Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – I ate fish after a long time


Well then, it’s fish after a long time.

How should I cook it?

I should roast this Violet Trout as a whole with salt, fillet this King Trout, u〜n, maybe foil grilling or meunière is good too.

If it’s like that, there’s no more butter and I need to buy wheat flour.

After that, I should also buy mushrooms for the foil grill.

I opened the Net Super, and bought butter, wheat flour, mushrooms, and the seasonings that I usually use as well.

After that, I shouldn’t forget the aluminum foil that is going to be used for foil grilling.

Other than that, oh, this might be good occasionally.

I bought the needed ingredients and started cooking.

I’m going to roast the Violet Trout as a whole with salt so, if it’s like that, it’s more delicious when cooked directly on the fire so I should start from collecting firewood.

We are in a forest so the firewood was quickly gathered.

I ignited that.

Of course, I made the fire using magic.

I am practicing it too, so I’ve become better at Fire Magic.

With this, the preparation for cooking it is finished.

First, I removed the insides of the Violet Fish.

There’s also people who say that the bitterness of the organs tastes good, but I don’t like it that much so I’m in the group that removes the insides.

After removing that, I stabbed the Violet Fish with a decent length branch that I picked up when I collected firewood earlier and sprinkled salt.

And, I placed the branch around the bonfire and started cooking it.

While that cooks, it’s the King Trout’s turn.

First, I will fillet it.

O〜to, there’s too much meat on the backbone part.

Well, as long as the back bone’s removed it’s good although the shape is a little weird.

First is foil grilling.

After spreading butter on the aluminum foil and added onions, I placed the sliced King Trout there and lightly sprinkled salt and pepper.

On top of that, I placed Shimeji and Enokitake and lightly sprinkled it with wine, added butter and closed the aluminum foil.

And I started baking it at the edge of the fire.

Next is meunière.

I sprinkled salt and pepper on the slice of King Trout and wipe out the moisture after a while.

After doing that, I thinly put the flour and cooked both sides in a frying pan.

Oh, it looks like the Violet Trout is cooked, the foil grill also started swelling, so it is baked very well.

I removed the Violet Fish that had a brown color from the branches and lined them up after that.

The foil grill’s foil expanded, so it’s complete after adding ponzu vinegar.

I put ponzu vinegar because I feel like it today.

By the way, adding soy sauce before closing the foil, butter-soy sauce is delicious too, and just adding salt and pepper tastes good as well.

I lined up the cooked meunière on the place, and it is complete after adding the tartar sauce that I bought from the Net Super.

The usual butter and soy sauce meunière is good too, but since I used butter in the foil grill, I added tartar sauce.

「Fer, it’s ready〜」

I called out, and Fer came flying.

He bites into the grilled Violet Trout.

『Umu, umu, the fish after a long time is delicious』

Thank goodness then.

Well then, I should eat too.

The companion is this, I saw it in the Net Super, so I started wanting to drink it after a long time, a canned beer.

It’s not like I really love alcohol, but you’d want to drink it sometimes right.

The grilled Violet Trout’s skin is crisp and delicious.

The foil grill as well, the King Trout and mushrooms tastes great and really fits well together with the ponzu vinegar.

About the meunière, the protein-rich King Trout really tastes great with the tartar sauce.

Although I made it myself, it is really well made.

It’s good with beer too.

*Kubiri*, beerrr so good.

The fish after a long time tastes good too.

『There’s nothing left, give me seconds. This one enveloped by silver color and white one is good. This white one has a strange taste but it is good』

Ah〜, yes yes.

Foil grilled and meunière right.

Fer liked the tartar sauce huh.

Tartar sauceーーit’s delicious after all.

I cooked additional foil grill and meunière while drinking beer.

I made both butter and soy sauce, and salt and pepper for the foil grill, and since Fer liked the tartar sauce, I made the meunière just the same.

I continued to cooked “seconds”.

『Fuu, the fish after a long time was good』

Since Fer likes meat the best but looks like he’s okay with fish too, I should cook fish from now on too.

Fortunately, we got many fishes today.

There’s a big one too.

I should ask to dismantle that the next time I visit the adventurer’s guild.








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