Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Meat is something that I need



When I entered the adventurer’s guild, it seemed that it is still early so the number of adventurers is few.

After a while, it should be very busy with the return of the adventurers from their quests.

I should report the quest completion and sell the preys Fer caught.

Since I went to pick up Maju Grass as well, I took off the Maju Grass collection quest paper from the bulletin board.

I lined up on the most open window counter.

There was only 2 in front of me so my turn immediately came.

When I gave the receptionist lady my guild card, she asked「Kiayu Grass collection right?」, so I nodded and reached out the Kiayu Grass.

「Eh? You collected this much although you only took the quest in the morning?」

She got surprised because I took out 40 Kiayu Grass.

「Eh, ah, I saw them in a coincidence, so……」

Ge, were 40 of them too many?

This is all thanks to Identify but, I should be careful not to stand out, since it’s not for the best.

「You saw a cluster are huh. You seem to be lucky」

The receptionist lady said that and got convinced by herself.

Well, I should also keep it like that.

「Well then, Kiayu Grass x 5 is one set. There is for sets so it will be 8 silver coins. Please confirm it」

I received the 8 silver coins and said「These ones too please」, and passed the Maju Grass collection quest paper.

After having the procedure to accept the quest, I said「I have Maju Grass, so」, and only gave 5 of them this time.

She might say something if I bring out all of what I picked up after all.

I should just keep the extra Maju Grass in my item box and receive its quest in the next town.

「There is also Maju Grass huh. This one is also Maju Grass x 5 for one set. There is one set so it will be 1 silver coin and 3 copper coins. Please confirm it」

I got relieved, this kind of thing is also allowed huh.

I thought that I might get told something because I cleared the quest that I just received but it looks like its alright.

The Identify did its job so I earned more than I expected.

Well then, next is Fer’s prey.

「Also, I have a Red Boar so, can you buy it?」

「Eh?! Red Boar? But, aren’t you G-Rank……」

It looks like Red Boar isn’t a monster that can be hunted with just G-Rank.

Well, its appearance is that of a huge boar after all.

It’s absolutely impossible for me if I was told to hunt something like that,

「No, no, it is not me. It is what my Familiar caught」

When I said that, the receptionist lady looked at Fer said「Ahh, I see」, and got convinced.

「Selling of big monsters and the like will be on the counter beside this so please go there」


Un, the receptionist right now is quite good.

The treatment in this place might be different depending on the receptionist lady.

Well, I did a quest with this so, I won’t be visiting this place again since I’m going to the next town.

Well then, let’s sell the prey that Fer caught in the window counter on the side.

Of course, we will take all the meat.

「Excuse me, can you purchase」

「Yeah, just bring it out」

The stern middle-aged man that seems to be an adventurer before answered.

「E〜to, there is quite a lot of them so, is it alright if I bring them out here?」

「There’s a lot? You, you have an item box huh?」

「Yes, I have. Well then, I’ll take them out okay」

First, I took out Orc x 5.

Next, I took out Red Boar x 2.

「W-Wait a second. Is there anymore?」

Eh, there’s still a lot.

When I nodded, the middle-aged man said「There’s no space here, come with me」, and gestured to follow him.

「Ah, please wait. I have a familiar so, can I bring him with me?」

I asked the middle-aged man for permission and called Fer.

Fer and I followed behind the middle-aged man and entered the warehouse behind the buying and selling window counter.

「I see, you’re the guy in the rumors」

Eh, what rumors?

「You’re in the rumors, saying that there’s a guy who came in this town, making a Fenrir his familiar」

Ge! It became like that.

There’s Fer with me so, well, I thought I would stand out.

「These guys are also caught by your familiar huh」

「Well, yes that is right. Well then, I’ll take them out alright」

I took out the remaining monsters.

Rock Bird, Giant Dodo, Black Serpent, Cockatrice x 3, Giant Deer, Murder Grizzly.

「These are all」

The middle-aged man was stunned with jaws dropped.

Oi, Ossan, are you alright?

He isn’t moving at all so I called out to him like「Are you alright?」, and Ossan finally regained himself.

「T-This is quite, amazing. Their number is that too, but the monsters caught are amazing. Rock Bird, Giant Dodo, Giant Deer are B-Rank, and Black Serpent and Murder Grizzly are A-Rank monsters you know」

Eh, they’re such amazing monsters?

“They’re really big〜”, I thought, but to think that all of them are like that.

Ah, well, I thought that they have some decent ranks because of their ominous names though.

Either way, all of them were caught by Fer so I don’t know anything about that.

Rather than that, there’s one thing that I really want to know.

「U-Uhmm, those monsters, all of them can be eaten right?」

That’s right, it’s meat.

For me, the most important thing is to get the meat that Fer is going to eat.

「Yeah. All of these guys’ meat can be eaten. On top of that, they’re high-class quality」

Ohh, we did it.

Since Fer caught them, I thought that they could be eaten, but hearing it from a proper professional(?), I am relieved.

「Well then, can you give me all of the meat. I will sell all of the materials other than their meat」

「n? Their meat can also be sold at a high price but, are you sure you aren’t selling them?」

「Yes. We have a glutton, so」

When I said that while taking a glance at Fer,「Ahh」, the Ossan also had a convinced face.

「Since there is this many, immediately is impossible. I’ll take care of them in a hurry, so come tomorrow morning. Ahh, that’s right, we’ll deduct the price for dismantling them so, keep that in mind」

Yes, yes, oh hey, I’ll get troubled if it’s tomorrow.

I want the meat of one of them at least for the meantime.

「Uhm, excuse me, I don’t mind which but, can you give me one of their meat?」

「na? Ahh, that familiar’s food huh. Well, just wait a second」

Saying that, Ossan started dismantling the Red Boar.

Ossan’s dismantling skill is brilliant, and the meat and hide were separated in just a short period of time.

Its hide will be used as materials, the internal organs to be disposed, and the meat to me.

「Well then, here it is」

The Red Boar meat that Ossan gave me was around 200 kilos.

With this, it should be enough for Fer for a while.

I placed the Red Boar meat inside my item box, said thanks to Ossan and left the warehouse.

When I passed through the adventurer’s guild’s reception, the adventurers who were there was staring intently.

Selling that much, I wonder if it was a bad move after all……

But, there’s the thing about Fer’s meal too, so I wanted to get meat as much as possible.

It’s not like I’m going to stay in this town for a long time, so I should just endure, endure.

I passed through the vision of the adventurers and left the adventurer’s guild with Fer in a hurry.



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