Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – I will start the magic training



After leaving the town of Fariel, I am walking in the road with Fer.

Is it because Fer is with me? I don’t see any monster around.

Though, Goblins and Grey Wolves appeared along the way from Leysehel Kingdom’s royal capital.

Well, for me, it’s great that monsters don’t appear.

Along the way, while walking without a certain destination, I suddenly got curious, so I asked Fer.

「Hey, Fer. Fer can use magic right?」

『Yeah, I can』

He used Barrier Magic for me when I took the herb collecting quest, but it isn’t really coming to me, since it’s not something that can be seen with the naked eyes.

Making fire or water would look more magic-like as well.

「Would I be able to use magic as well?」

After all, since I came to a world where magic exists, of course I would feel like wanting to use it right?

It’s magic you know? Magic.

Although it might not be appropriate for my age, it still makes me excited.

『You can use it if you have magic powers』

Hou, hou.

I too have magic powers, so I should be able to use it right?

「How would someone be able to use magic?」

『What how? You can use it as long as you think so』

「Use it as long as you think so?」

『I’m saying, if you want to use Wind Magic, think of it and you’d be able to use Wind Magic. And if you want to use Fire Magic, then think that you want to use Fire Magic』


Fer is probably a genius-type that catches onto things with just feelings.

U〜n, since it could be used just by thinking, does it mean that imagination and clear images is important?

Image, image, image.

A ball of fire, a ball of fire, a ball of fire, Fire Ball, Fire Ball.

I reached out my right hand and chanted「Fire Ball」.


H-How embarrassing!

『You, what are you doing?』

Fer looked at me rolling his eyes.

Ku……! Don’t look at me like that.

『You can’t use magic if you don’t circulate magic powers throughout your body you know?』

Eh? Is that so?

I mean, I want to know basic things like that you know.

「Circulate magic powers? How so?」

I don’t really understand what magic powers are too.

『It is difficult to put it in words. Right now, I am circulating my magic powers throughout my body so touch me. And feel it』

Feel it? Can it be felt that easily?

While being doubtful, I touched Fer’s back.


Somehow, I think I got it.

I could somehow feel that something warm is flowing inside of Fer.

Although it’s vague, I think that I had caught onto something.

『Got it?』

「Yeah, somehow」

『If so, the only thing left is to train』

It would go to that in the end huh.

Yosh, I should try it.

Magic powers, magic powers, magic powers, a warm something, magic powers, magic powers,……n, there’s something?

I made it flow in my body, just like how blood flows, it flows, it flows.

And while walking just like that, I practiced circulating magic powers throughout my body.

『Oi, I’m hungry』

I came to myself when Fer said that.

It’s already that time huh.

「Well, let’s have lunch then」

We moved to an open space at the side of the road.

Hmm, what should I make?

Yosh, I should make Pork chop since it’s simple as well.

Although it’s not pork, I used Orc meat that is similar.

Actually, I am thinking whether it’s really okay.

After all, it’s a pig standing on two legs you know?

But, the people of this world are eating it normally, and the Ossan from the adventurer’s guild was also saying that it’s a kind of high-class dish.

There’s plenty of orc meat, so I should challenge it since the meat would be a waste if I don’t use them.

If it’s a failure, I should just let Fer eat all of them, un.

First, I sliced onions first, and thinly cut the orc meat.

After that, I mixed ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and sugar, and then added some alcohol and soy sauce.

I fried the orc meat using the frying pan, and added the onions when its colors changed.

I stirred the meat and onions, and when the onion’s color turns transparent, I threw in the sauce into the pan and with a light stir fry, the pork chop is complete.

I served it to Fer who was waiting while sniffing his nose, and he chowed down.

『Umu, this is also tasty』

That’s good.

Fer is completely okay with orc meat huh.

Well then, I should eat as well.

It looks like pork chop, and looks delicious too, but……

I boldly took a bite.

*MoguMogu*, *MoguMogu*……………a-re? It tastes good.

I’m fine with it at all, or rather, it tastes good.

It’s like a branded pig or high-quality pork.

What the heck, Orc, you’re delicious.

I feel a sense of repulsion from its appearance, but this is delicious.

It’s completely fine if I think that it’s a high-quality branded pork.

Un, un, tasty.

And, although it’s out of the norm, I sandwiched the pork chop with bread and took a bite.

Un, it’s good, it’s good.

『Oi, give me seconds』

I made Fer’s seconds while eating the pork chop sandwich.

We took a short after-meal break after Fer was satisfied, and continued to walk.

Of course, I continued to practice circulating magic powers throughout my body.


After a while of practicing making magic powers circulate throughout my body while walking, I finally felt that it’s taken on some shape.

I somehow feel like I can use magic anytime now.

Yosh, I reached out my right hand with my palm facing upwards.

「Fire Ball」


Above my palm, a candle-fire-sized flame was made.



Oh Fer-san, please stop scoffing as if you’re ridiculing me.

It’s true that it’s shabby, but I think that this isn’t a failure in a way.

I was able to create fire in an empty space after all.

Un, it’s not a failure.

It’s not a failure since I’m saying it’s not a failure.

……but, I’m going to continue training so that I could create a ball of fire by chanting Fire Ball.



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