Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 40

Chapter 40 – Soft-Boiled Chicken and Egg Bowl and Fer-ojichan



U〜n, what should I make.

The food from the different world that Fer wants, if I use that, Fer would go on a hustle again so no.

I used too much magic powers and I’m a bit fatigued, so maybe something nutritious would be good.

Thinking of nutritious food, the first thing that comes to my mind is the egg that is full of nourishment?

Egg huh, come to think of it, I haven’t eaten it for quite some time.

Egg, egg, egg………….

It could be cooked in a short time, and there’s still the Rock Bird’s meat remaining so I should use that as well.

With that decided, I bought the things needed from the Net Super.

I bought eggs and stock and soy sauce mixture, and since there’s still mirin and sugar, there’s still onions as too……ah, I need to buy the most important, rice.

First, I chopped the onions, and sliced the Rock Bird’s meat into bite size.

And then, I cracked an egg, and beat it.

After that, before putting the frying pan onto the fire, I placed stock and soy sauce mixture, mirin, and sugar for flavor, only then that I put it on fire.

It’s troublesome so I’d always use stock and soy sauce mixture.

It’s so convenient after all.

After that mix started to boil, I added in the onions and Rock Bird meat.

After the onions and Rock Bird meat are cooked, I added in just half of the beaten eggs and started to cook on low fire.

After the egg started to get firm, I added in the remaining beaten eggs and immediately stopped the fire.

After that, I let the egg cook with the remaining heat, and what completed was a bowl of rice of chicken and half cooked eggs.

The only thing left to do is to eat it on top of freshly cooked rice.


When I was about to call Fer and Sui, I found them staring just by my side.


I placed the extra large size chicken and eggs bowl in front of Fer.


He started to wolf down after saying that.

I served Sui a normal sized chicken and eggs bowl and also gave her the eggs’ shell and onion peels.

『Aruji〜, it’s delicious』(TL: Aruji means Master)

Sui told me using telepathy.

「I see, I see, it’s good then」

I patted Sui once and started to eat my own chicken and eggs bowl as well.

Un, it’s cooked quite well.

『Give me seconds』

Oh Fer-san, aren’t you eating too fast?

I mean, didn’t you went out to eat raw meat?

It can’t be helped huh.

I made seconds for Fer.

Sui looked like she wanted to eat some more, so I made Sui seconds as well.

Oh really, our house’s familiars eat very well.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


After leaving a short after-meal break, I started a conversation with Fer with a “come to think of it”.

「Ahh, that’s right, I was thinking of telling Fer. Sui is now able to use Telepathy」

『I know』

『Uhm, you know, I already talked to Fer-ojichan〜』

「Pu……! O-Ojichan…………」(TL: Uncle)

F-Fer-ojichan huh.

Sui is quite bold.

Well, he’s over a thousand years old, so he’s not only just an Oji-chan(Uncle) but an Ojii-chan(Grandfather).

『Mu, don’t laugh. And also, Sui, did I not tell you to stop calling me Ojichan』

『Eh〜, why? Fer-ojichan is Fer-ojichan right?』

『I’m telling you don’t call me that……』

「Bufu! W-Well, isn’t it fine? Sui is only 14 days old after all. Compare to that, you’re really an Ojichan right? Fer-ojichan」

『Gununu, don’t call me like that. I’ll bite you』

「Hahaha, sorry, sorry」

『If I am an Ojichan, then wouldn’t you be an Ojichan as well』

「No, no, no, I’m still 27 you know. I’m not an uncle」

『Aruji is Aruji〜』

「Look, Sui is saying it as well」

『Gunununu. Sui, listen to me, you must call me Fer. Understood?」

Fer said that towards Sui while growling.

『Uu〜, Fer-ojichan, is Fer-ojichan……』

Sui said that and started to wobble.

「What are you doing? Don’t make Sui cry」

I embraced Sui and patted her.

『Uueeee〜n, Aruji〜〜』

I comforted the wobbling Sui.

「Okay now, stop crying okay. Sui is a strong girl after all」

『Unn, Zui iz shtrong you knoww』

Ah〜, it’s alright, it’s alright.

「But even so, how disappointing. Growling with just one nickname, Fer-ojichan has a narrow heart」

I told that sarcastically to Fer, and he made a “Gununu” with a sour face, and looked away.

『My heart is nothing but narrow. I allow only Sui to call me like that』

Ahaha, Fer lost to Sui.

「Sui, he said you can call him Fer-ojichan」

After I said that, Sui started to wobble happily.

『Fer-ojichan, thank you〜』

Sui wobbled and wobbled happily.

Ahh, how cute you are.

Our house’s Sui is so cute〜.




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