Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso



When I returned to the inn, Fer started saying『I’m hungry』.

Well, the sun had started to set so it’s probably time for that, but it’s troublesome because Fer eats a lot.

Well, it can’t be helped, I should make it huh.

What should I make today?

It was always meat recently so maybe I should eat vegetables too.

When it comes to cooking vegetables and meat quickly, it would be stir-fried vegetables I guess.

With more meat in Fer’s.

It’s about him, he’d probably complain that there is a small amount of meat.

E〜to, there’s the cabbage, onion, carrot, and green peppers because I bought vegetables before.

I would like to add bean sprout and mushrooms but since I don’t have some now, I’ll endure it for today.

For the seasoning, there’s that so it’s alright.

Well then, first, I cut the Red Boar meat into a suitable size.

Although it’s a little bit big because it’s Fer’s standard.

The vegetables also, they don’t need to be so small so I cut them into the appropriate size.

First, I seasoned the Red Meat lightly with salt and pepper and stir fried it using a frying pan, and took it out for once after it is a little cooked.

During this, it would have great flavor if I fried it using sesame oil.

Although, since I don’t have sesame oil this time, I fried it using ordinary cooking oil.

After that, I placed carrot, onion, green peppers, cabbage into the frying pan in order.

I like my green peppers and cabbage having a little crisp so I stir fry like this.

After the vegetables are cooked to a certain extent, I added the Red Boar meat that I fried earlier, and stir-fried.

And, it’s the appearance of ‘that’ that I got into recently.

It’s Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso (with added cheese).

This really tastes good, so recently I’m using this every time I make stir-fried vegetables.

Nowadays, the food companies are really excellent after all〜.

Even if I don’t make seasonings for it, with just this Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso, I can make delicious stir-fried vegetables Sweet and Sour Chinese Miso flavor.

And so, I added the super delicious sweet and sour Chinese miso to the stir-fried vegetables and Red Boar.

After lightly sautéing making sure it is cooked evenly, here, it is ready.

「Fer, it’s ready」

『Nu, it is alright just with meat』

「No, weren’t you eating just meat all of the time. It’s better to eat a little more vegetables right」

『It is true, it is being said that it is better to eat leaves sometimes, but… However, there is no problem even if I do not eat. And as you can see, I have not eaten it for tens of years. No matter what leaf it is that I eat, things that taste bad tastes bad』

That, that isn’t something to be proud of.

Eating leaves? Is it something like a cat eating grass?

Well, for the meantime, I’ll guarantee the taste so I think it’s better that you eat it.

When I placed the extra size stir-fried vegetables sweet and sour Chinese miso flavor (extra meat) in front of Fer, he took a small bite first.

After that, he started to chow down as usual.

Un, un, I know right.

This sweet and sour Chinese miso should be delicious.

Well then, I should eat as well.

Un, un, so good, so good.

……ah, there’s no rice.

I should’ve cooked rice tooooーーー!!

Damn it, I completely forgot.

This, it is something that must be eaten with rice too……how unfortunate.

It can’t be helped so I ate loaf bread.

But, this taste, rice would be the best for it.

I completely felt that I should buy and stock rice.

It looks like Fer also liked the taste of sweet and sour Chinese miso, he asked for seconds three times only then that he finally got satisfied.

As I’ve thought, Fer really eats a lot.

I’m looking forward how much meat there would be tomorrow.





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