Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – Fer-san Musou



Fuwaahh〜, I slept very well.

As I’ve thought, it’s different with having beddings.

「Uwwaa! What the heck’s this」

Beside me was three mountains of monster corpses.


Oh Fer-san, even if you say that you’re full of energy, isn’t this too much?

And Fer himself is sleeping peacefully on the other side of the mountain of monsters.

I looked at the three mountains of monsters that were made, and thought of what should I do.

Maybe I could only place them in my item box for the meantime.

After using it many times, I found out that time almost doesn’t pass inside my item box.

After all, the leafy vegetables that I bought from the Net Super more than a week ago are still not wilting, and other vegetables are still looking fresh.

Since there is too many of them, I could only place them in my item box, and slowly sell them in the adventurer’s guild.

There’s also the way of me learning how to dismantle them, but I’m not good at grotesque images, and I don’t have the confidence to learn it as well.

I should think more about that later on.

Even so, how many are there really?

I used Identify on the mountain of monsters.

Giant Dodo and Giant Deer, these ones were the same with what Fer caught a while ago.

Both of them have larger bodies than before.

And also, there are 3 Rock Birds.

Rock Bird tastes good like chicken, so having plenty of them might be good too.

There is also a Black Serpent that was sold at a high price in the adventurer’s guild.

The same with the Murder Grizzly that was sold highly as well.

Both of them were larger than the ones before, so it’s somewhat scary how much they would be sold for.

After that, there’s a Red Serpent.

It’s only a huge snake that is like the Black Serpent that has a reddish color.

n? Comparing the size of their head, the Red Serpent is larger than the Black Serpent, so the Red Serpent might be bigger in a whole.

Also, hmm, let me see, 5 Orc Generals and an Orc King.

…………a-re? Isn’t Orc King, the King of an orc horde?

Since that Orc King is here, what happened to that horde of orcs?

Oh Fer-san, what have you been doing?

And just when I was thinking of that, Fer woke up.

『Mu, what?』

Fer asked what when I was staring at him who had just woke up, so I asked「what the heck is this?」while pointing at the mountain of monsters, and Fer answered very naturally『of course I brought them here after hunting』.

「No, no, no, I get that though, but isn’t this a little too much?」

『Mu, I was so energized that I moved like flying, so……and hunting without getting tired at all was very fun』

Haa〜, is that so?

「There’s an Orc King here but what happened to the other Orcs?」

『I had run into an orc village, and they attacked me after noticing me. Of course, I had served all of them a bloodfest, but I only brought back the Orc Generals and the Orc King. Stronger monsters are tastier after all』

…………bloodfest? You, what were you really doing?

「By the way, how many orcs were there?」

『There might have been about 150 in there』

O-One, hundred, fifty……

I thought I knew about how ridiculously strong Fer was, but it’s even terrible adding the power of the food bought from the Net Super.

On top of that, it’s not like he had only gone against orcs last night.

There are still many other monsters that Fer had hunted.

I looked at the mountain of monsters and continued identifying them.

4 Ogres……can Ogres be eaten?

「Hey Fer, about the Ogres here, can Ogres be eaten?」

『Ogres have too much muscle so they’re unappetizing. However, the skin of Ogres can be used for human’s armors, and they are quite valued. You need money right? That’s why I brought them although they can’t be eaten』

Ahh, is that so.

Although right now, thanks to Fer, I do not have problems about money for the meantime.

Well, I should keep it for a while.

And, next is Blue Ogre.

Blue Ogre? Its skin is blue unlike the other Ogres.

Is this what they call a variant?

Although Fer only brought the Ogres because they can be exchanged for money.

And after that, e〜to, Metal Lizard huh.

Just like its name, its a huge lizard with a thick silver-colored skin that is as hard as metal.

I wonder how Fer defeated this lizard that has such a tough hide?

I felt like asking him details about that, but seeing the skin of the Metal Lizard that is as hard as metal, I felt like I shouldn’t inquire about that.

This Metal Lizard probably died in an unimaginably horrible way.

Namu Amida Butsu.

And, what’s the next one?

E〜to, Chimaera…………he?

Isn’t Chimaera that one with a lion head, a goat head, and a snake head?

That thing that is like the last boss in games?

No, no, no, no way right?

Oh, heyyy…………there’s a lion head, a goat head, and a snake head.

『Umu, that’s a Chimaera. It is quite delicious you know. Usually, I would have a hard time against it, but I was able to defeat it with one hit last night』

Even if you can defeat it with one hit, that’s not something to brag about right?

This, it’s absolutely nothing good.

Although it’s just a guess, I think that its rank isn’t only A-Rank.

At the day I bring this into the adventurer’s guild…………uohhh! Cold shivers to my spine.

No way, this, no way.

I’ll leave you into an eternal sleep inside my item box.

Un, that should be good.

And when I was thinking with eyes that gaze far away, Fer said『I’m hungry』.

Even though he had eaten that much last night.

It can’t be helped, I should make food then.

But before that, I stored the mountain of monsters into my item box.

And my beddings while I’m at it.

Well then, what should I make?

Of course, monster meat would be used as the main.

Because of what happened last night, I really understood that serving Fer too much of food bought from the Net Super is not good.

Also, I know that mixing in vegetables and seasonings don’t have that much of an effect, and meat spaghetti is alright when it comes to the Net Super food from the previous menu.

I would need to come up with a menu with those things in mind.

It means that everything should be done moderately.

And so, thinking of a menu, since there’s the Cockatrice meat that tastes like chicken, I chose this.

What I’m going to make is a Chicken Sauté.

First, I would lightly season the Cockatrice meat with salt and pepper after removing excess fat.

With a small amount of salad oil in a pan (only a small amount because there is also oil from its skin), I would cook it starting with the skin’s side.

During this, by pressing a lid into the pan, its skin would become crisp and delicious.

When the skin becomes golden brown, I would go on to fry the back side.

After the Cockatrice meat is cooked, I took it out once, and make a sauce using the same frying pan.

The umami and fat of the meat would remain in the frying pan, so a more delicious sauce would be made when using the same pan, so I’m always cooking it like that.

Adding butter and lemon juice (I’m always using a 100% lemon juice in a bottle) into the pan, and a little bit of soy sauce, the lemon butter sauce is finished.

I would always want to add some soy sauce being Japanese.

Lemon butter is good too, but I feel like there is more depth in its taste when adding soy sauce.

After adding the lemon butter sauce to the crispy, fried Cockatrice meat, it’s complete.

「Fer, it’s ready now」

I served it to Fer and he quickly wolfed down looking a little hungry.

I placed my chicken sauté between buns, and eat it as chicken sauté sandwich.

And on the side is the canned coffee that I bought yesterday.

The chicken sauté sandwich is delicious.

The canned coffee is good too.

I know, next time, I should but a stock of canned coffee from the Net Super.

And I should also buy instant coffee.

I would also like to drink hot coffee.

If so, in my case, sugar and milk are needed.

There are not many seasonings left as well, and I would also like to replenish the vegetables, so I should buy things tonight.

『Give me seconds』

Okay, okay.

I made a shopping list while making Fer’s seconds of the chicken sauté.

After making Fer several “seconds”, I stood up after a small break.

「We should go now」

I continued to walk once again with Fer.

Of course, while training magic along the way.




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