Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – When I noticed it, my familiars increased


「Stone Bullet!」

One small stone bullet flew as far as 20 meters and fell after decelerating.

…………how disappointing.

Right now, I am practicing Earth Magic, but it is not going well.

I am now able to release the Fire Magic’s Fire Ball decently, so I tried a different magic.

The「Water Ball」that I thought when it comes to Water Magic did not have any reaction even though I chanted it.

And the「Wind Cutter」that I thought when it comes to Wind Magic did not react at all too.

And so, lastly,  the「Stone Bullet」that I thought when it comes to Earth Magic, it only created a tiny stone that can even be described as sand when I chanted it.

When I got happy having an aptitude with Earth Magic, Fer who was looking at what I was doing scoffed at me.

“Damn it”, I thought, so I did my best to practice Earth Magic recently, but it wasn’t going well too.

I don’t know why though.

I think that I’m revolving my magic powers around my body quite well too.

I shot a Fire Ball to test it, and it went well.

Why doesn’t it go well with Stone Bullet……?

It activated although it’s shabby, so maybe I can only practice repeatedly.

『You learn very slow』

Gununu, don’t think that everyone’s a cheat like you.

『How about training with actual combat again? Your Fire Magic became better with that before too right?』

I remembered the horde of goblins with those words from Fer.

That’s a nightmare, a nightmare I say, *Bururu*.

「Don’t joke around. Who’d want to experience something like that again」

It is true that I became better when it comes to Fire Ball, but the fear when I was left alone in the middle of the goblins was terrible.

『However, you are not able to use Earth Magic properly at all』

Haa, that’s why I hate geniuses.

No one would have a hard time if they were able to do everything so quickly.

Ordinary people like me can only practice continuously.




◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇





When I was about to prepare Fer’s and my bed after eating dinner, it was suddenly there on around my feet.


A bubbly transparent creature that is the size of a soccer ball was moving slowly.

「……isn’t this, a slime?」

『I guess so』

「Eh, Fer, didn’t you make a barrier?」

『Of course I did. It might already be inside when I made the barrier』

「Isn’t there no meaning for the barrier if there are monsters although you made it?」

『Hmph! Is there a reason to be scared a diminutive creature that cannot even be described as a small fry? You are really faint-hearted』

Yeah yeah, I’m a coward okay.

Even so, is slime not that dangerous since it’s a diminutive creature that can’t even be a small fry?

「Does slimes not attack?」

『There might be some that attack from their higher level races, but that level of slime can only be predated. And from its size, it is probably a slime that was just born』

I see, Slimes is almost always treated as mob monsters, but it looks like it is the same in this world.

It won’t attack huh.

I got interested and poked the slime around my feet.


It is slightly cold, and the wake it shakes is like jelly.

It looked very interesting, and when I continued to poke it, the Slime timidly poked back to my finger.

It’s somewhat, cute.

Even so, what a friendly Slime this is.

「Hey Fer, are slimes usually this friendly?」

『Did I not say that that is a slime that was just born. Usually, it would hide and run away whenever it sees people or monsters other than their same race』

I see.

A slime that was just born huh, I wonder how it’s status is?

I identified the friendly slime around my feet.



【 Name 】 —–

【 Age 】 3 Days

【Race】 Baby Slime

【 Leve l】 1

【 Stamina 】 2

【 Magic Powers 】 1

【 Attack Powers 】 1

【 Defense Powers 】 2

【 Agility 】 2

【 Skill 】 —–



…………so weak!

3 days of age? It looks like it was really just born.

Its race is Baby Slime too.

I’m sure, it is going to grow bigger and bigger and evolve to a Slime from a Baby Slime.

But, the Baby Slime right now looks so weak that it might get killed by other monsters immediately.

It’s this friendly and cute too……

I should at least feed it.

Slimes are written like they eat whatever or anything, but is it really so?

「Hey, do you know what slimes eat?」

『They can eat pebbles around there』

They also eat pebbles huh, they’re really omnivorous that eats anything huh.

If so, is that okay too?

I thought of that, and took out the things that I stored inside my item box.

The trash from the things that I bought from the Net Super.

The cardboard boxes can be used to lay my futon and Fer’s futon, but the trash other than that……

I have a lot of the plastic bags where the vegetables are placed in, the instant soup’s boxes, the bottles where spices are in, empty cans, plastic bottles, and etc.  

I placed an empty can in front of the slime for testing and it poked the empty can like「Is it okay?」, and placed it inside its body.

The empty can that was taken in inside the slime’s transparent body was quickly digested.

「Ohh, that’s amazing!」

The slime twined around its tentacles to my feet as if to ask for more.

「More? Wait a second」

I quickly placed the trash that piled up in front of the slime.

The slime placed all of those inside its body and quickly digested it.

「Ohh, we’re empty. The piled up trash disappeared without a trace」

The slime ate all of the different world’s trash that piled up.

Honestly speaking, I’m troubled on how to take care of the different world’s trash.

It is not like I can throw it away carelessly, so I have kept all of it inside my item box up until now.

So thinking of that, this slime did a great job.

「You, you’re amazing huh」

When I said that, the slime jumped like a super ball.

「n? Do you understand what I’m saying?」

The slime that jumped around jumped into my chest.


I hugged the slime while supporting it with my arm and the slime shook with satisfaction.

「You, you’re really friendly although you’re a slime」

I patted the slime while saying that.

『Oi, that one, it became your familiar』


『I said that that slime became your familiar』

「Eh? We didn’t make a familiars contract though?」

『The contract is made if that slime thought that it is fine becoming your familiar and you accepted it』

「He? I-I didn’t accept that though?」

『Whatever you say, the contract has already been made. Check your status』

Fer said that so when I checked my status……



【 Name 】 Mukouda (Tsuyoshi・Mukouda)

【 Age 】 27

【 Job 】 A person from a different world who got caught

【 Level 】 3

【 Stamina 】 110

【 Magic Powers 】 110

【 Attack Powers 】 83

【 Defense Powers 】 82

【 Agility 】 78

【 Skill 】 Identify   Item Box   Fire Magic


《Contracted Magic Beasts》 Fenrir   Baby Slime

【 Unique Skill 】 Net Super




There’s suddenly Baby Slime in my contracted magic beasts!




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