no ginger-fried pork left.

It looks like a monster that could understand human language, so just like Welner-san says, it would be less dangerous if I make some food for the monster.  

「U-Uhm, it is not like I can’t make it, s-so, can you wait for a while?」

『Umu. I shall wait so hurry up and make it』

I made Red Boar’s ginger-fried pork and gave it to that Fenrir or something.

The Fenrir gobbles up the ginger-fried pork that I made.

More, more, the Fenrir said, and in the end, I used 7-8 kilos of Red Boar meat to make ginger-fried pork.

『*Burp*. It was tasty. Even so, you, to be able to make me satisfied with such a small amount of meat, it looks like you’re quite good』

Small amount, you say, you ate 7-8 kilos though.

How much do you normally eat then.

『Umu, I allow you to make a contract with me』


Contract, wut?

『Oi, are you listening? I am saying that will make a familiar’s contract with you』

Familiar, you say, I remember that from reading some web novels that did something like that, is it taming or something?

No, no, no, no, no, no.

It’s a monster that can speak the human language you know?

It’s a monster that could make the Iron Will members petrified you know?

That monster, a familiar, isn’t that……terrible.

「Uhmm, e〜to, I will re『nn?』」

「No, I am saying, I will ref『Ahn?』」


This bastard, is he not letting me refuse.

『This I do not think but, you, are you planning on refusing to make a familiar’s contract with me, a Fenrir, a member of the household of Wind Goddess Ninril-sama? I do not believe that you shall do such outrageous thing but, what do you think? nn?』

When the monster that can use the human language Fenrir(?) said that, the members of Iron Will sent looks that seemed to say “Whatever, just hurry up and accept damnit”.

Do I really need to accept this?

Really, if things goes like this, the only choice I have is「Yes」.

When I reluctantly said「I understood」, the Fenrir got satisfied,『Umu』it nodded.

『Come here』

Being urged by the Fenrir, I went close to it.

『Get closer. Come in front of me』

I approached the Fenrir just like it said.

『Well then, let us start the contract ceremony』

After it said that, the Fenrir stuck its forehead with mine.

When my forehead touched the Fenrir’s, my body shined for an instant.

『With this, the contract is completed. n? You, you have Identification skill huh. Are you a summoned hero?』


I couldn’t help but cover Fenrir’s mouth.

『*MogoMogoMogo*, O-Oi, what are you doing!』

I whispered, 「K-Keep that a secret」.

『Ohh, was that so. Yes, I understood. Well then, check your status』

It looks like the Fenrir understood and started to speak with a small voice that only I could hear.

Being urged by the Fenrir, I checked my status.

「Status Open」


【 Name 】 Tsuyoshi・Mukouda

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 1

【 Stamina 】 100

【 Magic Powers 】 100

【 Attack Powers 】 78

【 Defense Powers 】 80

【 Agility 】 75

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box


《Contracted Magic Beast》 Fenrir

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super


For some reason, my skills increased.

There’s Familiar, and below that, there’s Contracted Magic Beast Fenrir.

『Umu, it looks like it is alright』

「Eh? You can see it?」

『Who do you think I am? I am the household member of the Wind Goddess, naturally, I have the Identify skill』

Oh really. I mean, what happens if I make a contract though?

『Yosh, with this, I have become your Contracted Magic Beast. And if so, as my master, you shall take care of your Contracted Magic Beast which is me. You get that?』

“You get that?” you say, eh? Is that true?

Take care you say, taking care of the Contracted Magic Beast(Pet)?

『Well then, I shall expect three meals a day』


The meals you say, you! Don’t tell me you made a contract because you got lured with food?

Is that so?!

『Oi, you there, I have made a familiar’s contract with this guy. Stop trembling like that, I shall not attack you』

Being called out by the Fenrir’s voice, the members of the Iron Will flinched.  

「Uhmm, everyone, this Fenrir(?) can understand human language, and it seems to be okay, so……」

『Ohh, I have forgotten. I have made a contract with you, you, give me a name』

「Eh〜, even if you tell me that so suddenly. n〜, then, how about Pochi?」

『You, are you making a fool of me?』

When I said Pochi, it got a little pissed off.

I mean, I understood that it looks like this guy got lured with food so I started to feel stupid for being scared.

「Hey, don’t get pissed off okay. How about Koro?」

When I said that, the Fenrir got more and more pissed off.

What the heck, this guy’s quite spoiled huh.

「Then, since you’re a Fenrir, how about Fer?」

『Umu, Fer huh, sounds good. I shall use that』

Why is he so bossy.

And just like that, the Fenrir’s name was decided to be Fer.

And while we were like that, the members of Iron Will finally started to move.

And within them, Welner-san who was the first to recover nervously called out to me.


「Ah, Welner-san are you alright?」

「Y-Yeah, I’m fine, but…… T-To think that I would see the legendary magical beast Fenrir with my eyes……」

Eh? Legendary you say, this guy who got lured with food?

「There is a legend that it was seen for about 300 years ago, but something like making a familiar’s contract with “that” Fenrir, I have never heard about that」


『Well, there are only a few of us Fenrirs after all. From what I have heard, there seems to be a Fenrir that taken a familiar’s contract 700 years ago. I have also lived for about 1000 years, but this is the first time that I have been contracted』

H-He〜, you have lived 1000 years huh.

『I can eat such a delicious thing. I shall not have losses serving a human for just several tens of years』

Ahhhhhhh〜, this guy really said it.

He affirmed that he did it just for food.

This guy, he’s called a legendary magical beast, but is he really okay?









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