Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Coming to light of Fer being able to use Telepathy



「Hey, Fer, were traveling without deciding a specific destination but, do you have a place you want to go to?」

For me, after leaving that stinking Leysehel Kingdom, traveling for a while then going to a country that is a far away from that kingdom is enough.

『If so, how about going to the west? There are many delicious monsters in the deep forest in the west』

「West? What country is that called in the west?」

『Nu, I do not know』

Not know you say……

「It’s important what the country’s name and what kind of country it is you know. It’s dangerous if wars starts or something」

『Mu, I do not know the name of the country. Whether humans fight each other or not, it has nothing to do with me. After all, humans starts fight here and there』

Not knowing the country’s name huh, it was my mistake asking Fer.

Well, if you’re as strong as Fer, you’d be uninjured even if you charge in the middle of wars, and there might be no need to know the state affairs or names of the countries.

But, in my case, I can’t be like that.

Since he’s saying that people fight here and there means that wars between countries never end in this world.

People were saying that, that Leysehel Kingdom would be on a war with Malbare Kingdom after all.

As I’ve thought, as long as I am in a journey, there is a need to know about the countries in this world and their state affairs for once.

If so, what I am going to need is a map.

Up until now, we have been bypassing villages along the way, not entering them because there’s the thing about Fer as well.

But, I want a map so we should enter the next one.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


『There is a village ahead』

Fer told me that he could detect presences and he could distinguish places where people and monsters are.

『Are we bypassing again?』

「No, let’s enter this time. I want a map」

When the entrance of the village was in sight, the gate guard-like person shouted「Stop!」and pointed his spear towards us.

「I’m an adventurer named Mukouda. This is my familiar!」

When I shouted to the gate guard, he said「Prove it!」, so I replied「Just look at my guild card」

I would rather like to show the guild card from the merchant’s guild, but since Fer is with me, I could only show the adventurer’s guild’s guild card that could prove that he’s my familiar (other than the name and rank, the familiar would also be written there).

To my reply, one of the two gate guards nervously approached.

「This is my guild card」

「U-Umu, it looks like it is really your familiar. I-I-Is that, a-a Great Wolf?」

The gate guard seems to have mistaken him as a Great Wolf, so thinking that it would be better than saying he’s a Fenrir, I didn’t refuse and said「Yes」.


Fer was about to talk so I made him shut up.

He’s so afraid of him being just a the Great Wolf, I don’t know what would happen to this gate guard if he finds out he’s a Fenrir.

Also, there are many villagers who were looking from afar.

『I am not a Great Wolf』

Suddenly, Fer’s voice echoed in my head.


「n, what is it」

「N-No, no, it’s nothing, yes……

「I see. Even so, to make a familiar of an A-Rank Great Wolf, you, you’re an amazing adventurer huh」

I vaguely smiled to those words of the gate guard.

『I said that I am not a Great Wolf』

Fer’s voice echoed again in my head, and I stared intently at Fer.

『Nu, this huh? This is telepathy. Those who are bound by familiar’s contract can send telepathize with each other』

He〜, this is the first time I heard about it though.

『Umu, this is also the first time for me to have a familiar’s contract so I have completely forgotten about it』

Fer-san, it’s bad if you forgot such important things right.

But, since he said that those who are bound by familiar’s contract could telepathize with each other, does that mean I can also talk to Fer via telepathy?

『Ah〜, ah〜, ah〜, Fer, can you hear me?』

『Umu, I can hear you』

『The reason I said that you’re a Great Wolf, it is because it’s better if it’s like that. Just think of it, they’re that frightened just hearing that you’re a Great Wolf. If they find out that you’re the legendary magical beast Fenrir, what do you think would happen?』

『Mumumu, but……』

『No buts. It’s far better than having unneeded troubles right. From now on, we’re going to say that Fer’s a Great Wolf every time we enter human villages or towns』

『Nu, why?』

『If they find out that you’re a Fenrir, the country or nobles would move you know. If that happens, wouldn’t it be troublesome』

『That might be true, but is it not enough if I annihilate all of those countries or nobles or whatever that comes』

Annihilate all those comes, he said……I thought of this before but, Fer’s a muscle head huh.

『Annihilate them you say, if you do that to all of those that come, we’ll lose all the places we could stay in. Also, if you always do things like that, the human countries would unite and say something like「Destroy all Fenrirー! Death to all Fenrirー!」you know. That is going to be troublesome itself right』

『Gu! That is really possible』

『I know right? That’s why to make things more easier, let’s just say that you’re a Great Wolf』

『If you really insist, then it cannot be helped』

『Ah, also, when we’re inside the human villages or towns, let’s normally talk using telepathy. They’ll find out that Fer’s a Fenrir if you started talking after all』

『Mu, yes I got it』

After we finished talking using telepathy, we were safely allowed to enter the village, but…….

The looks of the villagers are painful.

In the end, even the village chief came out.

「Welcome to the village of Reiden. It seems like you are an adventurer but, for what reason have you come in such a place?」

「Actually, I wanted a map, so I went by to this village……」

「Such expensive thing like a map does not exist in a small village like ours. If it exists, it would be in the town of Rautel four days away from this village. There’s a bookstore there, and a public library as well」

It seems like in this world, paper is not only valuable but all of the books are hand written so they are expensive. He said that maps are also written on paper and of course, written by hand, so although it might be sold in a bookstore, it would be with a high price.

Such expensive things are only sold in decent sized towns, but the town of Rautel is the next largest town to the royal capital so there should be many things there, he said.

I finished asking what I want to ask from the village chief-san so we immediately left the village.

The villagers seem to be unable to calm down with a huge magical beast like Fer around, so I really felt from the village chief-san his wish for us to hurry up and leave.

A village that’s unkind to unfamiliar ones huh〜.

Well, the next destination is decided so I don’t mind though.

The town of Rautel seems to be four days from the Reiden Village just following the road.

「Well then, let’s go to the town of Rautel. But, four days huh〜, I want to have a map soon」

『n? If you want to hurry up, would you like to ride on my back?』

「I’ll be thankful if you can carry me, but, don’t go with the speed just like before okay」

『With that speed, we could arrive there with just one day you know. Or is it that, do you want to arrive more quickly?』

「No, no, no, I almost fell down at that speed, I’ll die with more than that. The pace of having two days in a four-day distance is good. Please don’t go at such speed okay」

『It feels a little slow, but I will follow what you say』

And just like that, we went to our destination, the town of Rautel.









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