Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 34

Chapter 34 – Sui and Different World Garbage



I searched for Slimes to verify Sui’s level up, but I suddenly thought.

If it is about whether she would level up with food ingredients or not, shouldn’t I be able to find it out if I let her eat normal food?

No, well, I have only let her eat garbage from the different world, so I missed something as simple as that.

I’m so stupid.

Thinking about it carefully, Sui would eat dorayakis normally.

She’s an omnivore that would eat anything, so it’s natural.

It would have been great if I noticed it at that time, but it was too normal that I let it pass.

And so, for the sake of Sui’s verification, I decided to make Sui’s share in today’s meal.

I kept the different world garbage that I let her eat usually, and should make her eat it tomorrow.

First, I identified Sui before she eats the food ingredients.


【 Name 】 Sui

【 Age 】 8 Days

【 Race 】 Baby Slime

【 Level 】 10

【 Stamina 】 28

【 Magic Powers 】 27

【 Attack Powers 】 25

【 Defense Powers 】 28

【 Agility 】 27

【 Skill 】 —–


Sui? Aren’t you already level ten?

Her status is still weak, but you’re too quick on leveling up.

It’s what happens after eating right?

I look forward to after eating.


Today, I’m thinking of cooking something that fits well with rice that I made beforehand.

What I’m going to make is a Miso-Grilled Pork Rice Bowl.

I prepared the orc meat yesterday.

I portioned the orc meat into thick slices and poked it with a fork so that the taste would permeate properly.

After making a miso sauce out of miso, sake, mirin, and sugar, I placed the orc meat into a plastic bag with zipper, added the miso sauce, and set it aside until the flavor permeates.

By the way, depending on your taste, adding grated garlic or grated ginger would be delicious too.

I placed it in my item box, so its time did not pass, but I have set it aside for two hours before putting it in my item box, so I think that its flavor has soaked in properly.

I should cook rice before I start grilling the meat.

I cooked using the usual pot.

And, this is important.

The cabbage to lay under the meat.

When you put that, the thick miso taste would finish with a refreshing taste.

I shredded the cabbage.

I should leave having some thick ones as amusement.

I cooked the main orc meat using the frying pan.

Be careful because miso is easy to burn.

After the rice is cooked, I served it with a bowl, then add the shredded cabbage on top.

And it is complete after adding the Miso-Grilled Orc Meat that was cut into easy to eat pieces.

For Fer, I prepared not a bowl but a deep dish.

「Fer, Sui, it’s time to eat」

『Ohh, this smells very appetizing』

Smells appetizing? Isn’t Fer always full of appetite?

Just as usual, Fer wolfed down the food.

「Sui can also eat this today okay. However, don’t eat the container」

When I said that, Sui enveloped the bowl after shaking a reply.

Well then, I also started to eat.

Orc meat is delicious as usual.

Why is that thing this delicious? Really, this different world is mysterious.

The miso flavor has soaked in well too, so it’s delicious.

Eating the meat together with cabbage and rice is the best.

『Give me seconds. Make me more meat』

Okay okay, oh hey, it’s meat after all huh.

I made Fer’s second Miso-Grilled Pork Rice Bowl (extra meat) and gave it to him.

Sui also seemed like she wants to eat a little more, so I made Sui seconds as well.

It looks like the Miso-Grilled Pork was well received by Fer and Sui.

Adding grated garlic or grated ginger in the miso sauce, or using honey instead of sugar, or adding salt-marinated rice malt would be delicious, so I should also make it next time.

I portioned the orc meat into thick slices this time, but it might also be delicious, trying it with thin slices.

Yosh, I should prepare miso sauce again.

Well then, I wonder what happened to before and after with Sui’s status?

I identified Sui who was wobbling in satisfaction.


【 Name 】 Sui

【 Age 】 8 Days

【 Race 】 Baby Slime

【 Level 】 10

【 Stamina 】 28 (+1)

【 Magic Powers 】 27

【 Attack Powers 】 25

【 Defense Powers 】 28 (+1)  

【 Agility 】 27

【 Skill 】 —–


Oh! There’s a bonus.

That means, the status would be raised with a time limit with the food ingredients, and would level up with things other than food ingredients.

But, this, who are gaining something from it?

In the first place, isn’t there only Slimes which can digest things other than food?

It means, Slimes gained?

Only Slimes can level up all they want? What the heck is that?

It’s really an incomprehensible arrangement.

In the first place, since it’s something from a different world, it might have just become like that after appearing in this world, without things like arrangements or something like that.

Well, anyway, this means that only Sui could level up so easily.

She is still weak right now, but it would be great if she eats a lot of different world garbage, and level up continuously right?

And I hope that she would contribute to my safety together with Fer.

Safety first, that’s important.




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