Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 – Registering to the Merchant’s Guild



We arrived at the final destination of our journey, the border town of Fariel.

When we entered the town, it seems like there was already a message sent from the fortress so we were able to enter the town without problems even if Fer was with us.

Although it was not as much as the country entry tax, there was tax taken from entering the town (2 silver coins for me, 1 silver coin for Fer) so it was a little bad.

Entering the gates, there was the messenger of the Margrave Rindel that Welner-san was talking about standing by.

「I believe that you are Mukouda-sama, I am Edmond, messenger by Margrave Rindel-sama. I am very pleased to meet you. Actually, Margrave Rindel-sama have wished to meet Mukouda-sama」

Ahh〜 it came huh, the invitation for an enclosure.

But, I do not wish to meet him.

I’m not planning on staying that long in this country as well.

I should refuse with respect.

「No, no, it is very disrespectful for Margrave Rindel-sama to meet such a lonely traveler as I」

「No, no, Margrave Rindel-sama insists」

「No, no, no」

「Oh, no, no, no, please come with us」

When I was talking like that with Edmond-san, Fer approached there.

『Oi, you. Do you not understand that my master is saying he shall not meet with him?』(TL:貴様kisama – saying you disrespectfully, or by one with higher status)

「O-Oh, p-please forgive me, Fe-Fenrir-sama. F-Fenrir-sama is w-welcome as well」

Edmond-san said that to Fer while making a stiff smile to his sudden appearance.

『Hmph, how cunning. I do not have plans on meeting the Margrave as well. You only want my powers right? After all, there were foolish humans who were like that in the past』

「N-No, no, no, no, w-we do not mean like that……」

『Stop lying. Do you wish to know what happens to humans who tries to use my power for themselves? Nn?』


Edmond-san ran away while screaming, frightened by Fer who showed his fangs.

「Fer, that was too much」

『Those kind of idiots won’t understand if I do not do that much』

Yes yes, is that so.

「Is it alright to do something like that to the messenger of Margrave Rindel-sama? Nobles values their faces above all, so they might do something you know」

Welner-san’s worry is natural.

I also didn’t think that Fer would do something that much.

『There is no need to worry. Come if they will, I shall receive what they throw』

Ohh, I’m counting on you, Fer-san〜!

「Well, Fer-sama says so as well, so it should be okay huh」

When Welner-san said that, the other members of the Iron Will nodded like “Un, un”.

「I do not believe that just the private soldiers of nobles would be Fer-sama’s match」(Franca)

「It is exactly as Franca says. I think so too」(Rita)

「I mean, something that would be a Fer-sama’s match, that would be something like an Ancient Dragon」(Vincent)

「That is very true」(Ramon-san)

The dragon that is all present in fantasy worlds, they really exist huh.

I don’t want to meet them at all though.

『Mu, Ancient Dragon huh. It is true that only them could be my match』

「Eh? Fer-sama, have you fought against an Ancient Dragon?!」

Vincent asked excitedly.

『It was about 400 years before. It was a draw that time, but I shall not lose the next time』

「Uoo〜, amazing〜!! A fight between legendary magical beasts huh〜, I wanted to see that〜」

「I also wanted to see that〜」

For some reason, Vincent and Rita got excited, but Franca and Ramon-san who looked at them were making a wry smile.

「Oi, oi, calm down you guys. We’re going to report to the adventurer’s guild after we got Mukouda-san’s mission complete sign alright」

Asked by Welner-san, I signed on the mission complete report paper.

And when I was about to give the Red Boar meat that I carried from them, they told me that it was nothing much compared to the materials of the Rock Bird.

「Even receiving the Red Boar meat in the end, I have really been under everyone’s care. Thank you very much」

If there weren’t the Iron Will, I wouldn’t have reached this far.

「No, no, we also have experienced good things, we also got to eat good food, so it was a good request without complain」

It is great hearing that.

「Thank you very much. Well then, everyone, stay healthy」

「Mukouda-san as well」

The Iron Will members left while waving their hands.

Yosh, with this, I have completed my goal at the beginning but, what should I do from now on?

I don’t plan on staying in this country for long, but for the meantime, I should register in the guild here.

According to what Welner-san said, it would be better to register in the adventurer’s guild, but I should go to my first choice, to the merchant’s guild.

「Oi, Fer. We’re going to the merchant’s guild」

『Mu, are you going to become a merchant?』

「Well, I aspire to. But I’m also planning to register to the adventurer’s guild. I’m still going to ask Fer to get the meat you’re going to eat yourself from now on, but I can’t do something like dismantling. Also, the materials of the monsters that Fer would catch would be an addition to our living expenses if they are sold. I can sell the materials from the monsters right?」

『I do not mind because it is something that I do not need. Rather than that, I want to eat good food』

「Yes yes, I got it〜」

Really, this guy’s not a legendary magical beast but just a gluttonous character.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


Fer and I came to the merchant’s guild.

When I entered with Fer, everyone was surprised and there was a commotion, but I was able to calm the place down by desperately explaining that he’s my familiar.

And then, I’m receiving an explanation in the merchant guild’s window counter.

The one who’s in charge for me is an amazing blue-eyed golden-haired beauty, Mikaela-san.

The contents of the explanation that I had from Mikaela-san is this.


・The merchant’s guild is an organization that exceeds a country.

・There are 5 ranks in the merchant’s guild.

Iron Rank → Peddlers, Stalls (ones who do business without a store)

Bronze Rank → individual stores (an individual store like the town’s butcher or general store)

Silver Rank → small-scale merchant companies (a decent sized merchant company in a town)

Gold Rank → mid-scale merchant companies (a merchant company that has several branches)

Mithril Rank → large-scale companies (a merchant company that has many branches)

・The register fee, annual fee, tax fee is different in each rank.

Iron Rank → 5 silver coins for register fee → 1 gold coin for annual fee → 2 gold coins for tax fee

Bronze Rank → 1 gold coin for register fee → 2 gold coins for annual fee → 4 gold coins for tax fee

Silver Rank → 2 gold coins for register fee → 5 gold coins for annual fee → 10 gold coins for tax fee

Gold Rank → 4 gold coins for register fee → a certain amount of gold coins relative to the number of stores → a certain amount of gold coins relative to the number of stores

Mithril Rank → 8 gold coins for register fee → a certain amount of gold coins relative to the number of stores → a certain amount of gold coins relative to the number of stores  

・The annual fee and tax fee must be paid within one year since the day of registration.

・With the day of registration as the base, the member’s qualifications are yearly renewed. It shall not be renewed in the case where the annual fee and tax fee is not paid.

・The collected tax fee shall be paid by the merchant’s guild to each country with responsibility.

・In the case where a guild card of a certain rank is lost, there would be different fees for reissuing according to ranks.

・In the case where one would do illegal transactions, there would be some case that one shall be expelled from the merchant’s guild.

・The way of registering as Iron Rank at first and gradually increasing one’s rank is possible.

・Please consult us anytime when you have problems about stores, capital investments, and procurement of merchandise any time.  


As expected of the merchant’s guild.

They explained to me kindly and politely the things I wanted to know and thought about.

「And so, what kind of business does Mukouda-san thinks of?」

About that, there’s the thing about Fer and I’m also thinking of traveling around this world so I’m not planning to have a store right now.

If so, it will be Iron Rank.

「I have a familiar and I do not plan on having a store right now. I think that Iron Rank would be suitable, so I am thinking of registering as an Iron Rank」

「Thank you very much.」 The registration fee would be 5 silver coins. Is it alright if I proceed the registration right now?」

It’s difficult for my wallet, but it’s not like I can’t pay 5 silver coins so I should proceed here.

「Well then, this will be Mukouda-san’s Iron Ranked guild card. As I have explained from earlier, a fee would be required for reissuing in the case of losing it. In the case of Iron Rank, it will be 8 silver coins so please be careful not to lose it」

8 silver coins huh, it’s quite expensive. I should be careful not to lose it.   

Ah, also, there’s something I want to ask.

「Uhm, excuse me, are you buying things here? Actually, there are some things that I procured during my journey……」

「Buying? It would depend on what it is, but yes」

Depending on what it is huh, as expected of the merchant’s guild, there should be an expert after all.

The thing that I’m thinking of selling is salt and pepper.

If it’s this, there should be no problem.

「Well then, I will come tomorrow together with the things I would like to sell」

「We will be waiting for you. Thank you for registering today」

I was about to leave the merchant’s guild that treated my politely, and remembered.

Today’s inn, I forgot to ask a place where one could stay with their familiars.

I returned to the window counter in a hurry and asked Mikaela-san.

The recommended inn where familiars could also stay is called「Prancing Horse Inn」.

I got kindly told about where it is, so I immediately went to the「Prancing Horse Inn」together with Fer.








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