Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Eating rice in the different world




Just like Mikaela-san has said, I was able to stay in the「Prancing Horse Inn」even if I was together with Fer.

However, it took me an accommodation fee of 7 silver coins for staying with a familiar.

My wallet’s getting looser and looser.

It looks like Fer would be in the beast house in the back of the building so I went there.

『Oi, I held back during lunch, but I am very hungry now』

Come to think of it, we didn’t eat lunch.

Fer didn’t say food as well.

He might’ve got thoughtful although it’s uncharacteristic of him.

「Sorry, sorry. Well, let’s eat an early dinner then」

It’s in front of the beast house, but only Fer is in here right now so there should be no problem cooking here.

On the side, I should eat as well.

I have the Red Boar meat that I got from the Iron Will, so today is a steak with that.

I cut Fer’s share thicker making it rare cooked.

Also, about my dinner, I really want to eat “that”.

“That”, is rice.

Japanese should eat rice after all〜.

But, I only have 1 portable stove though〜.

It takes a little bit of time to cook rice as well……u〜n, what should I do.

I’m planning on selling salt and pepper in the merchant’s guild tomorrow, so I need to buy those as well, and I’m planning to get money with that, so I should buy things that I won’t be troubled having some.

My wallet’s going to be lighter, but I really want to eat rice.

So with that, I purchased rice, earthenware pot, portable stove, and 5 kilos of salt and 100 grams of pepper, the ones that I’m selling tomorrow.

The rice, I bought Koshihikari that I eat often.

I don’t know how much the salt and pepper would be sold for, so for the meantime, I just bought this much.

It had a total of 8 silver coins.

My wallet’s getting lighter and lighter but, I’m expecting on tomorrow’s deal.

Well then, let’s start cooking.

First, I rinsed the rice and soak it for about 30 minutes.

Leaving that on the side, it’s Fer’s steak.

I sprinkled the Red Boar meat with salt and pepper then fried each side in the frying pan.

It’s a little rare but this much should be enough.

I served the steak in a dish, add steak soy sauce, and it’s ready.

「Here, Fer」

I served to Fer, and he ate that one piece gluttonously instantly.

I cut it very thickly though.

『This is good! Give me more』

I continued to fry Red Boar steak for Fer.

The next steak soy sauce that I would put in the next steak would be this.


『*HaguHagu*, mu, it tastes different from before. However, this is good as well』

Fufu, he noticed huh.

Steak soy sauce is very convenient, so I bought many kinds.

The first I served was garlic flavor and the next is daikon-oroshi flavor.

Just having this steak soy sauce is very convenient.

It’s also delicious when used in sautéed vegetables and frying rice with the garlic flavor would make a garlic rice.

Yakiniku sauce, teriyaki sauce, and steak soy sauce, they are very useful so I have all of them in my house, so I bought various kinds in the Net Super before the journey.

I continued to fry steaks for Fer.

Well then, next is onion flavor and butter flavor after that.

Oh wait, it’s about time to cook rice.

I placed the earthenware pot in the stove, and since it would boil for about 10 minutes in a slightly stronger medium fire, it would be 5 minutes of low fire after that, and remove the fire after that, making it steam for about 20 minutes.

I cooked 3 times, but putting the rice in the item box would preserve it as if it was just cooked.

Oh yeah, my Item Box is for Heroes, its capacity is almost infinite, and it has the function of stopping time.

With just this, I am very grateful that it’s “for a Hero”.

While I’m cooking rice, I fried a lot of steaks for Fer.

『Make the next one with the same taste as the first one』

「Garlic flavor huh. Here you go」

『It is called garlic flavor huh, this is great』

「You liked its taste?」

『Umu. All of them tastes good, but this one I like the most』

Hou, hou, I see I see, though I like onion flavor the most.

And so, the rice is almost ready so let’s make that.

First, I put the hot and freshly cooked rice into a bowl.

I cut the Red Boar steak to bite size, placed them on top of the rice, and finish it by placing steak soy sauce onion flavor on top of it.

It’s Red Boar Steak-don.

Well, let’s taste it.

「S-So goooooood!!!」

*HaguHagu*, this is super good!!

Red Boar steak also tastes delicious, but this rice permeating with steak soy sauce is also delicious.

As I’ve thought, it should be rice for Japanese.

Rice is the best〜.

『Mu, that looks delicious. Give that to me as well』




Eh〜, Fer is going to eat too?

If I didn’t let him eat here, he would probably get noisy about not letting him eat it.

It can’t be helped huh. Hey, wait a second, if that happens then the remaining rice would be going to Fer’s stomach. *Gakkuri*

When I made the steak-don (garlic flavor) for Fer, he immediately started eating gluttonously.

『Umu, this is good. I have thought that grains are not my food, but this is very delicious』

「I know right? Rice is the best as I’ve thought」

I don’t hate bread, but I really start wanting to eat rice you know.

Staying in this different world and eating rice like this is all thanks to『Net Super』huh.

I thought what the heck was it at first, but this is all thanks to Net Super.

Haa〜, it was so delicious. What a bliss.

Fer also started to groom himself so he’s probably satisfied too.

Ah, this might be too late, but they say that dogs and cats shouldn’t be fed with food with a dense taste.

Also, onions are not allowed for dogs, was it?

Fer was gorged all of it but, un, he seems fine.

In the first place, Fer is a magical beast in a fantasy world.

He looks very well and healthy as if nothing happened so there’s no need to worry huh.

「Well then, I also have preparations for tomorrow so I’ll return to my room okay」





Returning to my room, I started preparing the salt and pepper that I’m planning to sell in the merchant’s guild tomorrow.

I bought 5 kilos of salt in the paper bag and pepper in a vinyl pack (20g x 5) in the Net Super, but there’s no way that I would bring it like that.

Placing the salt in jute bag that I bought when I bought food utensils in the general store before the journey, the salt, I should’ve bought a wooden container with a lid so that should be good enough.

I transferred the salt and pepper.

Yosh, preparations are complete with this.

A lot of things happened and I’m tired as well. I should sleep early.

While praying that tomorrow’s deal would go well, I fell asleep in a bed after a long time.









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TL: the different world in Japanese is mostly synonymous with a fantasy world.


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