Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 – I sold salt and pepper  



This morning, Fer started saying that he wants to eat steak like yesterday morning so I could only make a whole lot of steaks in the morning.

As expected of a carnivore. The amount of his meat consumption is enormous.

It was alright because there was still Red Boar meat left this morning, but that was also exhausted with Fer’s breakfast.

Maybe it would be bad if I don’t let Fer take some game.

If it’s like that, I also need to register to the adventurer’s guild.

After I go to the merchant’s guild and sold the salt and pepper, I should go to the adventurer’s guild.

It looks like it’s going to get busy today as well.

By the way, my breakfast was a simple ham and cheese sandwich and onion soup.

Well, I don’t want to eat steak even in the morning after all.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


I came to the merchant’s guild as planned.

I’m planning to register to the adventurer’s guild so Fer’s with me.

There was Mikaela-san who took charge for me yesterday on the window counter.

「Good morning, Mikaela-san」

「Good morning, Mukouda-sama」

「I came to sell just as I’ve said yesterday. I wish to sell this」

I said that and took out the salt in a jute bag and pepper in a container from my item box.

「Please let me see. This is……please excuse me for a moment」

Mikaela saw the pepper and stood up from her seat.

A-re, was pepper bad after all?

They say that pepper could be traded with gold with the same weight in the past after all. Maybe 100 grams is too much.

After a while Mikaela-san came back and guided me to a different room so I asked Fer to wait and followed Mikaela-san.

There is a wealthy-looking 50-year-old man inside the room.

「Please have a seat. I am Robert, the guild master of this guild. Pleased to make your acquaintance」

Ohh, the guild master appeared.

As I’ve thought, maybe pepper was bad.

After a different personnel puts down my salt and pepper, the guild master says「Please excuse me」and started to check it.

As expected of someone who became the merchant’s guild’s guild master, he checked the taste and smell with sharp eyes.

「I have been in the business for a very long time, but this is the first time that I have seen such good quality of salt and pepper. Pure white salt without dullness and off-flavor, and pepper with a vivid smell and taste. I can only say that it is excellent」

Is that so, but buying that from the Net Super, the 5 kilo of salt is only 5 copper coins and the 100 gram of pepper is in the same price though.

「We really wish to buy this from you but, can I ask where you did you get this?」

Yes, it’s from the Net Super. It’s an otherworld-made salt and pepper so I can guarantee its quality.

Well, there’s no way that I can say that.

「Just, in the middle of my journey……」

When I said that evasively, the guild master says「Please excuse me. There is no way that a merchant would leak the place where got this after all」and laughed.

「Well then, about the total price, how about 4 gold coins for the salt and 10 gold coins for the pepper?」


N-No way right? Their original price is 1 silver coin in total, but 4 gold coins for the salt and 10 gold coins for the pepper?

Eh, eh, eh? I knew that salt and pepper is expensive in this world, but can it be that expensive?

「That was too low after all huh…… Well then, how about 15 gold coins for both?」

UOH! The price went up!

Did he think that I was reluctant because I’m silent?

No, I’m just surprised you know.

「Ku……well then, how about 17 gold coins for both. I can’t raise any more than this」

I don’t know what the guild master misunderstood, but the purchase price went up again.

「Y-Yes! T-That is alright」

S-Seventeen gold coins……

That was originally 1 silver coin you know, and that became 17 gold coins.

Well this is, super profitable.

I asked to sell it with me bringing it here so it’s not a way that I could use many times though.

If I bring it here many times, they’ll get suspicious of me so the limit is probably once per branch of the guild.

Even so, I’m very thankful because I gained a way to earn decent money.

After receiving 17 gold coins, I decided to pay the annual fee and tax fee for the Iron Rank.

It’s better to pay this kind of things while you can.

It would be terrible if the limit is near and you don’t have money after all.

「Iron Rank’s annual fee of 1 gold coin and tax fee of 2 gold coins, I have certainly received it」

Fuu, it should be fine for a year with this.

Even if I paid the annual fee and tax fee, 14 gold coins would enter my pockets.

Adding the remaining cash that I have, it’s 20 gold coins, 5 silver coins, and several copper coins and iron coins.

It looks like I would be fine for a while.

Well, I have some ideas when it’s not enough.

I heard that having the merchant guild’s guild card, one could easily be trusted when trading with other stores.

I have the Net Super, so it means that I have many things to trade.

It’s great that I entered the merchant’s guild.

Well then, I should go and register to the adventurer’s guild next.

I left the merchant’s guild with my pockets warm due to the profits for selling the salt and pepper.










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