Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 33

Chapter 33 – The Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessing (Small)




When I crawled out of the futon, Sui also woke up with me.

Sui is sleeping with me on the futon.

Did she like it when she entered the futon on the first day? Sui would immediately follow me after I entered the futon.

Fer who would usually wake up at the same time as I do was already awake.

n? He seems a little different from usual.

「Oi, do you have an upset stomach or something?」

『I do not have such thing as an upset stomach. If the first place, it is impossible for me to get sick. Oh really, that does not matter. I have an important thing to talk about with you』

Fer said that with an earnest, or rather a serious voice, so I also fixed my posture.

『Last night, the Wind Goddess Ninril-sama has given me an oracle』

Ha? Is there something like that, when you have a god’s blessing?

According to Fer, it seems that those things happen from time to time when you have a god’s blessing.

In Fer’s case, he said that Ninril-sama would appear in his dreams when he is sleeping.

『About Ninril-sama’s oracle, it has something to do with you』

Hoe? Me?

『With Ninril-sama’s generous consideration, it was that you shall be given a blessing if you wish so. However, you must offer and pray at the altar with the other world’s sweets once a week』

…………why the other world’s sweets?

Don’t tell me, the Goddess saw us eating sweet breads or dorayakis in our journey that she started wanting to eat it?

No, no, there’s no way huh.

『At this occasion, it is Ninril-sama’s mercy after reading your thoughts of wishing for a god’s blessing, however, she cannot give the same blessing that I have. Regardless of that, if it is God’s Blessing (small), it is possible to grant you if you offer the other world’s sweets in the altar once a week』

……this, don’t tell me she really just wants to eat sweets?

Goddess-sama, what in the world are you doing?

『Although it is God’s Blessing (small), the status ailment nullification will work as long as it is not things that have instant death effects, or very powerful curses, and it would make your magic activation better as well』

He, is that so?

Even if it doesn’t work on instant death effects or powerful curses, having status ailment nullification and better magic activation? Isn’t that great?

I’ll say this although I’m the one who would receive the blessings, but is it really alright to give blessings for just something like that?

『This is Ninril-sama’s mercy. Receive it with gratitude』


If I would receive a God’s Blessing (small), I’ll offer sweets or whatever.

Receiving a status ailment nullification and better magic activation, all that I can say is that I’m very thankful.

「Of course, I will pray with offerings if I would receive a God’s Blessing. But, offering it on an altar? I don’t have an altar, how would I do that?」

After all, we’re in the middle of our journey you know?

I need to give prayers and offerings once a week, but it’s not like there would always be a temple nearby.

『It does not matter what kind of altar it is. You could even go as far to make an altar out of the stones lying around. The most important thing is to pray with feelings. Close your eyes and pray with feelings of gratitude towards Ninril-sama. If so, your prayers shall reach Ninril-sama』

Hou, hou, I see.

Well then, I should immediately pray to Ninril-sama with offerings.

E〜to, what should I use as an altar……

Ah, a cardboard box should be enough.

There’s a lot of it inside my item box too.

I placed the cardboard box upside down, and use it as an altar.

『There is something that I forgot to say. Ninril-sama wishes the first offerings to be Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun』

Goddess-sama, to make requests using an oracle……she’s not so simple.

Goddess-sama, you were looking at us from the time when we ate sweet breads?

Women really loves sweets after all〜.

After all, the women in the company I was in declared that there’s always room for desert. (Looks far away)

Most probably, she thought of what she must do when we were eating sweet breads but held back, but finally couldn’t endure it when we ate dorayaki yesterday.

I bought Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun, also coffee milk on the sides from the Net Super.

I made an offering of Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun together with coffee milk to the cardboard box altar.

Rather than offerings to a god, it’s like a tribute.

After that, I closed my eyes, put my hands together, and prayed.



「Wind Goddess Ninril-sama, I have prepared the offerings you wish. Please take this coffee milk that goes with them very well too. Please give me your blessings. Thank you very much」

When I opened my eyes, the Bean Jam Bun, Jam Bun, and Cream-filled Bun together with the coffee milk had disappeared from the cardboard box altar.

Owwa! It disappeared.

I don’t know how it works for a different world’s gods, but it looks like she received it.

Would I have a God’s Blessings with this?

When I checked my status……


【 Blessings 】 Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessing (small)


The Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessing (small) has been added to the last part.

God’s blessing, thank God.

Ninril-sama, thank you.

I will give an offering of dorayakis later.

God’s Blessing (small), I got it!



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