Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 42

Chapter 42 – Fer vs Orthros



I faintly heard a dog barking.



T-The dog’s barking feels like it’s approaching.

I-Is it coming? Orthros.

「Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof! Woof!」

Pushing its way through the bushes, what appeared in front us was Orthros with black fur and two vicious faces.

Its size was also not lacking compared to Fer.

On top of that, there’s five of them.


Oh no, oh no, oh no, Orthros came.

『It is alright. They are nothing to be afraid of』

N-No, even if you say that, they are five dangerous looking creatures you know.

Especially the one in the middle, both of its heads are drooling and baring their fangs.

nn? A-re? They seem somewhat strange.

The one in the middle is growling and barking and taunted Fer from the beginning, but the other four looks like they’re trying to stop the one in the middle.

『That one in the middle must be the youngster that does not know what fear is』

W-Wait a second.

Fer seems a bit aggressive.

O-Oh Fer-san, are you going to do it?

『You and Sui, go take refuge for a bit』

Y-Yes, of course we will gladly take refuge.

I hurry up and got off Fer’s back and took refuge behind a tree.

I peeked from the back of the tree and saw Fer and the Orthros facing off.

This, isn’t this atmosphere too bad……?

『Are you aware of what it means to bare your fangs towards me? I shall not hold back. If you are prepared for death, then come at me』

After Fer said that, the Orthros in the middle growled「Grrrrrr」.

And, with a strong「woof!」, it plunged towards Fer.

Against that, Fer did not look like he’s going to dodge at all, all that he did was to swing his right paw up and down.


At the same time Fer swung his right paw, a phantom of sharp claws appeared, and cut Orthros apart.

「W-W-W-What the heck was that……?」

Is it a skill?

I’m pretty sure it’s a move mixed with magic powers though.

I remembered Fer’s status.

Come to think of it, there should be Claw Slash……


When Fer said that to the remaining for Orthroses, they ran away like a leaping rabbit.

『Oi, it’s alright now』

Being told by Fer, I cautiously approached Fer while carrying Sui.

At this point, Sui woke up due to the commotion, and worriedly stayed in my arms.

『Fer-ojichan’s strong huh〜』

「Yeah, he’s strong. Fer, was that a skill earlier?」

『That’s right. It’s called Claw Attack (爪斬撃 Souzangeki). By charging magic powers to the claws, it would be released creating slashing attack that tears enemies apart』

That sharpness with one swing, what a brutal skill.

『This is a technique that I created about 600 years ago』

Fer, you don’t have to make such a smug look.

Even so, he made that? Although it’s too late to say this, you’re really such a cheat huh〜.

『Ne〜, ne〜, would Sui be able to do it just like Fer-ojichan?』

「U〜n, Sui doesn’t have claws so it’s a bit impossible. But, Sui also have an amazing skill right? That acid bullet that shoots acid, it’s quite amazing you know〜」

『Really? Sui’s, amazing? Amazing?』

「Un, Sui’s amazing〜. Sui’s the best〜」

I hugged Sui tightly.

Bloodthirst was in the air earlier after all, ahh〜, how soothing.

Well, though I said that, it smells blood over here though.

「Oi, what will we do with this Orthros?」

There’s the dead Orthros that received Fer’s Claw Slash.

Ueeh, this is terrible.

Its insides are coming out from its chest and stomach……

『Orthros? They taste bad and inedible』

Taste bad and inedible? Did Fer try to eat an Orthros like this before?

What a challenger.

Normally, if you see this, you won’t think of eating it.

『If I am correct, its skin and fangs should be treated valuably among humans』

Ohh, is that so.

But, if I showed this, there’d be a commotion without a doubt.

There’s a Chimaera in my item box right……?

I should let this Orthros sleep together with the Chimaera inside my item box eternally.

Un, that should be it.

Peace is for the best after all.




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