Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – First Quest


There are several weapon stores near the adventurer’s guild so I entered one of them.

I asked the store owner something that is easy to use and recommended for beginners and bought a short sword for 8 silver coins.

Well, let’s go and pick herbs.

Since I’m going out of the town because of a quest from the adventurer’s guild, I showed my adventurer’s guild guild card when I left from the east gates.

Leaving from the east gate, I walked for about 20 minutes with Fer and saw a vast grassland.

The herbs should be growing here.

「Well then, I’ll go pick up herbs, so Fer should go and get some game」

『I got it. I will be troubled if anything happens to you so I shall create a barrier around you』

Ohh, come to think of it, Fer could use Barrier Magic huh.

『Yosh, it should be alright with this. It should be alright even if you meet monsters up to a certain level』

Thanks, thanks.

『Well then, I shall go now. Prepare my meal for lunch』

After saying that, Fer ran gallantly towards the forest.

I respected him a bit, but his glutton character is still strong.

Well then, I should pick up some herbs.

Well, although I said that, I’m just using Identify a lot.

Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify.

They’re all weeds.

Identify, Identify, Identify.

Kiayu Grass.

Oh, it’s there.

This Kiayu Grass looks similar to thistle.

I cut the Kiayu Grass from its root.

The knife that I haven’t used since I bought finally did its job.

Once again, Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify.  

All that I’m finding are weeds.

Identify, Identify, Identify.

Kiayu Grass.

Oh, there it is again.

Finding 3 more will complete the quest huh.

Yosh, let’s find it just like this.

Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify, Identify.

Maju Grass.

Ah, this one, it’s the one in the quest.

This Maju Grass looks exactly like a daisy.

Ahh, what was it called again, er, uhh, that’s right, it’s Erigeron.

I just also take this.

And after that, I continued to Identify and found a total of 18 Kiayu Grass and 7 Maju Grass.

Yosh, Fer should be returning now.

I started to prepare lunch.

But although I said that, since there is no meat right now and since Fer eats a lot that I don’t know how much it would cost if I buy meat from the Net Super, I will make it as cheap as I could.

And so, I decided the lunch’s menu.

First, shopping in the Net Super.

There’s still the onion and soup cubes that I bought before, so I am buying 1 kilo of ground beef and pork, 5 700 gram per pack pasta, and 10 meat sauce cans.

All of it cost 4 silver coins and 5 copper coins, but there is still the money I got from selling salt and pepper to the merchant’s guild, so well, I’ll let it pass this time.

I bought pasta that would be boiled for 5 minutes, but it’s that Fer, I’m sure that he’ll be loud saying hurry up, hurry up, so I boiled some water for preparation so that I can cook the pasta immediately.

And while I did that, it’s the meat sauce.

First, I sautéed sliced onions in the frying pan until it is transparent, and add the ground meat after that.

After the ground meat is cooked, I added the meat sauce.

If it’s only like that, the water content would not be enough, so I added enough boiling water that I dissolved a soup cube into and let it simmer.

In the end, I added salt and pepper to fix its taste, and the meat sauce with increased ground meat is complete.

When the meat sauce was cooked, Fer returned.

*Dosari*, he dropped his prey in front of me.

『What a delicious smell』

「This, Rock Bird huh」

『The thing called teriyaki from before was delicious so I went to get one. I have also caught other things, but I cannot bring them at once so I left them at the edge of the forest after making a barrier』

He can only bring 1 with his mouth after all.

「If so, it will end with one trip when you bring me there and I put them in my item box. Wait a bit」

I placed the pot with hot water and the frying pan where I cooked the meat sauce, and the stoves into my item box.

And the Rock Bird that I shouldn’t forget too.

「Yosh, let’s go」

『It will take a long time if you are going to walk. Climb on my back』

Okay, then without holding back.

I climbed Fer’s back as I was told.

『Well then, let’s go』

「H-Hey, wait」

I desperately clung onto Fer’s back who increased the speed dramatically.

「I said waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiit!!!」




『Oi, we are here』

「Haa, haa, I thought I would die」

『Hmph, what a sissy, throwing the towel with just that』

With just that you say? Running with such speed is too scary you know.

「When you’re carrying me, don’t put on such speed! What will you do if I fell down!」

『Dunno. It’s your fault right』

This bastard.

「Ah! You’re saying such things huh. You mean that you don’t need your food. Also, if anything happens to me, you’ll never be able to eat food from the other world ever again」


「Let’s hurry up and collect the monsters and return」

The monsters that Fer caught was piled up like a mountain on the edge of the forest.

When I used Identify on them, there’s Orc x 5, Red Boar, Giant Dodo, and Black Serpent.

I understand about the snake, they said that it tastes like chicken but, can Orcs be eaten?

When I asked Fer, he said it could be eaten.

He said that the humans in towns eat Orcs normally.

I-Is that so. They eat pigs standing on two legs huh.

I have the Net Super so I mostly cook for myself, but it was correct.

Food in a different world, how frightening.

I kept the monsters that Fer caught in my item box, and returned to the grassland, riding Fer again.

This time, Fer seemed a little considerate, so it was alright somehow.


「Well, let’s eat lunch then」

『I am hungry. Hurry up』

「Just wait for a while, I need to cook the pasta」

And, 5 minutes of cooking the pasta. (Thank goodness I bought easy cook pasta)

I placed the cooked pasta on top of a plate, added the meat sauce with increased ground meat and it’s complete.

I mixed it properly for Fer.

「Fer, it’s ready」

『Mu, what’s this?』

「It’s a dish called Meat Sauce Spaghetti in my world. It’s delicious」

When I said that, Fer started to gobble it.

『Umu, the meat is few but it is quite good』

From how it seems, it looks like he’s still going to eat a lot.

I started to cook the next pasta.

While I did that, I also ate lunch.

In the end, I cooked 4 pasta for Fer.

I ate a meal for 1, but 700 grams x 4 is 2.8kg.

But even so, Fer was saying something like『This light meal is just enough for lunch』.

You’re eating too much I say.

After eating, his snout was covered with meat sauce so I laughed.

Although he removed it in a hurry by plunging into the water that I took out.

After lunch, Fer went to catch prey again and I continued to pick up herbs.

And the result, I got a total of 40 Kiayu Grass and 20 Maju Grass in one day.

It’s probably a set of 5, so I collected it with that in mind.

As I’ve thought, Identify is very convenient.

Because I knew which ones are the Kiayu Grass and Maju Grass, and because I got used to using Identify as well, the herb collection after lunch was rewarding.

Fer also caught many preys.

Red Boar (it’s the second one now), Cockatrice x 3, Giant Deer, Murder Grizzly.

The Murder Grizzly, just from its name, it really sounds dangerous.

I decided to act that I have never seen it, and put it in my item box.

And after that, I returned to the town riding on Fer’s back.

The gates guard person in the gate was staring because I was riding Fer, but he wasn’t saying anything so I did not go down.

Well then, I should go to the adventurer’s guild.

「Fer, let’s go to the adventurer’s guild」








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