Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – I received tons of meat and tons of money



The next day, I went to the adventurer’s guild with Fer.

When I went towards the window counter, there was the stern Ossan from yesterday.

「Good morning」

「Ou, I prepared it. There’s lots of meat so I left them in the warehouse. Follow me」

Fer and I followed behind Ossan.

There was meat that is piled up like a mountain inside the warehouse.

「These are the meat you asked for」

Ohh, if there is this much, it would last for long even with Fer’s gluttony.

I quickly placed the meat inside my item box.

「I also thought of this yesterday but, you, it looks like your item box has a huge capacity」

Ossan told me that, but I casually replied like「Haa」.

The meat is more important so I won’t hold back now.

Also, this Ossan already found out about it yesterday.

In the first place, it’s not like I’m going to visit this adventurer’s guild anymore, so I would not meet this Ossan as well.

I’m planning on leaving this town today or tomorrow too.

Staying for so long isn’t good.

「Well, the next is the calculation of the payment」

After I finished putting the meat inside my item box, the Ossan placed a heavy looking bag in front of me.

「E〜to, about the details, let’s start with the Orc. Other than meat, materials that can be taken from Orcs are its testicles, and it is 2 gold coins and 5 silver coins for each pair. Next is the Red Boar. The materials are its hide x 2 and tusk x 4, 2 gold coins and 4 silver coins. And, the Cockatrice. With this one, the most expensive part of it is the meat, but other than that, it’s only its feathers. And its feathers are also slightly damaged, so it’s 5 silver coins for the feathers of 3 Cockatrices」

According to him, Orc’s testicles is one of the ingredients of aphrodisiacs, and a pair of left and right testicles are needed to make one aphrodisiac.

If you’d ask me, I won’t take it even if would get me more energized, but it looks like the aphrodisiac that is made could be sold at a high price.

Shoes, bags, and belts made out of Red Boar Leather is very popular, and its fangs could be used for crafts.

The Cockatrice’s feathers would be used for pillows.

「Next is the Rock Bird. It is 7 gold coins for its beak and feathers. After that is Giant Dodo’s feathers and beak. And also, this has a magic stone although it’s small, so it would be 22 gold coins with that included. And, the Giant Deer. Materials that can be taken from it are its horns and skin. It also has a magic stone so it’s 28 gold coins in total. These are B-Rank monsters, but you’re quite lucky that both the dodo and deer have magic stones」

The Rock Bird’s beak and feathers would be used as materials for arrows.

The arrows made out of it would have a decent piercing attribute even if it’s used as it is, and it also has an attribute that Wind Magic could easily be used on it, so they say that it archers would really like to get them.

About the Giant Dodo’s(a huge non-flying bird with its feathers degenerated) beak and feathers, its beak could be used as a material for Magic Items(they say that it could be made into pendants, bracelets, or rings that would have several effects), and its feathers are materials for high-quality feather beddings.

Giant Deer’s(a deer that is nothing that is big) horns are good materials for magician’s wands, and its leather are materials for leather armors.

The magic stones taken from the Giant Dodo and Giant Deers are stones that are filled with magic powers, and there are many ways to use them depending on their attributes. Magic stones could only be taken from monsters higher than B-Rank, so it looks like it is often that it would be sold at a high price.

Other than that, not all of the B-Rank monsters have magic stones, but only a third of them, and only A-Rank monsters and higher would always have magic stones whether they are big or small.

「And, the two A-Rank monsters. It has also been a long time since I’ve seen A-Ranks. Poison sacs, liver, fangs, eyeballs, leather could be taken from the Black Serpent. Also, it also has a magic stone so it’s 64 gold coins in total for that. Next is the Murder Grizzly, liver, claws, and its fur, its magic stone is a little huge as well, so its 78 gold coins for that. Just as expected from an A-Rank」

It looks like there are many ways to use the Black Serpent’s (a huge, black snake) poison sac (although I didn’t ask because it’s scary), and its liver is a material of nourishing tonics.

Also, its fangs are materials for Magic Items, its eyeballs are materials for wands and staffs, and its leather are materials for leather armors that high-ranked adventurers use. Also, the magic stone that was taken from it was water-attributed and quite big.

Murder Grizzly’s liver is also a material for medicine, its claws for magic items, and its fur is popular with nobles, and would really want to purchase it as a rug.

And its magic stone, it’s also quite big and it’s the most expensive.

「All in all, it’s 204 gold coins and 4 silver coins. From there, 2 gold coins and 4 silver coins are enough for the cost of dismantling them with a discount, since you’d brought many high-ranked monsters to us this time. Deducting that, it’s just exactly 202 gold coins. I prepared gold coins since most people want them even there are too many, but if you want white gold coins or large gold coins, I can prepare them if you wait for a little while」

「N-No, gold coins are good」

As a result of shopping and taking a peek at different stores in the town, I could tell that large gold coins and white gold coins aren’t used in markets, and even things that are sold for more than 10 gold coins are not expressed with large gold coins.

I’m thinking that although the large gold coins and white gold coins exist as currency, not many of it is circulating.

Even so, to think that it would exceed 200 gold coins……

I, I didn’t do a thing though.

For the meantime, I should take what I could.

I should just let Fer eat different world meat later.

「Ahh, also, an acquaintance of mine asked me to ask you, but there’s no doubt that your familiar’s a Fenrir right?」

Ossan asked while looking at Fer who was minding his own business behind me.

That’s right, what so?

「Actually, there are some people saying that that’s a Great Wolf」

According to him, everybody knows that there’s a rumor saying「some guy that has a Fenrir as a familiar came to this town」, but some people are saying that there’s no way that a legendary magical beast like a Fenrir could become a familiar, so half of the people are saying it’s a Fenrir, and the other half are saying it’s a Great Wolf.

Great Wolf is an A-Rank monster, and has a grey fur and just as huge as Fer.

「In the first place, there’s no one who has seen a Fenrir. But, I’m also a decent adventurer before I landed on this job. And if you ask me, just seeing its bearing, I could only think of it as a Fenrir」

Fenrir theory and Great Wolf theory huh.

I heard a good thing.

I was thinking that, from now on, I shouldn’t let Fer enter huge towns as much as possible, but if I really need him to come with me, I should only claim that Fer’s a Great Wolf.

Even so, Great Wolf is an A-Rank monster so they would still be surprised, but it’s better than saying he’s a Fenrir.

Ossan seems to understand that, so I left the warehouse without saying Fer is a Fenrir or not.

And, just like yesterday, I passed through the looks of the adventurers, and left the adventurer’s guild.

「Fer, I’ve completed the reason we came to this town and I think we should leave now. What do you think?」

『I do not mind either way. As long as you’d let me eat delicious food』

Ah, is that so?

「Well, let’s go then」

Just like that, we left the town of Fariel.




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