Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – I got the fish〜!



After that, I returned to the inn unsteadily.

I didn’t think that I would encounter a ripoff.

Though there’s Fer too so, I have avoided towns, and it’s also my fault for not visiting the adventurer’s guild and merchant’s guild.

And when if comes to adventurers, the Iron Will that accepted my bodyguard request from before gave me a strong impression so I didn’t imagine that I would be tricked.

I have a strong impression that in this world, royalties or nobles, guys in the upper class are doing what they want using their authority, but if you think about it, there are also good guys and bad guys in merchants and adventurers.

There are also good guys and bad guys in my previous world so it is natural.

Anyways, it’s that, let’s leave this town.

And hurry up to the Erman Kingdom or the Leonhart Kingdom.

Although the way I got it is pretty much ‘that’, I was able to get a map after all.

Un, that’s a good idea.

After taking breakfast with Fer, I quickly prepared to leave the town.

「Well, let’s go then」

『Is it fine already?』

「Yeah, let’s hurry up and go」




After leaving the town of Rautel, we casually moved through the road.

「Fer, after this, I’m thinking of going to the Erman Kingdom or the Leonhart Kingdom」

『I would not know it even if you tell me the name of the country. What direction is it?』

「Both the Erman Kingdom and the Leonhart Kingdom is to the east. It’s the country that is facing the east sea」

『Ohh, the east sea huh. There are Sea Serpents and Krakens there. Those are really delicious』

…………a-an ominous name.

Sea Serpent sounds like a dragon living in a sea, and Kraken is a giant squid right.

I think, they’re both boss class characters though.

No, no, no, I didn’t hear anything, yes, un.

I mean, Fer also likes seafood huh.

『Of course I like meat the best but, I also eat fish sometimes』

Is that so.

If you think about it, he’s eating sweet breads and says their delicious, so he probably eats anything.

『Fumu, talking about fish, I started wanting to eat some. It will be a shortcut to the east if we break through the forest, and there is also a lake along the way. Oi, let’s go』

Eh, that’s already decided?

「O-Oi, is it alright breaking through the forest? Think about it, there’s monsters and dangerous guys right?」

『Hmph, who do you think am I? Those worries are unneeded』

Ah, is that so.

But, Fer might be strong, but I’m not like that, so.

『I will make a barrier for such puny thing like you, do not worry』


No, well, that might be true, no, it is a fact, but I’ll feel down if you say it so frankly.

『Hurry up and climb my back』

Alright, alright.

When I climbed Fer’s back,『Let’s go』, Fer said and started running inside the forest.

「S-So fast, so fast, so fast!! Go more slowlyyyyyy!!!」

I shouted while clinging to Fer’s back who ran like flying.

『Hold tightly so you would not be shaken off. We will go to the lake at this speed』

The victory of appetite.

Damn it! The explosion of the gluttonous character here!



My shout echoed throughout the forest.




◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇




Thanks to Fer’s absurdity, we immediately reached the lake.

Haa, haa, haa, I thought I’d die.

He ran at such speed inside the forest you know, just thinking about it……*BuruBuru*.

All I could do was to desperately cling onto Fer.

When I am lying on the ground with my limbs stretched out, thinking “a stable ground gives such a feeling reassurance huh”, Fer’s face showed right above my head.

『Oi, let’s eat fish』

…………oh dear Fer, can you please let me rest for a while.

Really, Fer’s appetite doesn’t know where to stop.

But, eat fish? How are you going to catch one?

There’s no fishing rod too. Don’t tell me you’re going to enter the lake?

『This is the best way to catch fishes』

After Fer said that……


An electric shock ran to the lake surface.

And then, *Bukka*ーーthe fishes started to float one next to the other.

The lake’s surface immediately became full of fishes.

…………Fer-san, that’s too much.

It’s probably Lightning Magic, but what are you going to do with this many fishes?

『I shall bring them to the shore using Wind Magic, so take what you like』

「Take what I want? This, aren’t all of them dead?」

『I sent them an electric shock so they are only in an almost death-like state, they will revive later』

Ahh, it was like that huh.

Though it’s a disaster for the fishes-san.

Well then, let’s go get some fish.

Oh, there are many violet colored fishes.

When I used Identify, Violet Trout came out.

Its size is about 30cm so it might taste good grilling with salt.

I placed the Violet Trouts inside my item box.

Well, I do not feel like taking all of those that are floating on the lake’s surface, but taking many of them is fine since we’ll be eating them later.

I’m also eating meat all the time recently and I want to eat fish too, so it’s not bad placing them in my item box since I’ll be able to eat fish anytime.

Oh, what’s this pretty big one?

It’s a silver fish around 80cm size, and King Trout came out when I used Identify.

If it’s this big, even I would be able to fillet it.

I should get lots of these.

Oi, what the heck is that?

Within the Violet Trouts and King Trouts, a huge fish about 3 meters long was floating.

『Ohh, isn’t that a Lake Shark. How rare』

When I asked him about it, it looks like even Fer who have lived for a very long time have only seen it a few times.

Although it seems like its meat is not suitable for eating.

Well, although its meat can’t be eaten, it’s a monster that big, and since it’s a monster that even Fer describes it as rare, it should probably be sold.

For the meantime, I placed it inside my item box.

『Get some of this too. It tingles the tip of my tongue and delicious』

Fer said that and brought a fish to the water in front of me using Wind Magic.

Uwwa! What the heck.

It’s a 50cm fish that has shocking pink and blue stripes.

It looks like something that absolutely has poison……

Anyways, I used Identify and found out that its name is Poison Lake Fish.

That’s no good.

I mean, this clearly has poison but, is Fer alright eating this?

「Fer, you ate this fish right?」

『Yeah, I have eaten it many times. It tingles my tongue and it is delicious』

「I think that thing that tingles your tongue is poison. This fish, it looks like it’s called Poison Lake Fish. Does Fer not use Identify before eating?」

『Something like using Identify before eating, I do not do such a troublesome thing. Having blessings of a God, poison does not work on me』

Ah〜, god’s blessings huh.

Nullifying all kinds of status ailments right, that really sounds good〜.

How envious.

「It might not have an effect on Fer who has god’s blessings, but it’s poison for me after all. I won’t take something like this. Also, even if you don’t eat something like this, aren’t I making you food properly」

『Mu, that’s true, but this in its way……』

「A fish that has poison, there’s no way that I’ll keep that together with other food ingredients. I’ll make you a good meal using the Violet Trout and King Trout that I took right now so be satisfied with that」

『Mumumu, it can’t be helped』









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