Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak



「Fer, we should camp around here for today」


I earned a lot with the monsters that Fer caught, so today’s a feast.

It’s going to be full of different world meat.

「Hey, Fer. I earned a lot today thanks to Fer, so I’m going to treat you with the food from the different world that I can get using my skill. What do you want?」

『Food from a different world huh. Meat would be great』

It’s that after all huh.

I thought of what’s good while looking at the Net Super, and chose them.

Fer is on stand by beside me with expecting eyes, so food that could be eaten immediately should be good for starters.

If so, it’s prepared dishes.

Which one should it be……oh, there’s tatsuta-fried chicken so I should choose that and meat balls, mince cutlets are good too.

After that is hamburger, and thickly sliced roast, and since there’s karaage then that too.

I quickly pushed the buttons and put it in the cart.

『Oi, i-is it not yet?』

Fer-san, can you please stop drooling while looking at the screen?

For the sake of Fer who is drooling as if he can’t hold any longer, I finished ordering the prepared dishes first.

I bought several orders for 1 menu, so it’s 4 silver coins and 7 copper coins in total.

For the meantime, I charged in 5 gold coins, and paid it.

After the amount was paid, a cardboard box immediately appeared.

I took out the prepared dishes from inside the cardboard box and found out that all of them are still warm.

「Ohh〜, they’re still warm. This is good」

I took out the warm prepared dishes from its pack, placed it into a plate, and served it in front of Fer.

「Here, go ahead and eat」

Without waiting for me to finish speaking, Fer was wolfing down the prepared dishes.

But, this, it looks like he’s still going to eat quite a lot.

Just the ordered prepared dishes wouldn’t be enough, so I thought of preparing some more from the Net Super, so I should but the meat for the main dish.

Arabiki sausage and grilled pork (packed) should be enough. Lightly frying the sausage with salt and pepper, and serving the grilled pork to Fer just as it is should be good too.

After that, the main which is the beef.

I’m thinking of making a Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak for the main dish.

After eating many kinds of meat in this world, I thought that they’re quite delicious.

So thinking of something that is better than that, it should be Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat.

Although it’s a little expensive, I should splurge a bit.

There was Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat for Steak (thigh cut), so I chose that.

One steak piece (250 grams) is 1 silver coin and 5 copper coins.

As expected, it’s expensive.

From how much Fer eats, he’d probably eat about 10 slices.

Also, for my share, ohh, this and this looks good.

Arabiki sausage, grilled pork, steak meat, and what I’m going to eat for a total of 2 gold coins.

While I was shopping in the Net Super, Fer had finished eating the prepared dishes.

『What, you’re going to make me eat that next?』

Fer-san, you’re eating too fast.

「Wait for a while, it would be more delicious cooked, so just eat this for the moment」

I took out the grilled pork from its pack and placed it on a plate.

While Fer is eating, I fried the sausage lightly with salt and pepper just until it is brown.

「Here, go ahead and eat this too」

When I served the sausage, Fer happily gobbled onto them.

『Each and every one of them is delicious』

That’s good then.

But, there’s the main dish in the end.

I started to cook the Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak with two pieces with just salt and pepper for starters.

「The main dish is Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak. First is with salt and pepper」

『Fumu. *HaguHagu*…………mu, how soft and delicious is this meat! This is delicious, Delicious!』

「Fufun〜, I know right? This meat, it’s the meat of an animal called cow that was bred just to became delicious in my country」

『What did you say?! Your country in another world is raising that cow thing to eat them?』

「Eh? Are you not raising livestock and animals to eat here?」

『We don’t. Monsters are overflowing in this world. Hunting monsters and eating their meat is enough』

I see, well, monster meat are delicious, and since there are too many monsters, there was probably no need to raise livestock.

I cooked additional steaks while talking with Fer.

This time, it’s soy sauce steak just like I’ve made before.

Garlic flavor, daikon oroshi flavor, onion flavor, butter flavor, I served those steaks one next to the other.

『Even so, to raise animals more deliciously, your country seems to be quite obsessed with food』

「Un, that’s not wrong. The country that I was in does not hold back at all when it comes to food, and the people there are obsessed with food compared to others」

There are restaurants from B-class gourmet to high-class French, and in Tokyo, you can eat most of the food from other countries even if you don’t go overseas.

『I see. That’s why the food that you make is delicious huh』

Well, it’s probably the win of the food companies that make all the seasonings that can be bought from the Net Super.

Fer enjoyed the Domestic Japanese Black Wagyū Meat Steak very well and looked satisfied.

『Umu, it was delicious. Even so, I thought of this before, but I am full of energy when eating the meals you made. Especially today. If it’s right now, I feel that I can easily win against the Ancient Dragon that I tied with a long time ago』

Eh, don’t tell me, there’s a ridiculous effect?

Come to think of it, ahhーーーー! All the food today was from the different world!

Usually, I’m using the meat here as the main ingredient, so I don’t use much of ingredients from the different world.

That’s why, even if it has effects, it won’t be significant at Fer’s level.

But today, all of the food that Fer ate was bought using the Net Super.

F-Fer-san, by full of energy, you mean……?

I used Identify on Fer.


【 Name 】 Fer

【 Age 】 1014

【 Race 】 Fenrir

【 Level 】 906

【 Stamina 】 9843(+5118)

【 Magic Powers 】 9481(+4550)

【 Attack Powers 】 9036(+4518)

【Defense Powers】 9765(+4394)

【 Agility 】 9684(+4551)

【 Skill 】 Wind Magic   Fire Magic   Water Magic   Earth Magic   Ice Magic   Lightning Magic

Sacred Magic   Barrier Magic   Claw Slash   Physical Strengthening   Physical Attack Resistance

Magic Attack Resistance   Magic Powers Consumption Reduction   Identify

【 Blessings 】 Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessings



A-re? Is there something wrong with my eyes?

I looked at Fer’s status once again after twinkling them several times.

Ohhh……Fer’s status is buffed by 50%.

The amount of food eaten, the quality of the ingredients, and what meal was cooked probably has something to do with the increase in the status.

I don’t know what in the world is happening, but there is no doubt that it’s because of the ingredients from the different world bought using the Net Super.

But, however, it should be alright.

After all, when I checked before, it has a time limit.

Fer ate plenty of food from the different world, but it should return to normal by tomorrow morning at the latest.


『Oi, it’s a waste staying still with my body being full of energy. I’m going to go for a hunt』

「W-W-Wait a minute. W-What am I going to do if monsters attacked?!」

Don’t leave me alone here when the sun has completely set.

『Nu, I shall create a barrier around you. If it’s the barrier that I made right now, it should easily repel a dragon’s breath』

Repel a dragon’s breath? You……

『Well then, I’ll be going』

After saying that, Fer sprinted into the dark forest as if he was flying.

「……haa, I should make my food and eat. Oh hey! It’s completely dark here」

When Fer is with me, his silver fur was shining (the effect of magic powers or something like that?) so I didn’t mind it even if it’s dark.

「It’s times like these that the Net Super is needed huh」

I opened the Net Super’s screen and bought a flashlight with batteries.

「This should do it. I should eat now」

I was continuously cooking meat, so my appetite increased just by looking.

It’s Makunouchi bentou.

And also canned coffee.

I was drinking this everyday when I was still in Japan.

「Haa, although it’s a little cold now, Makunouchi bentou’s delicious. And the canned coffee’s good too」

After leisurely enjoying the meal, there’s nothing else to do so I decided to sleep.

I thought of sleeping covering myself with the coat, but I stopped.

If I’m correct, there’s……

I called the Net Super’s screen.

「E〜to, oh, it’s really there. Pillows, mattress, and blanket」

I have quite a leeway with money right now thanks to Fer, so it should be alright to buy pillows, mattresses, and blankets.

With this, camping outside should become much more comfortable.

Yosh, I should buy it.

I pushed the button.

「Yosh. There’s nothing to worry about with Fer’s Barrier Magic, I should be able to sleep well today with this」

I fall asleep, wrapped in a comfortable sleeping bed that cannot be imagined when camping outside.



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