Tondemo Skill de Isekai Hourou Meshi – Chapter 8

Chapter 08 – Please earn your own keep yourself



As the result of some happenings, the Fenrir Fer became a member of the journey, and we have almost arrived at the Feenen Kingdom.

With me in the middle, Rita in the vanguard, Vincent to my right, Ramon-san to my left, Franca to the right behind me, and Welner-san to the left behind me, it is our usual formation with Fer on the rear walking leisurely.

Welner-san let out a sight with a thinking face.

「What happened? Welner-san」

「No, it’s just, we’re almost at the country border, so I was just thinking what should we do」

n? What does he mean?

「No, no, no, Mukouda-san, this is something that I absolutely cannot stop」

Vincent took a glance at the back and said that.

Ah〜, there’s Fer after all.

「The border guard soldiers would probably come with full force. However, if they found out that it means no harm, I think that they would withdraw, but……」

「Welner, before thinking if the kingdom’s army would withdraw or not, think whether they would be the Fenrir’s opponent even if they pull out what army they could can」

「Well, it is as Ramon says」

「Eh, is that fairytale where a Fenrir destroyed a country really true?」

「Rita, that is being told as a history not as a fairytale」

E〜to, is my ears gotten weird?

Destroying a country or something, it’s a joke right?

「Even if you are allowed to enter the country when it is recognized as a familiar, the next thing will come out would probably the country, and that’s for sure」

Welner-san said while looking at me.

Eh, me? What is it this time?

「There is no way that the kingdom would let Mukouda-san who have bound a familiar’s contract with a Fenrir alone. After all, if they were able to invite Mukouda-san, the Fenrir would come for free」

Eh, R-Ramon-san, is that true?

Kingdoms or countries or whatever, that really sounds troublesome.

『There is no need to worry. If they meant harm to me or to this guy, I shall accept their challenge』

「No, no, no, t-that would be very bad. If Fenrir-sama『It’s Fer』……if F-Fer-sama became serious, the kingdom would fall」

『If they challenge me, they should just be destroyed』

No, no, no, F-Fer-san my dear, aren’t you too bloodthirsty?

『If they do not wish for that, all that they need is to not meddle with us. Is not that simple』

The members of the Iron Will could only drop their jaws with Fer’s words.

『Rather than that, is it not already time for eating?』

It because lunch break with that call of Fer.


Ah〜, this is bad.

The Red Boar meat that the members of the Iron Will are in a pinch.

Even if they told me that I could use all that I want, there’s a limit.

I have used a lot of Red Boar meat with yesterday’s ginger-fried pork, and in the breakfast’s yakiniku because Fer would insist “meat, meat, meat” so much.

『Oi, I wish for meat』

「Ahh, it’s meat for lunch too as I’ve thought. The Red Boar’s meat isn’t mine, so go get(hunt) your meat if you want some」

『Mu, is that so. I shall hurry up and get them so you wait there』

Saying that, Fer ran to the forest on the side of the road.  

「M-Mukouda-san, you can use the Red Boar’s meat okay」

「No, no, no, I cannot do that. It is a game that everyone has hunted, there is no way that I could use that as Fer’s food. Also, it is not good spoiling him like that. If he’s going to follow me from now on, I need to make him go get his own keep himself. I cannot hunt, and there is no way that I can buy tons of meat every time as well. If I did that, I would be bankrupt. Hahaha」

If he’s a legendary magical beast, he should be able to at least get his own prey right.

「Mukouda-san was an amazing person huh……」(Welner-san)

「Amazing, you’re amazing! Mukouda-san!」(Rita)

「That’s so cool, Mukouda-san. I really respect you, giving orders to that Fenrir」(Vincent)

「Ordering a Fenrir that could destroy a country, what a hero」(Franca)

「You were a person who could command “that” Fenrir, huh」(Ramon-san)

Eh〜, even if you tell me that〜.

Fenrir might be a legendary magical beast that is amazing, but that guy Fer, he’s someone who took a familiar’s contract because he got lured by food.

Something like getting lured by food, honestly, I could only think of it as idiotic.

Although, it’s scary so I won’t say it that in person.

And while we were talking like that, Fer returned with a gigantic bird with him.

「I-It’s a Rock Bird……」

The members of Iron Will looked at the bird Fer was holding with his mouth with soulless expression.

「Rock Bird, that’s the bird that Fer caught right?」

「Yeah, it’s a B-Rank monster. It’s something that we are barely able to win」

Oi, you caught something like that?

『I got it. Hurry up and make me some food』

No, well, even if you ask me to make food by leaving a huge bird in front of me.

I, I can’t dismantle it you know. I can only ask them to do it.

「Fer, I can’t dismantle this you know. I can only ask these people, so in exchange, can I give them the materials other than its meat?」

『I have no problem as long as I could eat meat』

「So, it’s like that, can I ask you to dismantle it」

When I said that, the members of the Iron Will, quickly shook their heads like “no, no, no”.

「Dismantling the Rock Bird and taking all the materials other than the meat, we’re taking too much!」

Even if you tell me that, I hate to use my own money just for this guy’s meal.

「No, no, the Red Boar’s meat has also decreased a lot since Fer has eaten it, and you also heard what Fer said so please take it」

The members of the Iron Will were saying “we’re taking too much” until the end, but I somehow succeeded to convince them.

After all, it’s free since it was Fer who originally hunted it.

And it seems like there would be troubles entering the country, so I should make them grateful to me here and ask for help later on.

And so, with that, the Rock Bird was beautifully dismantled by the members of the Iron Will.

And, since it’s a bird, I bought teriyaki sauce from the Net Super and made teriyaki with Rock Bird.

First, I fried the Rock Bird until it was perfectly browned.

With that, there was extra oil so it might be better to use kitchen paper to wipe it off, but in addition to this place being a different world, we are outside so I can’t do something like that, so I tilted the frying pan and threw away the extra oil.

And there, I put in the teriyaki sauce.

Once the sauce boils, I placed it on the Rock Bird meat to cover it, and there, the Rock Bird Teriyaki is now complete.

The soup this time, I made a freeze dried onion soup.

This one has a lot more contents after all. Making instant consommé soup every time is unappetizing after all.

I distributed the completed food to the members of Iron Will first.

『Oi, where’s mine?』

「Fer would eat a lot so I made everyone’s first. I’ll make yours so just wait a bit」

『Mu, I got it』

And after that, I cooked a lot of teriyaki for Fer.

It looks like Fer really liked the Rock Bird’s teriyaki so other than our share, all of it fell to Fer’s stomach.

The Rock Bird teriyaki was delicious and I really liked it as well, but I’d like to eat some comfortable taste next time.









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