Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Registering to the Adventurer’s Guild



I came to the adventurer’s guild.

Just like the merchant’s guild, the building his also comparatively huge inside the town.

As expected of the adventurer’s guild, there’s a lot of tough-looking guys carrying weapons.

The proportion is probably 4 fighters with weapons and 1 magician?

Either way, it’s unbelievable how they can do such tough job like being an adventurer.

Although, I also need to register right now though.

Well, I’m not planning at all to go battling like adventurers do though.

And like that, I thought of a lot of things get distracted, but the looks from the adventurers when I started to line up to the window counter is so terrible.

This is probably some cliché like「Someone like you becoming an adventurer? Hmph, don’t make me laugh」, but because they can’t do it because Fer’s on my side.

I don’t know if they know that Fer’s a Fenrir, but they probably know instinctively that it would be bad to make a move on Fer.

Thank goodness Fer’s with me.

This is probably the scene where I would get in trouble if Fer’s not around.

I really want to leave this place quickly.

Haa〜, can’t the line move faster.

After a while, it’s finally my turn.

「I would like to register」

「Well then, please fill up this registration form. You can leave the ones you cannot write as blank」

The adventurer’s guild’s lady receptionist is a beauty, but she seemed a little cold.

As I’ve thought, it’s more polite in the merchant’s guild.

Is it because of the summoned hero bonus, I can write without problems so I filled up the parts that I can write.

I filled up the name, weapon (I don’t have any plans of using one but I thought it’s better to have one so I picked a short sword) and the familiar then passed it.

「The registration fee will be 5 silver coins. Well then, please place a drop of blood on this card」

After giving the registration fee of 5 silver coins, she gave me a copper colored card and a needle.

I pricked my fingertip and put a drop of blood on the card just like I was told.

「The registration is finished with this. You will be the lowest rank, G-Rank, so please understand that you can only take G・F rank quests」

Eh, there’s no explanation about the adventurer’s guild?

「Is there anything else?」

「Isn’t there an explanation or something?」

The lady receptionist had a face like「Eh? You’re going to ask that?」, and troublesome was written all over her face.

Yes, I am. Yes, I’m going to ask a lot.

I think that it times like this, one should ask about properly because it would come back with interest, not knowing what the rules are.

The lady receptionist started to explain like she cannot help it.

The attitude of the receptionist in the adventurer’s guild isn’t good at all.

It’s the difference between heaven and earth compared to the merchant’s guild’s receptionist.

Mikaela-san explained gently and politely with a smile from start to end you know.

According to the adventure’s guild explanation full of unwillingness,


・The adventurer’s guild is an organization that exceeds a country.

・The rank of adventurers is G – S just like the following looks.

(Low) G→F→E→D→C→B→A→S (High)

・The quests that adventurers can receive is only quests equal or one rank higher to their own rank.

・There will be penalty in the case where the quest has failed.

・Not receiving a quest according to the adventurer’s rank in a certain span of time shall result in removal of the registration in the adventurer’s guild. In the case when one would wish to become an adventurer again, they would once again register and start from G-Rank again.

G → Within 1 month

F、E → Within 3 months

D、C、B → Within 6 months

A、S → Within 1 year

・In the case of Murder, Robbery, one shall be expelled from the adventurer’s guild.

・Private fights between adventurers are prohibited.

・The adventurer’s guild shall not be responsible for the deeds that adventurers do.

・The adventurer’s guild shall not be responsible for injury・death of adventurers.


It was like that.

It means that an adventurer is completely responsible for itself.

I’m not planning on raising my rank at all though.

I’m just a freshly registered G-Rank.

With G-Rank, the registration would be erased if I don’t take a quest within 1 month right.

If that is so, the registration fee that I paid would be for naught.

Thinking of that, it’s probably better to do some kind of quest here.

I also need to ask Fer to catch some prey.

I left the reception that doesn’t have a good attitude for once and peeked at the bulletin board.

Even though they said that I can take a quest one higher than my rank, I had just registered so I should probably take a G-Rank quest, the same with my own rank.

G-Rank, G-Rank…………oh, this looks good.

It’s cliché-ish but, it’s a quest to collect herbs.


Kiayu Grass x 5

1 silver coin


Maju Grass x 5

1 silver coin and 3 copper coins.


For the meantime, these two are the choices, but the reason that the reward for the Maju Grass higher is because it’s more difficult to find.

It looks like just how clichés go, I only need to peel out the quest paper from the bulletin board and take it to the reception, but it looks like one must take that quest if they took it off once too.

If it’s like that, Kiayu Grass would be better.

I took the Kiayu Grass quest paper and went to the window counter.

By the way, it’s a different window counter with the lady receptionist that I asked to explain about the adventurer’s guild.

The attitude here was a little better, but it’s was really far different from the merchant’s guild.

I asked the place where Kiayu Grass grows and immediately left the adventurer’s guild.

I got relieved because I didn’t get in trouble because Fer is with me.

According to what I heard, the place where the Kiayu Grass grows is in the grassland immediately ahead after leaving from the east gates.

It’s just near the gates so I don’t think that it would be dangerous, but I should probably at least equip myself with a short sword.

I also wrote short sword as my weapon when I registered in the adventurer’s guild, so I should buy one before I go find Kiayu Grass.

「Fer, we’re going to the weapon’s shop for a bit okay」

『Mu, there should be no problem even without weapon because I am here』

「What would I do then when Fer went to go catch some prey? I’ll be alone so I isn’t that too careless without having any weapons」

『There should be no problem if I make a barrier』


「B-Barrier you say, you! You can use that kind of magic?」

『Of course I can』

Of course you can? This is the first time I heard about that.

I mean, I just noticed right now, but I haven’t identified Fer.

Although it seems a bit late, I identified Fer.



【 Name 】 Fer

【 Age 】 1014

【 Race 】 Fenrir

【 Level 】 906

【 Stamina 】 9843

【 Magic Powers 】 9481

【 Attack Powers 】 9036

【Defense Powers】 9765

【 Agility 】 9684

【 Skill 】 Wind Magic   Fire Magic   Water Magic   Earth Magic   Ice Magic   Lightning Magic

Sacred Magic   Barrier Magic   Claw Slash   Physical Strengthening   Physical Attack Resistance

Magic Attack Resistance   Magic Powers Consumption Reduction   Identify

【 Blessings 】 Wind Goddess Ninril’s Blessings



It was too amazing that I lost my words.

His level, stamina, and magic powers, this, isn’t it close maximum?

His age is 1014 but, when Fer said that he had lived a thousand years, he was saying that seriously huh.

Does it mean that he took a thousand years to reach near maximum?

He’s a usually glutton character, but Fer’s really amazing huh.

「Fer, I identified your status right now but, you were an amazing guy huh」

『Why are you saying such a natural thing』

Ah〜, yes yes, is that so.

Well, please create a barrier for me after we passed through the gates.

But, I’ll still buy a short sword to be sure.








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