Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Heaps of Different World Cooking



Fer suddenly stopped.

「Oi, what happened?」

『Get off』

I’ll get off if you say so, but I think it’s not yet time to eat though.

『We’re going to have actual combat』

Ha? What is it so suddenly?

『You, you became better at Fire Magic when we included actual combat right? This time, do it for Earth Magic』

Do it? What are you deciding it all by yourself?

「Why are you deciding it yourself? I, I won’t do it alright」

『No, you shall do it. If this goes on, who knows when you will be able to learn Earth Magic. Achieve success through actual combat rather than wasting time doing it. Was it not proven by the Fire Magic?』

Damn it〜, I’m doing my best too you know?

The sad part is that there are just no results.

There was that thing about the Fire Magic, so it is not like I do not understand what Fer is saying. But, I just want to refrain getting taken to a goblin’s village so suddenly.

「Leaving aside doing it or not, what are you making me do?」

『It’s that』

I looked at the place where Fer was looking at while he said that. There is an open cave.

「What’s up with a cave?」

『That is not an ordinary cave. It is a dungeon』



Dungeon? That Dungeon?

W-Why is it in the middle of this forest?

『It is a young dungeon that has just been made. Things like this occur from time to time in places where the magic essence are thick』

Magic Essence is just like its name says, the essence of magic powers.

Absorbing that essence and changing it into magic powers is what using magic is.

I feel like I get it, or I get it not.

According to Fer, when there are terrains where magic essence gathers easily or corpses of a high-ranked monster (one with a magic stone), dungeon are sometimes created.

「Dungeon already? You’re saying absurd things again. Dungeon, of course, it’s impossible for me. I won’t enter it, I swear」

『It is not impossible. I investigated what’s inside and found out that there are only monsters like Slime, Horned Rabbit, Goblin, and Kobold. Monsters that aren’t that much』

No, no, no, they are much for me you know?

I mean, you investigated? Did you enter it?

I thought you were late to come back. It looks like you entered the dungeon.

『It is a shallow dungeon with only 5 floors, so even a rookie like you should be fine』

5 floors are shallow? That’s not shallow for me at all.

I mean, I am not entering the dungeon.

『Well then, let’s go』

「Wait, wait, wait! “Let’s go.” your ass. Why are you entering the dungeon like it’s natural? I won’t enter it okay」

『Oh really, why are you such a coward?』

Fer-san, can you please call me careful, not coward?

「I’m just very careful. Entering a dungeon so suddenly, that’s too ridiculous」

『Hmph, it depends on how you say it huh. Even I would have not intervened if you were able to learn magic in your own way. However, with your method, it was dubious whether you’ll even be able to learn Fire Magic』

Guu……that might be true though.

『You got it, right. What I am saying is the right thing. I shall make a barrier for you and Sui, do not worry. Let’s go』

Fer is planning on taking me to the dungeon at all cost huh.

If so……

「Wait a second. If you really want me to enter the dungeon, I need to prepare」

I’ll make you show your prowess here, Net Super-san.

Increase status using the food ingredient of the Net Superーーthe different world’s Strategy.

I don’t want to get injured, and dying is out of the question.

Since I’m entering an unknown world like a dungeon, I need to get stronger even just a little bit.

「I haven’t told Fer, but by eating the different world’s food, you can get stronger」


I explained to Fer that the status value would increase with a time limit when eating the food from the Net Super.

I don’t really understand, but I explained to him that there are differences on which status would go up or how long it would last depending on the kind of the food that was eaten, how it was cooked, or how much was eaten.

「Remember? When I treated you with the different world’s food before. Didn’t Fer say that you have been full of energy? At that time, it was raised so much that I’m the one who’s surprised」

『Hou, it was like that huh』

It looks like Fer also felt that his condition is good when eating the different world’s food.

『That means, you will enter the dungeon after eating food from the different world』

「That’s right」

It would take time if I were to cook, so for the meantime, I bought daily dishes that can be immediately eaten from Net Super.

Deep-Fried Chicken, Croquette, Mince Cutlet, Thick Sliced Pork Loin Cutlet, Yakitori, Sweet and Sour Pork, Deep-Fried Horse Mackerel, Assorted Sea-Food, Marinated Smoked Salmon, Potato Salad, Pizza, Cream Puff, Cake, etc.

Anyways, I bought the ones that I saw.

I don’t know which would raise which status, so it’s better to eat many kinds of food as I can.

But although I said that, I can’t eat all of them, so I’ll eat small portions of all kinds, and let Fer eat the rest.

I feel bad that it’s leftovers, but it’s Fer’s fault that it became like this.

Ah, I should give Sui too.

Leveling up using the different world garbage as well as the raising of her status.

Also, I should buy drinks as well, yosh, this should be enough.

I lined up the daily dishes that I bought from Net Super.

It’s heaps of different world food.

「I don’t know which of them would raise which status, so I need to eat as much as I can. But, I also have a limit. I’m going to eat small portions, so can Fer and Sui eat the rest? I’m sorry that it’s my leftovers, but it’s to enter the dungeon after all」

『Alright, got it』

Fer-san, you’re drooling you know.

Sui shouldn’t wobble at high speed too.

Well then, let’s eat.

I took a bite and gave Fer the rest.

The containers where the dishes are in is given to Sui.

「Ahh, I forgot to say this, but it looks like eating food other than the food ingredients of the different world would result to a level up. Things like this, and also this」

I explained to Fer while pointing at the containers where the food is placed in.

『Mu, is that so. If it’s like that, Sui can level up as long as she wants huh. Things from the different world are sure mysterious』

「Mysterious? It wasn’t like that too when I was in my previous world. It became like this after I came here, so I think mysteriously of it too」

Honestly, I also want to find out why in the world it is like that.

Well, I encountered a bizarre and mysterious phenomenon like being teleported to a different world, so it’s probably a world where anything can happen.

I continued to eat.

While making Sui level up by letting her eat the containers, I also let her eat food that would increase her status although with a time limit.

Fer also wolfed down my leftovers.

「Fu〜, I ate a lot〜. For finish, it’s dessert」

Lastly, I took a bite off the Cream Puff and Cake.

What remained were deliciously eaten by Fer and Sui.

「Uppu, I’m so full」

Let me see, how much did my status go up?


【 Name 】 Mukouda (Tsuyoshi・Mukouda)

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 3

【 Stamina 】 110(+24)

【 Magic Powers 】 110(+23)

【 Attack Powers 】 83(+19)

【 Defense Powers 】 82(+17)

【 Agility 】 78(+16)

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box   Fire Magic


《Contracted Magic Beasts》 Fenrir   Baby Slime

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super


E〜to, it increased by about 20% huh.

I hoped it increased just a little bit more, but I can’t be asking for too much.

I wonder, what about Fer and Sui?

I identified the two, and found out that Fer’s status increased by about 30%, and Sui became level 16 and her status increased by 20% just like me.

『As you have told, the status really went up』

It looks like Fer identified as well.

『There should be no problems going to the dungeon with this. Let’s go』

It’s not like there’s no problem, I mean, there’s a huge one, but even if I tell Fer that I won’t enter this dungeon, he’d probably drag me into it.

I took out a short sword from my item box.

I should resolve myself and enter.

「Ah, Fer, make the barrier properly alright?」

You must not call me a coward.

My motto is safety first.




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I keep using “her” or “she” for Sui, but it is not yet told whether she is a female. I just use “she” or “her” rather than calling her “it” every time.

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